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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about hiring a Latino Virtual Assistant

Answer: No, we don’t offer free trials of our assistant’s services. We value our assistant’s time and yours and believe that the best working relationships are those that involved people who are serious about getting hired and hiring.   Our team is in charge of the time-consuming job of finding, vetting, interviewing, and hand-picking the best assistants for each of our client’s specific needs. We only choose candidates from our top talent from both our certified and non-certified assistants.  Our Agency plan is All-Inclusive. No Access Fees, No Setup Fees, and No Additional Charges.

You can hire someone from our community of Latino workers through our Virtual Latinos Agency if you’re looking for our help in finding and picking the best assistants for your needs. Learn more here.

Our community is made up of people mostly from Latin America, not all over the world.

Virtual Latinos is All-Inclusive. No Access Fees, No Setup Fees, and No Additional Charges.  – We don’t get in between your communication with your worker unless you ask for our support and assistance– Sites like Upwork or Freelancer encourage short-term, temporary work. Virtual Latinos encourage long-term permanent work. Businesses tend to succeed better without 100% turnover.– Sites like Fiverr are designed for small, super low-budget projects or gigs. While, Virtual Latinos is a community of passionate individuals hungry for work opportunities to form long-term relationships with a company, and to become part-time or full-time members of your team.

Yes, our team manually reviews the application of every person who applies and hand-picks the best ones. We only accept 7.5% of applicants into our community and 1-3% is accepted in our Virtual Latinos Agency program.

How much you pay them depends on the level of expertise you are looking for. See prices of our Agency program.

Pay rates vary based on your assistant’s skills, years of experience, past job experience, and many other factors.

This chart gives you a rough idea of hourly costs you can expect to pay

– $8-10 USD/hour – Entry level, some experience

– $11-15 USD/hour – Intermediate level, few years of experience

-$16- $20+ USD/hour – Expert level, many years of experience

You’ll pay your virtual assistant through Virtual Latinos,  you’ll pay us every week which is a US-based company and we will pay the Virtual Assistant. The automatic payment will be set every week.

We accept bank deposit, credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, or Square Cash with an additional 3% fee.

Most of our assistants live and work in Latin America. They will generally work from their home, home office, Internet cafe or co-working space in their home city. If you prefer them to work from a specific place, you might be able to arrange that with them.

We don’t currently have a centralized Virtual Latinos center for our assistants to work from, but we might offer that in the near future, starting with a Virtual Latinos office in Mexico.

The short answer: No

The medium answer: Your virtual assistant is a foreign subcontractor, so if you’re in the United State you need to send them a 1099 tax form. You don’t report their wages. You don’t pay unemployment insurance. You don’t do tax withholding. You don’t have to deal with taxes.

For legal advice, we recommend you to consult with a tax professional or CPA. We do recommend you to request your assistants to fill out a W-8BEN form, which basically states that your assistants are foreign individuals not in the United States.

Yes, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Virtual Latinos Agency Guarantee: If you’re not happy with your assistant within the first 40 Hours of work, we’ll replace your assistant with a new assistant at no additional cost to you. If the very unlikely event that you’re not happy with your second assistant after the first 40 hours, or he/she didn’t prove to have the skills needed to complete the tasks you needed to be done during that time, we’ll refund you 50% of your total pay during the whole process. (We’ll refund you 40 hours out of the 80 hours you paid for both assistants)

You or someone from your existing company will need to train the assistants. Just like when you hire a regular employee, they’ll need to go through your training and on-boarding to become members of your team. If you need help training them, creating a sales or marketing strategy, or anything else, contact the Virtual Latinos team and we’ll provide you with various options on how we may be able to help you.

No, all virtual assistants are foreign independent contractors. They’re individuals who’ve applied to be part of our community, have been reviewed by our team and been approved and invited to be part of our community. When you hire an assistant through our Agency, you pay Virtual Latinos and we pay them on your behalf, but they’re still not employees of Virtual Latinos, they’re still independent contractors.

Hiring through our Agency? When you hire a Latino virtual assistant (VA) through our agency, and the VA is not the right fit for your company, our agency will find and replace the VA with a new, more qualified  VA (up to 3 total VAs per hire). We do require that you work with our VAs for at least 40 hours total (10 hours/week x 4 weeks, or 20 hours/week x 2 weeks) before you decide that it’s not the right fit.

No, our company does not run international background checks on any of the VAs that we accept into our community.
We do have a very thorough and time-consuming application process that all VAs have to go through, and we manually review and approve/deny every applicant that applies to work with us. As of 2021, we’re accepting only ~7.5% of all applicants into our community.

Our application process makes it hard for people to be invited into our community, and we typically only accept people with 4-year degrees, with 2+ years of work experience, and those who answer all of our application questions thoroughly, with examples and lots of details. On some occasions, we do ask our VAs for references. So far, we only know of one client (a lawyer) who did run a background check on a VA. Most clients know that working with anyone, both in the U.S. or abroad is mostly all about building a relationship of trust, which comes with time.

Want to do a background check on a VA?
If desired, you may perform a background check on any assistant hired through our company. We can put you in touch with a company that offers international background checks, and you can do this yourself. You’ll have to pay for and process this outside our company.

The typical processing time to get a background check outside the US is about 2-3 weeks.

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