Overview of how Virtual Latinos works to hire an assistant

Virtual Latinos offers two ways to hire virtual assistants from Latin America through our platform.

The two options are: 

  1. Virtual Latinos Directory
  2. Virtual Latinos Agency

Step 1: Decide which hiring method is best for you.

To decide, explore our two hiring options explained in this article: Should I hire through the Directory or Agency? or check out our Plans & Pricing.


Step 2:  Register as a business/employer

Create a free account by following the steps in this article: How do I sign up as an employer looking to hire?


Step 3:  Hire a new Latino virtual assistant

Depending on the hiring method you choose on step 1, the process to search, find, select, interview, review, choose and hire your assistant will vary.

To learn more about the general process of how it works for each method, visit the How it Works for Businesses page, or get more details with the following articles:


Step 4: Work with your new Latino virtual assistant

Once you’ve hired your new assistant, you’ll be ready to assign your assistant a list of task or jobs you’d like him or her to complete.

Learn more about how to work with your virtual assistant.


Step 5: Pay your virtual assistant

How you pay your virtual assistant will depend on whether you’ve hired them directly through our Directory, or if you’ve hired them through our Agency.

Learn more about how to pay your virtual assistant.

Have any questions?

Please contact our support team, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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