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Perks package for Virtual Assistants

A healthy and happy workforce is a more productive workforce. By helping
your employees stay healthy and happy, you can improve your bottom line!

At Virtual Latinos, we care deeply about our clients and virtual professionals, and our main goal is for their work relationships to last the longest time possible. As we’ve experienced with our internal team, ensuring a long-lasting relationship with your VAs depends on how appreciated they feel within your company, especially if they are doing a great job!

To take tasks off our client’s plates, we have created VA Perk Plans for those clients who want to provide something additional to their VA’s hourly compensation. A little recognition for a job well done by your VA can go a long way! Perks Plans are an easy way to keep them motivated, inspired, and working with clients longer.

These Perk Plans are entirely optional, and VAs are not expecting the extra perks. Clients who decide not to purchase a VA Perk Plan for their virtual assistant will continue working with Virtual Latinos, as Perk Plans are not mandatory compensation or an Agreement clause. This article is simply to provide options and guidance for interested clients.

Perk Plans Description:

There are three different Perk Plan options you can choose from. You can purchase one Perk Plan, all, or mix and match! The choice is yours.

The Perk Plans are a brand new offering from Virtual Latinos starting January 2023. We are unveiling three different kinds of perks that Clients can currently choose from, with more plans that are likely to come later in the year

Available Perk Plans (Costs listed are per VA):

1. Office Perks: Internet & Home Office Setup Fund
Investment of $9.5/week (~$41/mo) – Perk Plan A
Virtual Latinos does not keep any commission or percentage from this Perk Plan, 100% of your payments are directly paid to the VA.

Working from home is fantastic! Hiring remote professionals frees you from office expenses. Gone are the days of refilling the coffee pot and fixing any internet glitches. Even though it’s the VAs responsibility to have a secure Wi-Fi connection and a reliable and quiet space to work remotely, some clients would like to contribute since they are saving so much of their normal office expenses by hiring remotely.

As part of this perk package, we included a small benefit so our VAs can set up their home workspace comfortably, as if they were in the office, and get some snacks to make their shift more pleasant. This benefit will include the following:

    • Internet stipend of $5/week
    • Home office setup, coffee, and snacks fund of $4.50/week

If this plan is chosen, it will be billed based on the client’s billing cycle and paid to the VA every pay period. If the client’s billing takes place every two weeks, we will charge $19, and if the cycle is every four weeks, we will charge $38 on top of the regular billing.

2. Health Insurance Perks
Investment of $11.5/week (~$50/mo) – Perk Plan B
Virtual Latinos does not keep any commission or percentage from this Perk Plan, 100% of your payments are directly paid to the VA.

Latin America has many countries, each with its unique healthcare system. Generally speaking, many people need access to private medical care due to the lack of structure in the public system. Therefore, by knowing them personally, we realized how important it is for our VAs to access a private healthcare system.

The exact amount of their specific healthcare insurance depends on many factors, but research shows this is the average amount in all Latin American countries. This is the perk that most of our VAs are interested in, as it signals stability in their job and often improves their overall productivity.

If this plan is chosen, it will be billed every two or four weeks, depending on the client’s billing cycle. It would be billed as $23 every 2 weeks or $46 every 4 weeks. The VAs will be paid the amount of this perk every two weeks as part of our standard VAs payment cycle.

3. Paid Time Off (PTO) Perks
VAs need some time to rest and recharge. Life also happens, and they might need to run an important errand or take care of something personal. Time off can be on holidays or just for specific days the VA needs in a year.

A plus about this perk is that clients don’t have to pay for the days off in advance; they’ll come as the VA requests them and will be pre-approved up to the number of PTO days off of the PTO perk plan you choose for your VA. Clients will not be paying anything additional; their sales receipts won’t be edited, so the VA is paid accordingly for the time off.

The prices of each perk depend on each VA’s rate. There are two options:

    • Basic PTO: Includes 5 paid days off (1 week of work) – Perk Plan C1
    • Pro PTO: Includes 10 days off (2 weeks of work) – Perk Plan C2

All PTO days need the client’s previous approval before the VA decides to take them. Virtual Latinos require VAs to request any time off at least two weeks in advance, so VL and the client are in the loop.

If the client would like to proceed with this perk, they won’t be charged in advance for the PTO. The VA will be informed of the number of available PTO days. When they decide to use them, with the client’s approval, Virtual Latinos’ Customer Success Agents will assist clients by managing this process through the Changes and Approvals Forms, and the client’s billing will remain the same.

Terms of Perk Plans:
  • Perk Plans can only be purchased for VAs that have worked for at least 6 months.
  • If any client wants to give their VA a perk before the 6-month mark, they can do so as a “bonus.”
  • Each Perk Plan is valid for one VA. If clients have more than one VA and would like to give all of them benefits, they must purchase one Perk Plan for each.
  • Each Perk Plan can be purchased separately. Clients can buy 1, 2, or all 3 plans.
  • All costs will be charged based on the client’s ongoing billing cycle, as mentioned in each perk description.
  • The VAs will get the total amount of Perk Plans A and B every two weeks as part of our regular payment cycle to VAs.
  • The PTO perk is billed on an as-needed basis (when the VA requests the PTO and the client formally approves the VA taking the time off. However, the actual PTO cost is already pre-approved for the days included in each of the PTO plans).
Proceeding with a Perk Plan:

If you would like to proceed with one of the Perk Plans, please contact your Customer Success Agent. They’ll take care of everything and help update your billing if needed!

If you are unsure who your Customer Success Agent is, please contact our Success Department at so they can connect you with the right person.

At Virtual Latinos, we aim for you to create a positive and long-term Client-VA relationship. We want your VAs to be part of your team and your continued growth. We hope you enjoy knowing that we offer these additional perks at your discretion, and we will be here to assist you with any of your needs.

Jaime and the Virtual Latinos Team.