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Virtual Latinos: Your New Business Assistants

Our Virtual Latino is the marketing team-member you’d enjoy to have in your office -except they work remotely. They are passionate virtual assistants and marketers who know their stuff. The marketers on the Agency Plan are all college graduates. In addition, they have undergone a highly demanding, U.S.-created, high-quality professional marketing training to ensure that they meet your quality standards.

Some of our Virtual Marketers run their own marketing agencies in Latin America. Others are freelancers who are looking to expand their client base. They are talented, motivated and hard workers who strive to delight, bring results, and market the hell out of your business. They are ready to fire up your marketing and help you grow your business online.

Grow your business with the help of a virtual assistant from Latin America!
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Why choose a Virtual Assistant from Virtual Latinos?

There are multiple benefits to hiring a virtual assistant from Latin America, especially through Virtual Latinos.

Working in Your Timezone

They work in Latin America with your same time zone or minimal time-difference with the US.

Trained & Certified with US-Based Courses

Top applicants from our community are invited to join our digital marketing training and certifications programs (Over 15 certifications). Each certifications requires studying 8+ hours per course, pass several tests, and pass a timed web-based final exam with a score of 80% or higher in order to receive their certification.

Direct or Assisted Hiring

Flexibility to hire virtual assistants directly through our Directory - with no middleman, no markups; or using our assisted hiring services through our Agency program.

University Graduate

About 90% of our assistants have earned a 4 year university or college degree.

Fully Bilingual

Verbal and written proficiency in English and Spanish.

Top, Hand-Picked Professionals

Our team personally reviews all applicants and only hand-picks the best ones. Only 10-12% of our applicants make it into our Virtual Latinos community, and only 2-3% become certified digital marketers.

Marketing Specialists

Virtual Latinos is primarily focused on offering virtual assistants that specialize in marketing or related fields, but also offer general virtual assistant from Latin America.

English Tested

Every assistant has passed an EF Standard English proficiency test with a level of B1 (Intermediate) or higher. View Levels.


40-75% less expensive than virtual assistants in the US, and 30-50% less expensive than freelance marketers or in-house employees in the US.

Experienced Professionals

Skilled, creative and with past working experience.

Interested in Hiring our Top Virtual Assistants?

Hire through our Agency to access the Top 1-2% of our VA candidates. Pre-vetted, pre-interviewed, and ready to work for you.

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