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Will my virtual assistant work during U.S. holidays?

Interested in hiring a Latino virtual assistant or virtual professional but not sure if he or she is available to work during United States holidays? Great question!

The short answer:

Yes, your virtual assistant will most likely be available to work during U.S. holidays – whoo hoo! But on the downside, they may be unavailable during some of their country’s local holidays and days off. This varies from country to country, as each Latin American country celebrates and observes different holidays.

The long answer:

The Virtual Latinos community of virtual assistants and virtual professionals live and work from all around Mexico, Central America, and South America. For this reason, they don’t have to take days off of work during official or common U.S holidays when many people in America don’t work.

The beauty and benefits of working with remote workers and virtual assistants in Latin America are that they’re relatively close to home (compared to working with virtual assistants from the Philippines or India), within three time zones of businesses in the United States and Canada, and are very flexible to work with when it comes to their work schedule and work hours.

The virtual assistants from Virtual Latinos wake up, live, work, and go to sleep at roughly the same times as businesses in North America. This makes it very convenient to work with them, call them during regular business hours, setup an impromptu (unplanned) quick meeting to discuss something, etc.