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Virtual Latinos Agency

Our experts hand-pick a perfect assistant for your needs

Assistants as low as $8/Hour

No recruitment, access or setup fees

Virtual Latinos Agency

Our experts hand-pick a perfect assistant for your needs

Our team is in charge of the time-consuming job of finding, vetting, interviewing, and hand-picking the best virtual assistants and virtual professionals for each of our client’s specific needs.


Start Growing with a Virtual Assistant

We have the perfect Virtual Assistant for your business. Our expert level VAs
will help you grow and expand to reach new heights of success.

Entry Level

Entry Level

$8-10 Per hour

Basic Virtual Assistants

Professionals with 1-2 years of work experience overall. Coachable and trainable talent for companies that have processes and systems in place to train them and get them up to speed on their day-to-day tasks.

Mid Level

Mid Level

$11-15 Per hour

Specialists Virtual Assistants

Professionals with 3-5+ years of experience in their specific niche or area. They are flexible and adaptable to each company’s specific systems.

Expert Level

Expert Level

$16+ Per hour

Expert Virtual Assistants

Professionals with 8+ years of experience in the specific role/tasks. True professionals in their fields perform at a higher level. These VAs typically have high-level certifications depending on their industry of expertise.

The pricing shown above represents full-time VAs (31-40+ hours/week). For 20-30 hours/week, add $1/hour to all prices.

Our pricing is All-Inclusive. No Recruitment Fees, Access Fees, Set-up Fees, or Additional Charges

The Virtual Latinos Agency Plan Includes:

Hassle-free talent selection - Our team takes care of it!

According to your needs, we will designate one of the following specialists from the Agency to work on your project:

Certified and Vetted Professionals from Latin America.

To ensure that our Virtual Marketers are up to US-standards, each of the Agency’s Pro & Certified marketers


Are university graduates who've completed a 4-year degree, plus have at least a few years of professional work experience


Undergo a professional background check to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to be amazing assistants


Have been interviewed by our team via video chat to showcase their personality and work, to ensure they're indeed our top talent

Every assistant goes through a rigorous certification process, which includes:

* 8-hours per certification; over 15 certifications are offered to potential virtual assistant candidates.

The Virtual Latinos Agency Guarantee

The Virtual Latinos Agency program offers a quality assurance and performance guarantee. This means that if a team or team member is not performing at his/her highest quality or as required by the client to meet the job’s requirements, we’ll replace them for you at no additional cost. Conditions may apply.