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About Us

Virtual Latinos is the brainchild of Bloominari, our top-rated marketing agency in San Diego. Over the years, we have sought to match the demands of our growing clientele in a cost-effective way, by hiring remote workers from the Philippines, India, and Latin America.

Then it struck us: The most talented pros to whom we have outsourced our work have been based in Latin America: designers, copywriters, marketers and web-devs from Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela. They have far exceeded their counterparts in other regions, both for their qualifications and for ease of working with them.

That’s why we decided to share our secret. We founded Virtual Latinos as a solution for businesses in the US who are looking for affordable talent to fire up their marketing.

Looking for an assistant, marketer, or simply someone to work online?

We have a community of passionate people who love what they do, and are looking for new opportunities

Tips for Hiring and Working with Virtual Assistants

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