Will my virtual assistant work during weekends?

The short answer is:

Maybe, but possibly yes.

The long answer is:

Hiring a Latino bilingual virtual assistant is very similar to hiring anyone else you’d hire in-house, or locally in your city to work for your company.

This means, that the terms of employment, schedule, pay, and many other terms are negotiable between you as the employer(or your business/company), and the Virtual Latinos assistant you choose to hire.

Like most of your in-house office workers, the typical work schedule is usually Monday through Friday (5 days a week), although it’s totally possible to request that your virtual assistant works during the weekend (one or two days).

If you’re interested in hiring a virtual assistant to work during Saturdays and Sundays, and the assistant you’re interested in hiring agrees and is able to do so, then it’s totally possible for your assistant to work during the weekends.

Hiring someone to work on the weekends will likely require that you offer your virtual assistants a higher hourly wage during the weekends, or an overall higher salary than what you’d offer a virtual assistant who wouldn’t work on the weekends.

Can my virtual assistant work 7 days a week?

The short answer here again is “Maybe”. It will totally depend on which virtual assistant you’re interested in hiring, if the assistant is willing to work 7 days a week, the details of the task and requirements of the work, as well as the pay offered to the assistant.

Yet, keep in mind that our Virtual Latinos assistants are humans, just like you, and everyone usually needs a break and/or at least one day off every week. But then again, maybe you’re willing to pay something that one of our community member assistants are willing to work for, so it’s totally possible that you hire a virtual assistant that works seven days a week.

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