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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant from Latin America

If you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos, this short guide outlines the steps you need to take to get started working with your new Virtual Latino assistant.

This guide focuses on the topic of hiring a Latin Virtual Assistant on your own, through the Virtual Latinos Directory. If you’re interested in saving time and prefer to work with our staffing agency, you can also hire a Latino assistant through our Agency program. To get started, register for a free Virtual Latinos account.

We’ve divided the guide into two parts:

  1. Part 1) Searching and finding your ideal virtual assistant from Latin America
  2. Part 2) Get started: How to hire a Latino virtual assistants

Part 1) Searching and Finding Your Ideal Latino Virtual Assistant

Before you can search for virtual assistants in our directory, you’ll have to create a free account with Virtual Latinos. Once you have an account, you’ll need to login in order to access the directory in order to view the list of assistants in our online portal.

In order to contact our assistants (send them a message), and view their full details and profile pictures, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription plan – but browsing, finding and selecting them as “favorite” can be accomplished with the free account.

1. Search & Find Latino Assistants

Click on the “Directory” link on the main menu to access the Virtual Latinos directory. Then, use the filters shown on the right sidebar to find the virtual assistant that matches your needs. You can filter by “Certified marketer” (Requires Certified subscription plan), skills, hourly price, experience, rating and location by country.

To search, do the following:

  1. Select the checkmarks next to each of the skills or filters you’d like to select
  2. Once done, press the “Update” button to see the results that match your filters

Search for Virtual Assistants in Latin America


2. Browse Interesting Profiles

Once you’ve updated your directory listings based on your filters, you’ll see a new list of profiles. Scroll through the directory and read the introduction of each assistant, and click on “View Full Profile” to explore the full details of each assistant.

Each Virtual Latino profile includes the following details: Introduction, skills summary, English experience, and test scores, list of skills, their #1 skill, and certifications (if any).

Browse and select interesting profiles


3. Post a Virtual Assistant Job.

If you’d like, you have the option of posting a job to explain the full details of the type of task you’re looking to have completed or the virtual assistant job role you’re trying to fulfill. Using the function will allow you to keep all the information of your job or task in a single place, which you can easily share with multiple virtual assistants by including the link (URL) of the job when contacting assistants through our messaging platform.

To post a job: Login to your account and click the “Post a Job” button on the top right of your account.

Post a Job to hire Latin Virtual Assistants

To submit a job posting: Fill in all the job details, click “Continue”, and then submit your job for approval.

All job postings require the following information: Title (What do you need help with?), project details, a category, and a budget (fixed or per hour). Additionally, you can also select specific skills required for the project, tags, and how many days you’d like your post to be published for.

Post a Job Details Form


4. Send a Message – Invite Assistants To Apply To Your Job

Once your job post has been approved by the Virtual Latinos team, you’ll be able to see the unique link of your job post (The URL in the address bar of your browser). You can then copy and paste the link, and share it as part of any message that you send to virtual assistants when you choose to get in touch with them.

How to send a message:

  1. While browsing the Virtual Latinos directory, click on “View Profile” to see any assistant’s full profile.

View profile of Latino Virtual Assistant to hire

  1. Click on “Send Message” on the top-right corner of the assistant’s profile (see image below)

Sent a message to hire Latin Virtual Assistant

  1. Fill in the Subject and Message fields, and click “Send Message” to send the message.

Send message to Latino virtual assistant


5. Receive Proposals For Your Job Posting

Once you’ve posted a job, you’ll be able to receive proposals from virtual assistants interested in your job offer. Any assistant within our Virtual Latinos community can apply to your job, whether or not you’ve personally invited them. Our members have the ability to browse and search any jobs posted on our platform.

Once proposals begin to arrive, you’ll be notified by email. You’ll also be able to see all proposals at the bottom of your job posting (only you can see those, they’re not public).

Select Proposal for job posted to hire virtual assistant Latin america

Part 2) Hiring A Virtual Assistant from the Directory: Steps to Getting Started

Once you’ve browsed various virtual assistant profiles and have selected your top picks, it’s now time to select one or more assistants you’d like to hire.

There are two main ways to hire through the Virtual Latinos Directory:

  • Method A) Directly, by contacting virtual assistants through messages
  • Method B) By selecting and accepting a job proposal through our internal jobs system.

Let’s explore both options

METHOD A) Hire directly: Contact virtual assistants through messages

  1. You select the virtual assistant you’d like to work with
  2. You send the Virtual Latino a message with what you’re looking for
  3. You communicate back and forth to evaluate if the assistant if the right candidate
  4. You both agree on the virtual job or tasks to be completed, and the payment rate and terms.
  5. The assistant sends you a written proposal of the work and payment you’ve both agreed to
  6. You sign the proposal
  7. Your assistant begins to work
  8. Your assistant provides work deliverables to showcase the completed work
  9. You submit your first payment to your assistant
  10. You submit additional payments to your assistant


METHOD B) By selecting and accepting a job proposal through our internal jobs system.

Assuming you’ve selected to use the Post a Job feature to explain the details of the job or tasks you’re looking to have accomplished, then this method is for you.

  1. You click on “Manage Jobs” on your account portal
  2. Select the Job you’re interested in hiring for
  3. Review the various proposals that have been sent to you
  4. Communicate with the virtual assistant of each proposal to review and edit any details
  5. Select the proposal of the virtual assistant that you’d like to hire
  6. Accept the terms of the proposal (or modify the terms) and submit for approval
  7. Wait for the virtual assistant to approve the terms
  8. Once the virtual assistant approved the terms, the hiring process is complete.
  9. Your assistant begins to work
  10. Once complete, follow steps 8 through 10 from Method A shown above to continue

A few tips about hiring your first or a new virtual assistant:

Usually, before you commit to hiring anyone for a long period of time or a big project, we suggest that you hire the assistant for a “test run” (small project or job). Otherwise, if you are already confident that the assistant will perform the job as you expect, you can, of course, hire them for a bigger project, part time, full time or as needed.

When hiring a new assistant, both you and the assistant will have many questions about what it will be to work with each other. Like any new human relationship, it’s better to first get to know each other and “date” (by that we mean, getting to know each other while working – not really dating), before choosing to get “married” for the long-term (even if long-term is just a few months or years).

To get to know your assistant and find out if working together will be a mutual fit, we propose the client to suggest a small project (Something that may take 10-20 hours to complete) that an assistant can complete. The client can then hire one or more assistants, assign them the small project, and see how they perform. After the small project is completed, both the assistant and the client will have a much better idea of what it will be like to work on the project, and with each other. At that point, both parties may feel more comfortable working together for longer periods of time and on larger projects or long lists of tasks