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VAs Referral Program Process: How to Refer Friends to Work as Virtual Assistants

NOTE: This article explains how our virtual assistants (VAs) can refer their friends/family to join Virtual Latinos to work as VAs

The Virtual Latinos community has been growing rapidly, thanks to our supportive clients and hardworking VAs. Many VAs in our community are so happy with their jobs, that they want to refer friends and family to join the Virtual Latinos community. To show our appreciation and gratitude for these referrals, we offer a referral bonus to our VAs. As of January 1, 2022, we offer a $50 USD bonus for each referral.

To get your referral bonus, follow these next steps:

  1. Fill out this form with your friend’s information:  Virtual Assistant Referral Form.
  2. Your friend will immediately receive an email invitation with a link to the page where they can apply to be a part of our community.
    – Note: Your friend must apply through the link they receive in the email invitation
  3. If your friend is accepted to be part of our community and gets hired by one of our Agency clients, congratulations – you’re halfway to earning your referral bonus!
  4. Mark your calendar with the date when your friend was hired and set a reminder for yourself to get in touch with our VL team in 30 days.
  5. Once 30 days have passed, reply to the confirmation email you received when you filled out the Referral Form informing the Admin Team that the friend you have referred has been hired and has completed 30 days of work.
  6. Our team will confirm that your referral is valid by email.
  7. How to receive your referral bonus:
    • If you ARE hired and actively working through our Agency
      • Once our team confirms approval, add this referral bonus to your next invoice as a new row named “Referral Bonus for {Insert Friend’s name here} – $50”.
    • If you ARE NOT currently hired by our Agency
      • You’ll be paid through You must have a PayPal account, and fees may be charged to you by PayPal. We don’t currently offer any other payment method to people not actively working through our Agency.