What’s the lowest hourly rate I can hire someone for?

You’re probably interested in hiring a virtual assistant from abroad, in this case in Latin America, to save money on labor costs – right?

If yes, that’s perfect, and that’s why Virtual Latinos is here to provide you with access to a talented pool of professionals who can help you and your business grow.


The short answer to what’s the lowest hourly rate you can hire a Latino virtual assistant for is:
It’s totally up to what’s the lowest hourly rate the assistant you’re interested in hiring is willing to get paid.

Yet, our portal isn’t a typical hiring portal, as our team manually reviews, hand-picks and accepts into our community only the top talent we find from Latin America.

For this reason, we generally tell our virtual assistants that the lowest they should be willing to work for is $4 to $5 USD per hour, or $3 USD as the lowest per hour if they simply don’t have a lot of experience in the task at hand and they’re willing to get paid less in order to gain more experience in their field.


The longer answer is:
On average, the lowest hourly rate you should be offering to pay the virtual assistants from our Directory is $5 USD/hour. This will ensure they’ll be properly incentivized to work with you, do a great job, and perform at their best. Remember, the goal of working with a virtual assistant is to eventually hire them to work part-time or full-time for your company as part of your in-house team, rather than a freelancer or contractor that you’d hire for a one-time job.

Our community of latin virtual assistants is interested in an opportunity for long-term work, not short-term one-time projects.


Looking for the absolutely lowest hourly rate or lowest cost of labor?
If you are, that’s ok, and you should probably look into platforms to hire freelancers or one-time gigs that offer super low-cost labor rates from workers in India, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Eastern Europe or other areas of the world.

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