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Can I hire a virtual assistant directly without an intermediary (middleman)?

No, you can’t hire a Virtual Latinos virtual assistant outside our agency

Our Virtual Latinos goal is to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with access to qualified, professional, and highly motivated individuals from Latin American looking to make a difference in your business and in their lives with the most personalized virtual assistant service available.

For this reason, we believe that connecting businesses with high-skilled assistants in Mexico, Central America, and South America is an important and crucial step in helping both parties to grow and succeed together.

A win-win work relationship

On one hand, North Americans and their businesses get access to professional, hand-picked, skilled, yet lower-cost labor, while our Latino virtual assistants get access to remote-work business opportunities that will allow them to earn more money than they might earn in their home countries – without having to travel abroad. They get to stay at home, close to the friends and families they love, and in the country, they grew up in.