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Virtual Latinos’ Minority Business Enterprise Certification

Minority Business Enterprise Certification

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At Virtual Latinos we are honored to celebrate a big milestone in a world where diversity and inclusion are vital. We are pleased to announce that Virtual Latinos has been accredited with the Minority Business Enterprise Certification. This recognition represents a significant achievement in our journey, emphasizing our ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and excellence in all that we do.

What is a Minority Business Enterprise Certification?

Before we get into the core of the topic, let’s first define what a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification comprises. The MBE Certified by PSWMSDC is essentially a designation given to enterprises that are at least 51% owned, controlled, and operated by members of minority groups. These minority groups represent a diverse spectrum of ethnic, gender, and cultural backgrounds.

The Pacific Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council (PSWMSDC) is the only national organization that offers recognized Ethnic Minority Business Certification in the Arizona and San Diego County regions. PSWMSDC’s initiatives contribute to the economic empowerment of ethnic minority entrepreneurs as well as the enrichment of the region’s business scene.

The importance of MBE Certification relies on its function as a strong driver of diversity and inclusion in the corporate world. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to elevating minority voices and giving opportunities to diverse suppliers.

The MBE Certification Process and its Benefits

Obtaining an MBE certification is no easy task, and at Virtual Latinos, we set out on this trip with dedication. We met strict standards and qualifications, demonstrating our commitment to diversity and excellence.

The benefits of MBE Certification are numerous, ranging from better access to possibilities and a higher reputation to critical support for multiple suppliers. This certification supports our mission of providing top-tier virtual assistant solutions while strengthening our industry reputation.

Our Commitment is to Excellence

Our journey for MBE Certification is about more than just diversity; it is also about excellence. Virtual Latinos has always been committed to providing exceptional virtual assistant services. This certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to excellence in everything we do and underlines our dedication to outstanding quality.

Virtual Latinos’ Natural Role in Promoting Diversity

Diversity has been at the heart of Virtual Latinos since its inception, working as a bridge to build long-term professional relationships between Latin American virtual assistants and US and international companies. Our operations reflect a strong commitment to diversity, and our mission and values are totally consistent with this purpose.

With the new MBE certification, we’ve taken a big step toward promoting diversity and inclusion in our operations. We don’t see ourselves as only beneficiaries but as business change agents. Virtual Latinos is more than a company; it is a driving force strongly advocating for and supporting other minority-owned businesses, fostering a more inclusive business ecosystem.


Virtual Latinos’ obtaining the Minority Business Enterprise Certification is a major achievement that demonstrates our commitment to diversity and excellence. To keep promoting diversity and inclusion, we encourage you to join us in celebrating this milestone and supporting diverse businesses. Not just because it’s a good thing to do, but also because it’s the path to a brighter, more dynamic, and more equitable future.

Let’s work together to establish higher standards and better opportunities for businesses around the world!

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