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The Virtual Latinos Team

Jaime Nacach
San Diego, California. USA
Founder and CEO

Virtual Latinos is made possible thanks to the great local members and Latino virtual assistants. 

None of this would be possible without the dedication, creativity, expertise, and professionalism of everyone who’s a part of our team. I invite you to learn more about our team, so you can get to know us better, and understand what we’re here for.

I’m originally from Mexico City, but live in the beautiful city of San Diego, California – which borders Tijuana, Mexico. Before creating Virtual Latinos, I did have a virtual assistant from Mexico – and then I realized how many other businesses and entrepreneurs I could help by connecting more people from Latin America with people in the United States, Canada and the world.

Tip for New Clients: Before you start hiring, write down a list of the tasks you need help with – all of them. Then think which you could outsource to a VA.

Tip for New VAs: If you want to stand out when you apply to work as a Latino VA, make sure you answer all of our application questions with detail, examples, and “show us” rather than “tell us” what you can do

Ezequiel Nacach
Los Angeles, California. USA
Vice President & Accountant

Hi, I’m Ezequiel Nacach. I’m originally from Mexico City, but have been blessed to call the United States home for over 15 years. I’m also Jaime’s father, and part of Virtual Latino’s strategy, business administration and accounting team.

I’m very excited to be part of the Virtual Latinos team, helping to build it and make it grow as a business. My goal is to take care of the time-consuming business administration tasks, so Jaime can focus on using his time to grow the business, build partnerships, build resources for our VAs and clients, and help it become an ever-growing community of amazing Latino virtual assistants for years to come.

Tip for New Clients: I recommend any potential customer to look at the problems other people are having when hiring assistants from the Philippines, India or elsewhere in Asia, such as the language barriers, timezones, and cultural differences, so you can value the option to hire virtual assistants from Latin America.

Additionally, our thorough process of screening and pre-vetting virtual assistants that are part of our community is one of the key factors of our client’s success. Why? Because by making the application process hard, doing 1-on-1 interviews and hand-picking the best virtual assistant for our clients – we can match our clients’ specific staffing needs and requirements with the best virtual assistants who can take care and complete tasks right away.

Think of our virtual assistant services, as boutique, higher-end recruitment and staffing services, at a fraction of the cost of traditional human resources and recruitment agencies. Our entire company works remotely (virtually, naturally), so we can all focus on what we do best – help you!

Tip for New VAs:I recommend all the VA’s to look at the many advantages of working with Virtual Latinos, such as getting better payment rates per hour, working in your same time zone, the ability to have part-time or full time work and more. You can usually start working right away, as our process to find to create the perfect match between customers and VA’s is fairly quick (Just 7 days), yet hand-tailored to our customer’s and VA’s needs, so both parties can feel comfortable working together.

Additionally, I suggest to prepare yourself, learn how to use more software programs and skills to improve the variety of work you can be a great fit more, and be able to earn more money.

Finally, keep in mind that we don’t make it easy to be accepted into VL, so if you are already part of our community, it means you can or will be able to leave your regular day-job now (or soon) and earn much more money than you do today by working through Virtual Latinos remotely. You’ll have the great advantage to be your own boss and work from home.

If you know anyone with great potential or the need to work as a virtual assistant, don’t hesitate to recommend them to join us, and help them get prepared as well,so they can also be accepted into the VL community.

Cinthya Lara
Marketer and Head of Recruiting

Hi my name is Cinthya, and I’ve been working virtually from home for almost 2 years now, I started working directly with Jaime and then started helping him with Virtual Latinos when the company started working. For a long time I had the idea, that working from home doing what I love, was my dream job. So I was pretty excited when I got hired. I’ve been able to learn a lot of new skills from digital marketing to recruiting and much more. Before working for Virtual Latinos I had an office job for several years, and I can say for sure, I would never want to go back to an office.

I love working for Virtual Latinos, for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I believe that having an outsourced team and working from home, is not the future but the present. And I feel very proud of being part of this company, as one of the pioneers in Latin America. I also love connecting talented professionals with great companies in North America. It feels great to be part of such a tech-based but human-connected team. I really like to see the company growing and succeeding and I want to be part of that growth as a professional.

Tip for New Clients: Schedule a call and start the process, don’t overthink it. Latin America has great professionals eager to help your company succeed. So if you’re looking for a virtual assistant, this is the place to be.

Tip for New VAs: I have a lot of advice, but mainly be very persistent, Apply and apply until you find the best fit for you, don’t give up. And also READ INSTRUCTIONS and focus on details. If you are detail-oriented and are motivated enough to make research, watch tutorials, take new courses and do whatever it takes in order to be the best, believe me, YOU WILL SUCCEED AS A VA.

Yener Benaroya
San Diego, California. USA
Business Development Rep

My name is Yener Benaroya and I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I speak fluently English, Spanish and Turkish. I bring to Virtual Latinos (VL) my professional experience in sales and marketing that I have for over 20 years.

My main goal in VL is to guide clients to find the correct team member that they are looking for and need. I want to help companies understand and adapt to the new virtual working environment which is changing the dynamic of the world’s jobs.

I love working as part of the VL team because I believe in the mission that we have. We are the most customer-oriented and success-driven VA company in the market. This company is focused on bringing success not only to the companies but also to our great virtual assistants (VAs).

Tip for New Clients: The most important tip that I would give as a recommendation to a client before hiring a VA is to analyze in which area or tasks that you need the help to start with. Take everything step by step and trust that we will be there to help you find what you need.

Tip for New VAs: To all our fellow VAs, the most important message that I can give is that communication is the key. Many clients are new to the idea of hiring people remotely and so they depend on your communication skills. Make sure you create the best kind of link between you and the client.

Roberta Barahona
Admin Assistant

Hello!! My name is Roberta, I’m proud to say I belong to the team of Virtual Latinos.

I’m from, Tegucigalpa Honduras, and let me tell you, the first time I heard of Virtual Latinos I was impressed but mostly grateful. Grateful that there was a place where many talented Latin American people could have the chance to work with business owners from North America. And have a chance to shine and work very hard for them and their families from their homes. Since working remotely is not an option for many in their own countries, Virtual Latinos bring so many opportunities to many students, business people, talented people, and many more people eager to work and give their best.

I love working with Virtual Latinos because this doesn’t feel thousands and thousands of miles away even though we are, it feels warm, cheerful, and connected, it honestly feels like a huge family.
We try every day our best to be in communication with all our VAs and with our team and that brings us together in many beautiful ways.
Each personality brings something different to the table and that’s the diversity I much enjoy from Virtual Latinos.

Tip for New Clients: My best tip for a new client would be to take the time to train your VA on what you need, look at that time as an investment so further on they’ll become self-sufficient on the matters you need them to take care of.

Tip for New VAs: My best piece of advice for new VAs is to apply, apply, and apply for job offers. It might take you hours(if done correctly), but this is time invested in something that will bring you back so much more. Give your best in everything you do, and you’ll be rewarded.

Daniela Montenegro
Recruitment Specialist

I am Daniela, I have a BA in English and French from Colombia. I have experience working in different areas, but mainly in recruiting for the summer camp industry in the US. I joined Virtual Latinos because I saw an opportunity for professional growth within the community and because working as a recruitment assistant would give me the opportunity to work in what I love most, which is helping others find their ideal job.

Tip for New Clients: For our new clients, keep in mind that the candidates we send for the position you are looking to fill really want to work with you and we have made sure to send the best possible fit to meet your requirements and expectations.

Tip for New VAs: For any new assistant that has joined our community, or for those that have been around for a while but have yet to apply to one of our jobs, my recommendation is to always lean towards detail. It is the key to secure an interview and quite possibly a job! Our platform has instructions for EVERYTHING, so make sure you are thorough when reading them so you have all the information.

Julio Martinez
Talent Aquisition Specialist

Hi, I am Julio. Proudly born, raised, and currently living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Working remotely has been an amazing, beneficial experience! As the go-to person and sometimes first point of contact for job seekers when they start the application process, I aim to ensure the best caliber of future Virtual Assistants entering our platform, by screening them in the first stage of Recruitment, keeping communication with them, and providing support on further stages. I have developed most of my career in tourism-related businesses, but my background is actually a little diverse, including HR-related studies/job functions, and other industries like BPO and Retail.

What I love the most about this company is the emphasis on efficiency without letting this undermine quality, as well as the fact that this team feels like a family! Collaborative work is not just a cool business concept here, it is our daily reality! I am very satisfied with my contribution to connecting talented Latin people with US/Canada jobs, elevating both the businesses’ performance and the assistants’ professional growth.

Tips for New Clients: Someone who works virtually/remotely can be equally or even more productive than a regular employee physically based in your office. If you are still not convinced, the best proof that it works to have a Virtual Assistant is ourselves!! The Virtual Latinos staff members are located in different countries and work together to make this happen for you.

Once you hire someone (and even before) it is very important that you make time to plan, deliver, and adjust your onboarding process of this new team member, and follow up with them and with us (the agency) on a regular basis.

Tips for New VAs: Exercise self-awareness so you can capitalize on your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and sell yourself more confidently!

Also, by acting with integrity, keeping constant communication, and delivering what is expected from you, trust will flourish between you and your employer in a way that you will be surprised. So, never lose the focus on that. Trust is everything!

Alejandra Alvarez
Digital Marketing Manager

Hello, My name is Alejandra. I’m from El Salvador but currently living in Argentina. I’m part of Virtual Latino’s team as a Marketing Specialist  & I execute traditional and digital marketing strategies in order to increase brand awareness and generate new clients. Along with Jaime, we are always thinking of how to improve Virtual Latinos and reach more Virtual Assistants and clients interested in hiring.
Virtual Latinos has been a HUGE opportunity for me.

 Jaime & the team are awesome, I couldn’t be happier with the work environment it’s been created. What I love the most is how easy is to communicate, share ideas & learn. The transparency and how my time and work are valued. I see myself in the next years growing professionally within Virtual Latinos Team and be a master in the digital marketing area.

Tip for New Clients: Virtual Latinos Transparency is one of the best things you can find. They will help you find the best assistant for your tasks. 

Tip for New VAs: Virtual Latinos is great if you’re starting in the remote work Area, Jaime & the team are always helping, searching for jobs that could fit you.
Jennifer Salazar
Customer & VA Success Manager

Hi! my name is Jennifer Salazar. I’m from Guayaquil, Ecuador and currently working as the Customer/VA Success Manager here at Virtual Latinos. I work closely with clients and the virtual assistants (VAs) in order to ensure that they develop a good work relationship and environment, improve on areas where our help may be needed to improve satisfaction and ensure the client-VA work bond is always at its best.

I love working in Virtual Latinos (VL) because first of all, it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find a place where I can work and also not forget about my family while working from home. At VL I can do that with no problem!. 

By working as a Latino virtual assistant with Virtual Latinos, I found not only a group of top professionals but also a group of very human-oriented people who really care for what you want as a professional and doesn’t only worry  about your work and skills. Virtual Latinos is a company that will surely grow and succeed a lot because of Jaime’s constant high-level vision and all the talented people who are part of this amazing team as well!

My long term goal is to keep learning, giving my best, grow along with the company and keep that balance between work and family that Virtual Latinos allows me to have!

Tip for New Clients: You are in the best hands! Keep focusing on making your businesses grow! We’ll make sure we find the best VAs for helping you achieve all your goals and enjoy more free time – or more time to focus on tasks that help grow your business!

Tip for New VAs: Waiting to find your job? Perseverance!. Don’t give up! You’ll find your perfect job for sure! Virtual Latinos has amazing job opportunities constantly arriving that will allow you to use all of your potential. Found it now? Well, here the best tips I can give are: Always be honest, communicate well, be organized and give your best!

James Schutmaat
Web Designer & Developer

Hi, I’m James Schutmaat from Colombia, I have earned a reputation for producing top-notch work and communicating with my clients in a way that gets results. I bring to the table more than eleven years of professional experience as a web designer, web developer, and graphic designer.

Here at Virtual Latinos, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of honest, hard-working and professional people that are passionate about what they do and will go the extra mile to meet your expectations and beyond.

Working with Virtual Latinos has been a great experience because I had the opportunity to help build this amazing platform from the beginning and it makes me proud to know that we help people day to day to achieve their personal and corporate goals.

Tip for New Clients: Take your time and search through our Virtual Assistants database to find the perfect person for your needs, then ask as many questions as you can to ensure he or she is the right person for your job.

Tip for New VAs: Clients come to Virtual Latinos to find qualified remote workers or freelancers that they can’t find in other sites, this is why it’s very important to be patient and always provide them with answers to their questions as soon as possible. Answering clients quickly makes you look professional and keeps your customers happy, and coming back for more work.

Melissa Alvarenga
Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m from El Salvador and currently working at Virtual Latinos as a Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer. I work next to our marketing manager helping with the execution of digital marketing strategies to position our brand, increase brand awareness, and generate more clients and therefore jobs for talented Latino professionals. Virtual Latinos has given me the opportunity to work from home while doing what I love, designing and executing creative solutions.

Tip for New Clients: It is possible to have more time to focus on your business and personal needs. Let us help you find your next team member! Our team will always go the extra mile to find the VA that fits great with you, your company, and your vision.

Tip for New VAs: Looking for remote opportunities? Virtual Latinos is a great place to get started. You will be able to work from the comfort of your home, earn in US dollars, and create long lasting relationships with businesses abroad. Our team is always looking for talented professionals to fill work opportunities. I’m pretty sure you could be a great fit for one of them!

Ana María Pérez
Social Media Specialist

Hi! I’m Ana María Pérez and I’m from Cali, Colombia. In my opinion, ‘Virtual Latinos’ is such an amazing idea by being the liaison among successful companies in North America and talented professionals in Latin America eager to find better opportunities based on outstanding standards. In this community, I started to work with a wonderful company in the US, to be part of the amazing Virtual Latinos team afterward as the social media specialist.

I’m proud to be part of this amazing team where we all share positive values and where I can keep growing in my career in marketing.

Tips for  New Clients: Virtual Latinos is the expert on searching and finding the best fit for the position you’ll need to fill. The recruitment process is thorough and detailed, where you’ll find the best helping hand for your team.

Tips for New VAs: when applying to the job positions that you find appealing, follow thoroughly the Virtual Latinos guidelines on how to make a successful proposal. You’ll find the perfect fit and life-changing remote work.

Patricia Vivas
Recruitment and Applications Assistant

Hi there! I am Patricia a Venezuelan living in Lima, Peru. I joined the Virtual Latino’steam as a Recruitment and Applications Assistant, and I am incredibly happy to be part of it. I have ten years of professional experience in several industries;however, it is now that I can perform in what I love the most which is to help people accomplish their goals. I felt as part of the Virtual Latino’s family since day one. The team is made up of great Latino talent who always give their best to support and help other Latinos fulfill their dreams and of course help companies find their perfect match.

Tip for New Clients: let us know what you need, and trust the Virtual Latinos team to do their magic and find the best assistant for you.

Tip for New VAs: show off your competitive advantage, what makes you stand out from the rest, and you will be able to succeed within this growing and amazing community.

Sharon Plotnik
Project Management & HR

Hi! My name is Sharon and I’m from Mexico City. I have experience in HR, sales, and project management. I have had the opportunity to work and study abroad, which help me develop different skills to be able to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This is part of why I joined the Virtual Latinos team, having the opportunity to work with people across-borders motivates me and helps me with coming up with solutions and ideas that come from different experiences. I joined Virtual Latinos almost 2 months ago and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made professionally. The team has been welcoming, always open to share insight on new ideas, and the working environment is amazing! A great work-social balance, which to me is very important in a company. I joined the team because of the possibility of having that same feeling within a remote community, being able to get different points of view thanks to the various backgrounds of our Latin American community, and the dynamism of working from anywhere. I love working for Virtual Latinos and look forward to growing within the company!

Tip for New Clients: Schedule a call and see how a virtual assistant can help you and your company. Sometimes we don’t know we need help until someone else lists tasks that we might offload to get more time to focus on other aspects of our business.

Tip for New VAs: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and learn new skills, keep track of new job offers, read the job descriptions thoroughly and apply to as many jobs as your see fit according to your professional background.

Harold Nieto
SEO Assistant

i I’m Fron Tegucigalpa Honduras I joined Virtual Latinos Team to be an SEO assistant, I work hard and with passion to get Virtual Latinos to the top of the Search Engine Results Page. I love to be part of the Virtual Latinos Team. I’m thankful to the company since I was having a really hard time before getting here, back in those days I had to work on industries I didn’t like that much. Since I joined my life changed, now I work doing what I love to do and I feel all the team members appreciate the contributions I do when working as a team!. I love the way they put effort into getting the best quality on everything they do. I feel very proud to be part of the best team I have ever seen.

Tip for New Clients: The best tip for a client I have is all candidates have different traits and capabilities, Latin America possesses great profffesionals and with the proper training they will be able to take care of your business tasks. Trust your VA and he/she will take your business to the next level.

Tip for New VAs: Never give up, at first I can be overwhelming all the application process, but I can say for sure the patience and effort will pay off beyond your imagination.

Amy Ordonez
Customer/VA Success Team

Hi! my name is Amy Ordonez. I’m from Tegucigalpa, Honduras and currently working with the Customer/VA Success Team here at Virtual Latinos. I work with Clients and Virtual Assistants trying to ensure that they develop a good work relationship, also I support on improving areas where my help may be needed.

I joined Virtual Latinos because I saw the opportunity for professional growth. I always wanted to work with helping people grow and what a great way to do this. Helping Vas and been part of their journey when they get hired is the best! I also love witnessing when both Client and VA are excited for this new relationship that they are about to start.

Tip for New Clients: Always take your time to train your VA on what you need, be clear on expectations and goals. Something that you always need to have in mind is communication is a really big part of working remotely!

Tip for New VAs: Be persistent apply, apply and apply. Looking for remote opportunities? Virtual Latinos is a great place to get started, you will be able to work from the comfort of your home.

Rocio Veljanovic
Recruitment Team

Hi! My name is Rocio, I’m from Argentina, and I am a proud member of the recruitment team in Virtual Latinos. Our team runs a rigorous process to find the best virtual assistants to work with US-based companies.

One thing I have loved about this community from the very first day has been how friendly, careful and helpful everyone is. Being part of the internal team has been a wonderful experience. I have learned and grown so much professionally, and the best part is, I’ve had the opportunity to help other Latinos find their dream jobs. I believe that once you’ve gone remotely, there’s no going back!

Tip for New Clients: Don’t miss out on the chance to work with highly skilled bilingual professionals. Our team works together to help you figure out the areas of need for a VA, and deliver the top candidates for the position to fill.

Tip for New VAs: Read, be curious, search, and if you feel you might have missed something, go back and read again. The platform is designed to test your remote work skills, all information you might need is there, and being proactive and persistent are key.

Maria Gabriela Briceño
Success Team

Hello there! My name is Maria Gabriela Briceño, but everyone calls me Gaby, so you can do it too! I’m from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, but currently living in Caracas, the capital. I’m part of the Success Team, and one of the things I do is work closely with clients and our Virtual Assistants (VAs) to ensure that they develop a strong work bond and keep a continuous good working relationship. Also, as part of the Customer Success Team, we ensure that there is a strong working relationship between the client and the VA.

I love working in Virtual Latinos (VL) for many reasons, but mainly because we provide many opportunities to people from Latin American, like me, that are not available in our countries. And in addition to this, Virtual Latinos and Jaime let me get to know different cultures and people that help me grow as a person and professional every day. We are a family that is close but far away!

Tip for New Clients: Try not to worry too much! You are in the best hands! Each member of our team gives their 120% to give you that connection with your next VA. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions! We know this is new for you, so we will do our best to make sure you feel comfortable from the beginning.

Tip for New VAs: Want a new job? Virtual Latinos is the way! We have incredible job opportunities for all skills and experiences. Regarding the tip I can offer: be perseverant, be always open to hearing tips from other Virtual Latinos members, always be honest, and try to be patient, we know it’s hard, but your perfect match is waiting for you!

Oscar Moreno
Executive Assistant

Hi! my name is Oscar Moreno. I am from Mexico City, and currently working as the Executive Assistant for Virtual Latinos’ Founder & CEO. I have many tasks at hand on a daily basis but the most joyfulness task is when I have the privilege of giving the wonderful news to a Virtual Assistant that they have been selected and the Client wants to hire them. This makes me feel and realized the impact Virtual Latinos have not only in the life of the Virtual Assistant but also the impact it has on our Clients because both parties have finally found a path to bring the balance between their work and personal life.

Virtual Latinos is a wonderful experience and a great company to work for. I also can have a work-life balance and the satisfaction to be able to help our Clients and our Virtual Assistants is priceless.

Tip for New Clients: We are not another Agency, we are the “Company” that will help you take your business to the next level. This experience can not be matched by any other company and you will feel more than a number or a statistic; you will become part of us. Clear all your stereotypes before contacting us, because this will transform your perspective as to what a Virtual Assistant is and does.

Tip for New VAs: Virtual Latinos will help you grow as an individual and as a professional by giving you the tools you have been missing. You will create a “new you” once you decide to take the first step and apply to join our “Community” because this is what we are, a big community of talented professionals and individuals that want to better themselves every single day the sun comes out. The decision is yours solely, and by joining this community, you will embark on a life-changing journey.

Joshua Martínez
Multimedia Designer

Hello! I’m Joshua, a multimedia designer from El Salvador and part of the Virtual Latinos’ family. We are constantly creating great things along with the Marketing Team. Virtual Latinos have motivated me to mix my branding and multimedia skills with creative freedom. I’m in charge of making videos that represent best what a Virtual Professional can do for your company. Teamwork is always key to our success.

Tip for New Clients: Delegating your workload to a virtual professional from Latin America will be your best choice. You will also get guidance and direct supervision from Virtual Latinos’ team to make sure you choose the best VA for the needs of your company.

Tip for New VAs: Stop being afraid to show how great you are. International companies need to see how good your work is. I’m sure you already have everything you need to be part of this awesome community. Just take the first step!

María Elisa Acero
Customer / VA Success Director

Hi! I’m Maria Elisa, I was born in Colombia but nowadays I live in Argentina.

I’m a Bachelor in Public Relations and currently got promoted as the Customer / VA Success Director here at Virtual Latinos. I began my journey in VL as an Agent, and now I am leading the team that ensures the working relationship between the client and the VA is successful.

I love working at Virtual Latinos because of the privilege that working remotely has delivered to my personal life and because it’s a company where you feel listened to, accompanied, and valued as a professional.

The idea and responsibility of connecting small businesses & entrepreneurs across the United States with talented virtual assistants from Latin America makes me feel very proud. Something priceless about my job is showing the world the quality of professionals from our countries and helping people grow professionally.

Tip for New Clients: Enjoy the journey and take advantage of the benefits that having a virtual assistant delivers to your business. Let your VA and us do the rest, because we believe in shared success, and my team will always be there for you!

Tip for New VAs: Make sure to apply to your so-wanted job and trust yourself. Send the proposals of your life and always commit to give your best, because I know you can. Keep always learning and improving your skills, and then you will conquer your professional goals.

Airelle Arellano
Finance and Sales Team

Hi! My name is Airelle. I’m from Mexico and currently working as an assistant for the Finance and Sales Team. I joined Virtual Latinos in search of an opportunity to grow and I found it! Working with Virtual Latinos has allowed me to work from home and take care of my family! I am super proud of the team that I am part of!

Tip for New Clients: If you are looking to hire a professional assistant, you have come to the right place! You are in the right hands, you will have our support all along the way!!

Tip for New VAs: Virtual Latinos has a lot of great opportunities! We want to see you succeed! Apply to all the opportunities that you can!

Josefina Joison
Agency Recruitment Specialist

Hi! my name is Josefina, I’m from Argentina and currently working as part of the recruitment team. I am really happy about being part of the Virtual Latinos family. I am continuously learning new things and growing professionally in a way I never expected. Everyone who is part of the company is extremely friendly and warm. I can certainly say that working remotely is a great experience, especially when you have such amazing teammates that you don’t even feel the distance. Never underestimate the possibilities that working from home can bring you, this is a huge example of how a company can grow and succeed while having all remote workers.

Tip for New Clients: be certain we will always try to search for the best VAs that fit your needs. There are amazing talents in our community waiting to happily work for you and help your business grow!

Tip for New VAs: we are always here to help you, don’t be afraid to ask anything! Try to be patient and apply to all the jobs you think you are qualified for. We’ll try our best to find you the perfect match to get hired!

Alejandra Navarrete
Recruitment Specialist

Hi! My name is Alejandra, but everyone calls me Allie. I’m from Nicaragua, I have a BA in International Relations and I speak Spanish, English, Italian, and a little bit of Korean. I enjoy learning about different cultures and languages! That is why I love being part of the Virtual Latinos recruitment team: I get to work collaboratively with people with different backgrounds, and I get to do this from the comfort of my own home!
Working remotely has allowed me to spend time with my beloved husband while also growing professionally and helping others find their dream job. I am thankful to Virtual Latinos not only for helping companies and professionals to find their perfect match but also for creating the best work environment.
I look forward to growing within this company and helping as many as needed!

Tip for New Clients: Virtual Latinos is the only exception to the “Too good to be true” rule! Sit back and watch us find the best assistant for you.

Tip for New VAs: Be patient and consistent. It might feel like a long process, but it’s worth it. Read everything carefully and make sure you’re following the instructions.

Laura Cruz
Agency Recruitment Specialist

Hi, my name is Laura. Born and raised in what I like to call the five-star country: Honduras. I studied civil engineering in college but have experience in multiple industries. I have worked as a math teacher and tutor, camp director for a Christian non-profit based in the US, executive assistant for a building company, and team leader for a call center. I can say that I’m happy to be a part of Virtual Latinos and can’t wait to keep growing along with this wonderful company.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of working from the comfort and safety of my home, allowing me the chance to spend more time with my husband and our two dogs, Athena and Artemis. Being a part of the Recruitment Team for Virtual Latinos has been such a fun adventure, learning new skills and bringing some I had hidden for a while. I can’t wait for you to join us!

Tip for New Clients: Let us take care of you so you can continue to grow your business! We bring you great candidates that can make a difference in your company.

Tip for New VAs: You can do it! Always keep investing to develop your skills and keep on sending great proposals so together we can find you your dream job! Be sure to ALWAYS read all the instructions we give you and when in doubt, feel free to reach out so we can help.

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