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Why Is A Medical Virtual Assistant Important for the Healthcare Industry in 2021?

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How the Healthcare Industry has Changed in 2021

Telemedicine, sometimes called telehealth, is the online practice of different healthcare services and publication of beneficial health-related information. Telemedicine prioritizes taking care of the patient, regardless of where they are and how far they might be from their doctor. This converted version of healthcare service became extremely helpful during COVID and has only continued to grow in popularity as people learn of more benefits it contains.

What is a Medical Virtual Assistant?

A medical virtual assistant is just like your average healthcare assistant, but they help to perform important tasks online for patients across the world. Here at Virtual Latinos, we understand how crucial a medical virtual assistant is in the world today-that’s why we have a multitude of virtual assistants specialized in different areas of the medical field, on all different levels. From optometrists to chiropractors, we have specially trained, bilingual assistants that can help your business immensely. By hiring a virtual medical assistant for your healthcare business, you can save money and precious time you would have spent on basic administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on doing what you need to get done.

How Can Medical VA Help Physicians, clinics, etc?

There are multiple different benefits that come along with having your own medical virtual assistant, while working in healthcare. Here are just a few examples:

1. Save Time and get help with administrative tasks

Think about how much time you spend performing administrative tasks every week. Now, think about how much more time you would have if you had a virtual health assistant to help you with those tasks. Administrative tasks can be incredibly time-consuming. Sending out invoices, adjusting payroll, and even translating and interpreting, can all be handled by our virtual professionals. This way you can focus on other aspects of your work, like face-to-face appointments or taking on new patients. Just think about how much time you can save if you have a healthcare virtual assistant to help you through your administrative, marketing, or minor medical tasks when you need one.

2. Save Money

Hiring a virtual professional to work as an assistant to your healthcare business will not only save you time, but it can save you money, too. Hiring a medical assistant in-house, or looking for multiple healthcare workers to split these time-consuming tasks, is expensive. Save yourself time and money by hiring one of our experienced healthcare virtual assistants who love to help people.

3. Increases efficiency

One of the greatest aspects of outsourcing your virtual assistant tasks for your healthcare business is the amount of increased efficiency that your business will experience overall. By hiring an existing, experienced healthcare worker as a VA, you can feel comfortable with the fact that your assistant is knowledgeable in their job. On top of that, having an assistant to help with administrative tasks and organization gives you more time to focus on patient care and making a profit.

4. Bilingual

Lastly, having a bilingual medical VA is an amazing addition to your healthcare business. As the world becomes more and more connected, it is important that we can understand each other. Especially in the medical world, it is crucial that doctors and patients can communicate correctly to give and receive the aid that is needed. That’s why we have assistants located all over Latin America, from Honduras to Argentina.

What Can a Medical Virtual Assistant Do for Healthcare Professionals?

There are a multitude of different tasks that a healthcare virtual assistant can perform for medical professionals. Here are some of the most common tasks our virtual professionals can do for you:

1. Calendar Management and Appointment Setter

Your medical VA can help you keep up with your busy schedule in a variety of ways. They can schedule appointments, meetings, and medical shifts as well as schedule and confirm patient appointments, too. Our VA’s have experience using VoIP, allowing them to make long-distance phone calls easily.

2. Data Entry and CRM/EMR Entry

Data entry and CRM/EMR systems are crucial to the medical field. A healthcare VA can transcribe, format, and input data on whatever healthcare system you might use. They can also help take notes on different clients’ cases and set up telehealth appointments for patients-especially if they are older and may struggle with technology.

3. Gather Necessary Information and Documents

Another great part of hiring a medical virtual assistant is that they can help with the paperwork side of things. Scheduling appointments, checking insurances claims, and gathering the personal information needed for every patient can be time-consuming and difficult. Luckily, our skilled VAs are able to collect and input patient information in online-based medical systems. This makes getting down to business a lot easier.

4. General Administration Help

Again, administrative work can be extremely time-consuming. Unfortunately, in the field of healthcare, you don’t always have much time. Hiring a virtual professional to assist you and your healthcare business will help you stay organized and keep up with work more easily.

5. Insurance and Billing

Working with insurance agencies and coordinating billing patients is another skill of our experienced VAs. Confirming insurance plans and patient information can be difficult and often requires multiple calls back and forth. Save yourself time, and help your patients by hiring someone that knows how to work with billing systems.

6. Live Interpreting and Translation

One of the greatest parts about hiring a specialized healthcare virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos is live interpretation and translation. Language barriers can be some of the biggest obstacles in the medical field. Having someone who can interpret and translate for both the patient and the physician is incredibly important, so that both of them can be assured that they are giving and receiving the care they need. Your bilingual VA can also work as a medical transcriptionist.

7. Bookkeeping and Financial Management

Preparing invoices, collecting and processing payments, providing estimates, and creating and managing reports are all part of our medical virtual assistants’ skills.

8. Patient Tracking and Project Management

Administrative work often requires a lot of organization and confidentiality. Hiring an experienced VA will help you keep track of your patients and maintain information, all the while keeping it confidential.

9. Calling Leads

Virtual assistants can also help with a variety of different calls your healthcare facility may need to make. From routine patient calls to following up with potential clients, healthcare virtual assistants can cover the communication aspect of your business.

10. Collect Leads

On top of calling potential leads, virtual assistants can also help you build a bigger client base by researching potential new customers and reaching out to them to tell them about your business.

Where Can You Find the Best Virtual Medical Assistants?

There are many virtual assistants around the world, from the U.S. to the Philippines. But, many people find themselves asking where they might be able to find the best healthcare virtual professional for them and their business. While countries across the world offer wide ranges of virtual assistants, hiring a Latin American virtual assistant has proven to be the most beneficial for healthcare workers in the U.S. for a number of reasons. Not only will your Latin American virtual assistant be working in a similar time zone as you, but they will also speak Spanish, increasing your ability to serve patients in the growing spanish-speaking U.S. population.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Remote Medical Assistant?

Here at Virtual Latinos, we have talented assistants that can help you starting at rates as low as $8 an hour. The skill level of your assistant will determine their cost. For example:

1. Entry Level: $8-10 per hour

Our basic virtual assistants at the entry-level are not only skilled in administration, but are absolutely perfect for businesses with processes and set business administration methods in place.

2. Mid-Level: $11-15 an hour

Our mid-level virtual assistants with more experience are specialized in business and bring with them a swath of administrative skills that will help your company operate more efficiently.

3. Expert Level: $16-20virtual an hour

Our expert-level virtual assistants are specialized in a variety of different industries, making them the perfect choice for those who need a knowledgeable assistant in their field. They can strategize to help your business expand while keeping your work organized and professional.

Why Virtual Latinos is the Best Virtual Assistant Company to Choose?

Here at Virtual Latinos, we know how crucial virtual care has become. That’s why we provide some of the highest quality virtual medical assistants out there. With a multitude of assistants specializing in different fields, we can find you the perfect fit for your business and its specific needs. Hire an assistant here to enhance your medical practice today.

5 Email Marketing Tools Your Virtual Assistant Can Learn & Manage

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5 Email Marketing Tools and How Your Virtual Assistant Can Manage Them

As the world constantly changes, it can be hard for business owners to feel like they’re keeping up when it comes to marketing. Marketing is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world, with tactics, trends, and algorithms constantly in flux. Despite these changes, digital marketing has dominated the industry for many years, and though the details may change, the benefits of moving marketing efforts online have not.

Email marketing is one of the most widespread and cost-effective tools when it comes to digital marketing, and many businesses thrive while using it. However, many business owners find it difficult to stay on top of email marketing efforts, making them less effective. Here are some tips and tools to help make email marketing seem easier and four ways that a virtual assistant can be a valuable part of the digital marketing strategy.

Why Email Marketing Is Crucial

Though it’s been around for several years, the concept of email marketing is misunderstood and misused by many business owners. This method is incredibly powerful and really is an easy way to boost a small business. These are just a few benefits:

  • It’s cost-effective and creates a great return on investment. Email eliminates the need for paper, postage, stamps, all of the expenses needed to create a regular newsletter or advertising campaign. Yet, it has the potential to bring in as many or more customers. The ROI is exponentially higher.
  • You can expand your client base. Email can reach all areas of the world so that you can connect with potential customers from anywhere you’d like. Even if you don’t want to create an international base, you can attract local customers who wouldn’t otherwise respond to other forms of marketing.
  • Increased connection with your clients. Through email marketing, you can connect with your clients in real-time. This allows you to answer questions, form relationships, and become an active part of your customers’ lives. The more they come to expect your correspondence or newsletter in their inbox, the more they’ll consider themselves loyal customers.
  • It’s easy. With email marketing automation, creating emails does not have to be a full-time job. You can create your content whenever you’d like and then automate it when sent to your email list. No need to remember when to send or figure out the best times – it’s all taken care of.>

If you aren’t taking advantage of the low-cost, high-reward practice of email marketing, there is no time to waste. Every moment you aren’t utilizing this technique, you are losing money.

5 Email Marketing Tools You Should Use

There are many options online for help with your email marketing efforts. It can be confusing to blindly search for the right site, especially when it feels like they all do different things. Here are some that Virtual Latinos recommend:

LemList. This is a wonderful tool for cold-emailing new clients or reaching out to those who are not yet on your email lists. The company offers fantastic support, and their services help you to grow your client base.

Automizy. Automizy is incredibly easy to use and inexpensive to run. This is a great overall platform and is beginner-friendly. It is what we at Virtual Latinos use for our email marketing efforts.

Active Campaign. This site provides email services, along with CRM or customer relationship management. CRM is a great tool if you are trying to determine which of your marketing efforts are pulling in new clients and building relationships that are not yielding significant results.

MailChimp. MailChimp is a great starting point, especially for small businesses. As long as your email list is under 2,000 people, the service is completely free. It is also the most recognized email marketing tool, and that reputation indicates a strong understanding of online marketing.

MailShake. MailShake is very similar to LemList, but offers some different features at a more expensive starting price. MailShake, like Lemlist, is one of the innovators for cold-email outreach campaigns that allows you to send emails directly from G-mail/Gsuite.

There are many other email marketing tools that your virtual assistant can use. Even though it is much easier to market via email, these efforts do still take time. Luckily, we have a solution for that too.

Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant Through Virtual Latinos

When you’re strapped for time or feel stretched thin, even the concept of running an email marketing campaign can seem impossible. At Virtual Latinos, we hire vetted virtual assistants who are highly trained in marketing programs such as the ones listed above. Hiring a virtual assistant of any kind can be beneficial to your business, but choosing a virtual marketer can really bring in profits and give you peace of mind about your company’s advertising efforts. Here are some ways that a virtual marketer can help:

  • They can assist in choosing the right tools. All email marketing sites are a little bit different. If you don’t know a lot about the marketing industry, it can be hard to tell the difference. A virtual marketing assistant will be able to help you decide which platforms will work well for your unique business.
  • They can create templates. Even if you want to manage your email content yourself, your virtual marketer can help you create templates that effectively relay your information and make it easy for you to create a professional-looking email newsletter with the content that you write.
  • They can create content. If you don’t know what kind of content to put in your email marketing notes, a virtual marketing assistant has the expertise to help you create quality content.
  • They can add images to your created content to make it more visually pleasing and ready to send.
  • A Virtual Marketer can help you schedule and manage your campaigns.

These are just a few of the benefits of having a virtual marketer, and their marketing tasks can be tailored to fit whatever you need for your business.

Contact Virtual Latinos

To hire a virtual marketing assistant who can help bring your digital marketing efforts to the next level, contact Virtual Latinos. No one provides more consistent, reliable, highly trained virtual assistants than Virtual Latinos. Call us today!

5 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Fast-Track Your Insurance Company’s Success

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In today’s digital era, brick and mortar locations are quickly becoming increasingly irrelevant. After all, most clients simply check the status of their insurance policies or submit claims via mobile apps or online websites. That leaves you with staff taking up most of the real estate in your offices. But is this arrangement necessary? Or is it time for you to take your business to the next level?

If you’re looking for a solution that will cut expenses, reduce your workload, and help you become more digitally savvy, the answer is easy: Hire virtual assistants. After all, not every task in your company requires an insurance license, and once hired, managing your virtual assistant is a breeze. Said assistant can take care of all the busy-work in the office, freeing up your schedule to tackle more important tasks, and when you’re working with Virtual Latinos, they can do so at a fraction of the usual cost.

What Benefits do Virtual Assistants Provide to Insurance Companies?

1) First Point of Contact for Clients

Clients will have questions every time a policy update is mailed. They’ll have much more trust in your company if you’re able to respond to those questions promptly. But balancing other responsibilities means you won’t always be available to take that call. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to keep the lines of communication wide open and helps your clients feel like you are genuinely invested in hearing what they have to say. Our Virtual Latinos are in places like Colombia and Honduras, which have the same time zones as the US, so they’ll have no trouble receiving calls during US business hours.

After speaking with a client, the assistant can determine if the situation has been satisfactorily resolved or if the caller needs to be redirected to the appropriate division of your company. The ability to screen these calls cuts down on the number of interactions you need to address, while still giving your clients the impression that your company is there for them when necessary.

2) Manage Your Schedule

In addition to being that first point of contact when clients call or other staff members reach out, your assistant can also take care of your scheduling. By reviewing your calendar and availability, an assistant can add meetings to your schedule as needed. Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out how to squeeze in three appointments in a busy week, you can simply check your schedule every day to confirm what’s scheduled and leave it at that.

If circumstances change and rescheduling is necessary, your assistant can take care of that too. By reaching out to the affected parties to confirm the meeting is being rescheduled, you show that you respect people’s time.

3) Research and Data Collection

While you concentrate on taking care of any urgent situation, your virtual assistant can spend time performing research and collecting data. For your operation to run successfully, it’s crucial to have access to updated marketing information. Working with a virtual assistant agency enables you to keep track of upcoming trends and industry changes and stay competitive in the field. With Virtual Latinos, most of our assistants have robust marketing backgrounds, making them uniquely qualified to handle this task.

Virtual Latinos’ virtual assistants are fully bilingual, college-educated, motivated individuals. Their skills in English are equal to their expertise in Spanish, and they can handle complex documents full of technical language with little issue.

4) Data Entry

In the insurance industry, there are large amounts of information you will collect from clients during their time with you. Most of this is submitted via filled out forms. And while a lot of the process is becoming more automated, there are still quite a few things that a machine can’t do. A dedicated virtual assistant can take the time to pore over paperwork and perform the necessary data entry services for quotes, claims, and other such processes.

5) Social Media Management

Social media is the ultimate tool when it comes to promoting your company and your brand. But using social media properly involves a lot of time and commitment. What users love about the platform is the interactivity, which entails ensuring they have a constant cache of fresh, relevant content prepared and can respond to comments to your posts regularly. Virtual assistants can take care of providing these updates and scheduling posts to prevent your page from becoming stale. They are also able to take the time to respond to comments, as well as take note of any trends across social media that might have an impact on your company.

Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant for You

With so many choices for virtual assistants online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We help simplify that choice by providing a unique service within the industry. Not only are the assistants on our team thoroughly vetted and hand-picked to ensure they are incredibly qualified for the task, but they’re also far more affordable than any alternative. Given the differences in costs of living between the US and, say, El Salvador, the same dollar amount that would be considered extremely desirable for a paycheck in Latin America is simultaneously extremely affordable in the US. With Virtual Latinos, you can hire virtual assistants for as little as $5 per hour, though we have multiple pricing options for whatever your needs may be.

In addition to being cost-effective, our assistants’ language skills will allow you to grow your business even further, providing better support for any Spanish-speaking clients and partners. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the country, and being unable to provide services in Spanish is a considerable setback.

When you’re ready to take the next step for your insurance company, all you need to do is reach out to us so we can get started on pairing you with the best virtual assistant for your needs. Contact us today!

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