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Virtual Latinos Q4, 2021 Updates: Removing the Directory Hiring Option


Dear Clients,

We’d like to first thank you for all of your support in helping to develop, enhance and grow our amazing community of Virtual Latinos.

Our main goal has always been to provide our clients with top-notch professionals from Latin America as well as high-quality customer service. We’ve always been open to offer different options for your hiring needs, this is why when Virtual Latinos started, we offered 2 ways of hiring: The directory (direct hiring) and The agency program (We take care of all the recruitment process).

After 3 years of working with our clients, learning about their needs, and evaluating every feedback, we realized that 98% of our clients or potential clients preferred our Agency Program because we were able to find the perfect professional for their businesses while saving them a lot of time and money.

As we are committed to continuing to provide the best virtual assistant and virtual professional services, we are adjusting our offer to a more personalized and customized service for the needs of each of our clients.

For this reason, by Oct 1st, 2021, — we are removing the directory hiring option.

Additional Details

  • By Oct 1st, 2021 the directory hiring option will be removed from our website.
  • New clients or any new recruitment process will ONLY be able to hire through our Virtual Latinos Agency program. You can learn more about how it works here.
  • Any existing clients who are on an active paid Directory subscription will be able to keep their accounts and continue to hire their VAs, as long as they continue to pay the quarterly fee. There will be no changes to their current plan. If clients cancel their subscription, they will not be able to re-subscribe to it. At that point, we’ll give them the option to move to hire through our Agency program.

What are the benefits of Virtual Latinos Agency Program?

  • Top, Hand-Picked Professionals: We only accept 7.5% of all applicants. We pre-screen and handpick every candidate to ensure you’ll get to work with the best talent in Latin America.
  • Customized to Your Needs: We offer an all-inclusive personalized one-on-one 45-min consultation to understand you and your business’s needs. 80% of VA companies charge you around $300 for a personalized consultation, while our services are all-inclusive, with no extra or hidden fees.
  • We Take Care of Everything: We do all the time-consuming work of finding, pre-vetting, interviewing, and evaluating candidates. After we find the best 3 candidates for you, we’ll send their profiles in a PDF file with details that are relevant for the role you’re looking for. Our recruitment team only takes 7-10 business days to complete the process for you.
  • Growth Potential: We focus on helping you create long-term work relationships with your virtual professional. Your VA will get to know your company, help you improve it, and grow with it along the way. If you’d like, you can even promote your VA and/or give them a raise at ANY time. Our company, Virtual Latinos, does not take any commission or percentage of raises or bonuses. Your Virtual Professional will receive 100% of it.
  • Same Skills, Lower Costs: Working with US or Canadian agencies, assistants or full-time employees is expensive. Hire someone with the same skills, for a fraction of the cost, you would pay for someone in North America. (40-75% less expensive than US VAs and 30-50% less than in-house employees)
  • Working in Your Timezone: You’re in America (North), and our VAs are in (Central or South). They work in your same time zone or with a minimal time difference, so they are awake while you are.
  • English Tested: All of our VAs are fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Everyone in our community has to pass an English assessment that ensures their listening, reading, and writing levels are good for business communication.
  • Experienced Professionals: About 90% of our assistants have earned a 4-year university or college degree. Our VAs are skilled, creative and with past working experience.
  • The Lowest Ghosting Rate Guaranteed: All of the VAs that are part of our community are pre-vetted and share our values and code of ethics. They are onboarded with communication procedures and have best practices to always act with respect and commitment.
  • You Manage, We Provide Support: You manage your virtual assistant freely, your assistant sends weekly work hours completed, our customer success team supervises this process. You’ll have a dedicated customer success agent to provide you with ongoing support and resources for you and the VA and we guarantee our assistant’s job quality and performance, we will replace your assistant at no additional cost if required.
  • Easy payments: You pay Virtual Latinos on a bi-weekly basis after work is completed, or prepay 2-4 weeks at a time and we’ll take care of paying your VA on time.

At Virtual Latinos we are committed to providing the best and most personalized service for your needs. We will take care of everything so you don’t have to, and we aim to make hiring a virtual professional easy and affordable while still providing top talent professionals and great customer service. You can check our virtual assistant pricing here.

Country Highlight: Virtual Assistants from Argentina


What Is It Like Working as a Virtual Assistant Based in Argentina?

If you currently reside in Argentina, you don’t even need to leave your country to find valuable work with a U.S.-based company. At Virtual Latinos, we recognize and appreciate the hard work ethic displayed by each of our Argentinian virtual assistants. Argentina is a country full of talented professionals, looking for a chance to fully utilize their skills and education, all while receiving a positive work experience. As such, the team at Virtual Latinos is proud to work with the skilled virtual assistants of Argentina.

Maybe you’ve never before considered heading down the career path of virtual assistantship. You might also feel conflicted about whether it’s worth working for a U.S.-based company, rather than an organization based out of Argentina.

Whether you are a marketing virtual assistant, admin assistant, customer service assistant, sales assistant, or social media assistant, it’s possible to find a rewarding career with Virtual Latinos. In fact, even if you’ve never worked as a virtual assistant, we provide workers a fantastic opportunity to get started in this field. As a virtual assistant, you will be able to perform a variety of duties for companies and entrepreneurs, based upon your unique skills and educational background.

However, you don’t need to take our word for it – in fact, it’s probably best that you listen to some of the satisfied Argentinian virtual assistants, currently working with American businesses and entrepreneurs.

Interviews With Virtual Latinos’ Argentinian Virtual Assistants

To lend you a helping hand, Virtual Latinos has interviewed several of our virtual assistants in Argentina. The goal of these interviews was to provide a first-hand perspective on what the experience is actually like if you decide to work for Virtual Latinos.

These Q&A sessions are intended to let you step into the shoes of our current Argentinian virtual assistants, to receive a truly realistic feel for the job – rather than just relying upon what the company is promising you. So, Virtual Latinos has gone out of our way to ensure that all of our potential Argentinian VAs have access to that first-hand information.

Plus, it isn’t easy to find content from such a direct perspective, within this particular niche. We sincerely hope that our Q&A sessions can begin to fill that gap, given the specificity of the subject matter in question.

That being said, here is a quick summary of the interviews Virtual Latinos performed with our current Argentinian VAs.

What We Asked Our Virtual Assistants From Argentina

Each of the Argentinian VAs we interviewed was presented with a series of questions, each of which is intended to give valuable insight into the VA experience. Those questions are as follows:

  • What’s been your favorite part of working as a virtual assistant?
  • Please describe a rewarding experience since working as a virtual assistant.
  • How would you describe your working relationship with Virtual Latinos?
  • How would you describe your working relationship with the American companies that hired you as a VA?

Using those queries as a guide, Virtual Latinos’ Argentinian VAs provided us with valuable testimonials. We spoke with two of our own Argentinian VAs, as well as Cinthya Lara, the recruitment director at Virtual Latinos. Lara works with a VA of her own, and that assistant also happens to be based in Argentina.

Q&A Session Number One: Camilla Danielle

During her interview with Virtual Latinos, Danielle had an array of positive things to say, regarding her experience working as a VA.

She started by telling us that her “favorite part of working as a virtual assistant is [learning] new skills and [getting] in touch with people from all over the world.” Here, she’s drawing attention to an important perk of working with a company based elsewhere in the world. This opportunity to interact and work with faraway individuals can lead to some valuable interactions and work experiences, which could have been missed, had you restricted yourself to a company that operates exclusively within Argentina.

Regarding her experience with the Virtual Latinos team, Danielle noted that they have been “really helpful and encouraging,” allowing workers to “submit proposals to get [their] ideal job.” Finally, Danielle stated that those she’s worked with at Virtual Latinos are “all great people with an incredible work ethic,” who have gone out of their way to train, support, and allow her to continue growing, as a virtual assistant.

Q&A Session Number Two: Mariana Mosso

Next up, we performed an interview with Mariana Mosso, another one of Virtual Latinos’ own Argentinian VAs.

In particular, Mosso stressed the importance of Virtual Latinos allowing her to work from home. This has helped Mosso to better manage her “hours of work and being able to take care of [her] kids,” while working. In fact, she even went on to state, “Being a mother is absolutely compatible with virtual assistance.”

Overall, Mosso believes that Virtual Latinos has been especially understanding and considerate when it comes to the relationship between work and her personal life. In her words, at Virtual Latinos, “You are not only an employee, but you are also a person, and they are very contemplative about your personal and family circumstances.” Mosso feels that this is an “invaluable” asset to her position as a VA.

Mosso also praises the feedback that Virtual Latinos has given her since she began working as a VA. “There is always someone there for you ready to help,” she explained.

According to Moss, “It’s a pleasure to have this kind of job.”

Q&A Session Number Three: Cinthya Lara (Virtual Latinos Recruitment Director)

Cinthya Lara has had high praise for her Argentinian virtual assistant, Rocio. Lara explained to us that working with Rocio has helped her to start focusing on “the tasks [she enjoys] doing the most.”

Truly, Lara doesn’t take the outstanding services she receives from her VA for granted. She describes Rocio as “responsible, reliable, and always [taking] feedback with a positive attitude.” Lara then went on to expand, explaining how her VA is a perfectionist, who tries her best with every task she’s given – something that Lara greatly appreciates.

Rocio is also an example of how, even if you don’t have prior experience as a VA, it’s possible to start your career with Virtual Latinos. Lara explained that Rocio “didn’t have experience specifically in the role she is performing, but she has learned a lot and has been committed to the role.”

Business people Love Working With Argentinian Virtual Assistants

Not only do the skilled VAs at Virtual Latinos provide businesses and entrepreneurs with excellent service, but also, business people recognize this. In fact, American businesses love working with talent all throughout Latin America, including Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and more.

Need high-quality virtual assistant services? Consider getting in touch with the passionate team at Virtual Latinos, and teaming up with a dedicated virtual assistant. Or, are you from Latin America, and interested in getting started with your very own VA career? Begin by filling out your virtual assistant application, today. We’re always looking to hire new talent, and are excited to watch you grow with our company.

Interested in seeing more country highlights from Virtual Latinos? Head over to our blog to take a look.

Virtual Latinos Country Highlight: El Salvador


Find Your Ideal Virtual Admin Assistant in El Salvador

El Salvador is a tropical, mountainous country in Central America, situated between Guatemala and Honduras. It is home to diverse topography and landscapes, each with its own unique specialties and resources. While surfers flock to the southern coastline, the central plateaus are devoted to farming and the mountains to growing coffee.

A long history of geographical and cultural turmoil, combined with a fiercely warm and loyal nature, have helped shape a generation of young professionals who are diligent, resilient, and well-equipped to overcome challenges and find creative solutions to problems. Salvadorans’ virtual assistants are fully bilingual in both English and Spanish and are committed to fostering an efficient and friendly working relationship with clients. Hiring a virtual assistant from El Salvador could help you transition your business to a more culturally diverse environment.

Why Do Skilled Salvadoran Professionals Want to Work Offshore?

Whether you are looking to hire a virtual admin assistant or a marketing virtual assistant, Salvadorans are invested in this type of work for a variety of reasons.

Opportunities for Professional Growth and Cultural Exchange

Virtual assistants from El Salvador value the knowledge and skills exchanged between them and their US clients. Salvadoran virtual assistants enjoy having the opportunity to learn and adapt to a new culture and expectations. “Well, it is always a bit difficult to adapt to the culture of another country, but in general, I feel that just as I am helping them in their projects every day, they help me to grow as a professional.” Says Luis Vides, a virtual assistant from El Salvador. Vides enjoys the opportunity to learn how business is conducted in the US and adjust to new standards. “Sarah and Terry are excellent bosses. They are there to correct or teach you always in a professional and very educated way, and that is very different from how things work in my country,” says Vides.

Work-Life Balance and Sense of Independence

Working remotely offers virtual assistants the opportunity to have a flexible schedule and to work from home without diminishing their sense of personal responsibility and achievement. Peter Ayala says he enjoys working as a virtual assistant because “I feel I’m my own boss! I’m the one responsible for things to be done, and the responsibility is the same as if I was at a local work from my country.”

Opportunity to Have a Positive Impact

Salvadoran’s are not only hard-working and adaptable. They are also intensely loyal and derive satisfaction from helping your business succeed. VA Peter Ayala says that one of the best things about his work is knowing that he has positively impacted his client’s business. He says, “…my work has a real impact over my client’s business, and if they are happy with the results, I feel at ease that a good job was provided! The best part of working as a virtual assistant is that you can support clients in different areas. When you manage to have a very good relationship with the client, you can help them to improve the internal processes of the company or business,” says Vides.

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant From El Salvador?

Making the move to hire a virtual assistant can benefit you or your company in many ways. VAs from El Salvador are skilled in:

  • Managing Social Media and Social Media Marketing
  • Branding and Graphic Design
  • General Digital Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Sales & Customer Reps
  • General Administrative Tasks
  • Managing Email and Automation
  • Blogging and Writing in Spanish and English
  • Web Design

Our VAs from El Salvador have an eye for detail and take pride in delivering great work. Alex Bass / Andra Vomir explain that their virtual assistant is “… detail oriented, emotive and really careful, attentive to make sure he’s doing everything correctly, very cautious in the right way, meaning that if he’s going to be diving into something he’s not actually very sure of, he’ll be careful enough to ask for clarification before so he has everything clear about what he’s going to do.”

Terry Berglund has used multiple virtual assistants from Virtual Latinos, and described the team as being “kind and cooperative”, and “good, useful, and interesting”. Terry stated that “It has been a good experience and the VAs hired are doing ok.”

Let Virtual Latinos Help You Find Your Perfect Assistant

Choosing Virtual Latinos gives you access to the best, fully bilingual virtual assistants from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and many other Latin American countries operating within the same time zones as the US. Alex Bass / Andra Vomir described their experience with Virtual Latinos as… “Awesome, It has been really easy, well organized and it saved us a lot of time, and I don’t think that we would have hired anybody if there wasn’t this process that we were just let through.”.

Whether you are looking for a virtual personal assistant, marketing virtual assistant, or just a super-efficient (virtual!) sidekick, investing in a VA could be the best decision you’ve made all week. Contact Virtual Latinos to learn more about how it works and to find the perfect virtual assistant to help you grow your business.

Spotlight on Guatemala


Few countries in the world can boast of the same rich history and culture as Guatemala. Once the cradle of the Mayan civilization, it has long-standing art, music, textile, literary, agricultural, and architectural traditions, among others. The many sacred Mayan sites preserved in the dense jungle are a driving force growing tourism in Guatemala; some sites receive nearly half a million visitors each year. Indigenous textiles, woven with vibrant colors and often embroidered by hand, are some of the most sought after in the world.

Although much of Guatemala’s history and traditions are rooted firmly in the past, modern technology is also an enormous part of everyday life for a considerable portion of the population. For example, Guatemala has the largest economy in Central America, and its growth has been steady but slow. With a GDP that’s still substantially smaller than most countries in the global north, it’s no wonder that so many young professionals are turning to remote work for companies in the United States.

What Are Some Benefits for Virtual Assistants Working Remotely From Guatemala?

Better PayScale, Across the Board

The pay scales in the United States are frequently more than double those found in Guatemala. For example, this means that a university-educated professional living in Guatemala City would make more than twice as much working remotely for a US-based company. It’s a smart, professional decision.

Remote Work Saves Time

As in the United States, doing remote work in Guatemala saves people time by sparing them sometimes lengthy commutes. Traffic congestion is a real problem throughout Guatemala, but especially in the cities where most professionals reside. Working remotely means that people can reclaim hours of their day, rather than being stuck in traffic jams.

Compensation in a More Stable Currency

With the US dollar being one of the more stable currencies globally, it’s a logical choice for professionals to make.

Professional Development

Dedicated virtual assistants working remotely from Guatemala also can develop connections in the international market and utilize their English skills regularly. This kind of experience is difficult for many professionals to acquire otherwise.

More Time With Family

Family throughout Guatemala is highly valued, and working remotely gives professionals more time to spend with their loved ones.

For many virtual assistants, working remotely offers the perfect combination of advantages. Flor Ganzaro, who works remotely for Virtual Latinos, has nothing but praise for her experiences working with US-based companies. She says,

Just a month after I started working for my client/employer, I was promoted to a new position, which has implied new learning, new challenges, and a huge satisfaction to know that my work is being appreciated. … I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity of working for Virtual Latinos. If anyone is fluent in English, looking for a safe and legitimate form of online work, whichever their set of skills, I encourage them to put aside any fears and insecurities; they can find a great job opportunity.

How Does Hiring a Virtual Assistant in Guatemala Help Your Business?

When companies decide to hire virtual assistants, it’s also a decision to hire quality professional assistants who can ease many of the burdens of everyday operations. In short, if it can be done remotely, a dedicated virtual assistant can do it.

What Sort of Tasks Can a Virtual Assistant Help Perform?

  • One standard function of virtual assistants is to manage a company’s social media. From posting to responding to comments, even creating marketing campaigns, our virtual assistants have you covered in the social media world.
  • Virtual assistants regularly take over phone duties, making and answering client calls as well as making appointments.
  • You can finally unburden yourself from emails when you hire a virtual assistant, as well. They can help with email inquiries, digital newsletters, invoicing, and more.

Many cultural similarities exist (from business to family values) between Guatemala and the United States, owing to their intertwined histories, which makes the partnerships between virtual assistants in Guatemala and US-based companies particularly beneficial. Additionally, they’re usually working in the same time zone, which makes coordinating that much easier.

Here’s what one client of Virtual Latinos had to say:

I needed someone who could answer questions and help customers and hired from you guys; that’s what the VAs do; they do their work and took that work away from me, which is why we hired them, so yes, they are helping us achieve our goals. – Ian Einheiber, Highlevel, LLC

More and more companies are going the way of hiring a virtual assistant from Latin America because it just makes sense. Contact us today to get started!

A Snapshot of Mexico: Your Gateway to Successful Nearshoring


Why Mexico Is a Prime Source of the Best Virtual Assistants in the Americas

Mexico is one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America and home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the Western Hemisphere. The United Mexican States are home to nearly 125 million people and the country’s GDP has steadily climbed since 2016. Visitors can enjoy an incredible range of amazing places to see and interesting things to do, from exploring the coastal Mayan ruins at Tulum to relaxing on the beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Mexico is an undeniably beautiful country that has continued to grow rapidly in many ways.

One of the best things about Mexico is the diverse range of rapidly expanding industries. For US-based businesses, this means many opportunities to expand into territories and captivate new audiences more easily thanks to bilingual, highly vetted, and easily accessible support. If your organization could use the help of a Latino virtual assistant, hiring a virtual assistant from Mexico could be a gateway to many new and surprising opportunities for your business.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant from Mexico?

Many opportunities for outsourcing virtual assistant services exist all over the world, but many American companies encounter common difficulties when working with offshore companies far from the US. Mexico not only shares time zones with most of the United States, but Mexican business values are very similar to those held by American businesses. This makes it much easier for top virtual assistant companies employing Mexican virtual assistants like Virtual Latinos to provide dedicated virtual assistants to companies in the US with minimal onboarding time.

A virtual assistant from Mexico will be familiar with United States business norms and conversational trends, so it will be easy for your new virtual assistant to start coordinating with your team, your partners, and even your customers. Virtual assistants from Mexico are also incredibly engaged with their work, taking full advantage of their ability to work from home to balance their professional and personal lives:

“I love working at Virtual Latinos because it is an authentic project, with ethics, that cares about its assistants and is always there for us. It’s also given me the opportunity to continue to develop my professional career from anywhere. It provides me the flexibility to combine my work as a VA and as a mother of three children. Every day I am more grateful, happy, and proud to be part of Virtual Latinos.” -Yelia, Virtual Assistant from Mexico for Virtual Latinos.

“Virtual Latinos gives me the opportunity to work from home and be more productive. I love deciding my schedule and from where I work. Jaime is really involved in every project, you won’t feel like you are on your own, he’ll coach you from the beginning, so you can feel comfortable from the very first day.” -Pepe, Virtual Assistant from Mexico for Virtual Latinos.

These are just a few examples of how virtual assistants from Mexico can be some of the best virtual assistants your company ever hires. They understand American business practices, hold similar values, work in an agreeable time zone that enables easy coordination with American companies and their clients, and truly enjoy the work they do. Bilingual virtual assistants can also open new doors for companies breaking into Spanish-speaking communities or markets in Latin America.

Investing in a Virtual Assistant from Mexico Can Help Grow Your Business

If you’re wondering how to hire a virtual assistant from Mexico to assist your company with a wide variety of business-critical tasks, it’s as easy as contacting Virtual Latinos for an in-depth explanation of all the various ways a new virtual assistant based in Mexico can assist your organization. One of the benefits of working with a virtual assistant based in Mexico is the close proximity to the US. This affords your organization with easier travel options, close cultural relations, and in-depth familiarity with US norms, pop culture, and social trends.

Trust Virtual Latinos to Provide an Experienced Virtual Assistant from Mexico for Your Business

Business professionals in Mexico and the United States have much in common, and many American companies turn to outsourcing to help them solve gaps in their operations in a cost-effective manner. However, looking too far outside the US and trusting an offshore outsourcing company comes with a host of potential frustrations.

Choose a closer option, and work with some of the best virtual assistants on this side of the world by trusting Virtual Latinos. We have a wide network of experienced and highly vetted virtual assistants working from Mexico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and throughout Latin America that can help your company grow with added confidence. Contact Virtual Latinos today to learn more about the virtual assistant services we offer.

How Virtual Assistants Could be the Key to Your Small Business Staying Afloat through COVID-19


Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants to Help Expand Your Reach

These are not easy times to be a small to medium business owner. In the face of the rising COVID-19 global pandemic, many of us are left with questions about what moving forward during and after this crisis means. Perhaps the biggest question of them all being:

“How do we move forward, quickly, before getting left behind?”

We get it. Many small businesses are in the process of having to completely re-structure their day-to-day operations, which is a lot of work and takes a great amount of logistical coordination. Think about some of the changes we’re seeing in so many small businesses in the past months:

  • In order to just stay open, restaurants are shifting over to online ordering with take-out and delivery only.
  • Yoga studios are moving their classes to Zoom, Skype, and other platforms.
  • Accountants are telecommuting with their clients and solely accepting digitized documents.
  • Various places of worship have begun to offer streaming services and private video counseling rather than meeting in person.
  • Many small retail shops are finding themselves jumping into online e-commerce, some for the very first time.

These kinds of expansions can feel intimidating to small business owners, even given appropriate amounts of time and under the best of circumstances. However, whether your business is considered “essential” or not right now, it is probably time for some overhauling of your processes. Our world is changing and adapting to that fact is more important than ever.

At this moment, the common thread we see in businesses that are thriving amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is the ability to adapt and incorporate technology into their daily operations and in their deliverable products. Technology is more accessible than ever before, and it’s allowing so many businesses to reach wider audiences and brand new markets.

Remote work has never seen such high numbers – and it’s not just in the U.S.; it’s around the world, and the current global pandemic has created an increased necessity for it. While there is no way to make your small business completely “pandemic-proof,” there’s one easy step you can take to keep the chaos of the moment at bay as you move forward – you can hire virtual assistants (and do it without breaking the bank).

Regardless of what kind of business you run, chances are that you need extra help right now and aren’t necessarily in a position to hire more in-house staff. Do you dream of being able to delegate tasks like email or database management? Is a ringing phone keeping you from managing other tasks? A Virtual Assistant might be the solution to many (if not all) of your problems.

What Are Some of the Benefits to Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Probably the single most important thing a virtual assistant can do for you is provide relief from the day to day processes that slow you down from actually running your business. We are all feeling a little overwhelmed these days, but imagine if you had an assistant who could take a few tasks off your hands every day and lighten your workload? There are many benefits when you hire a Virtual Assistant, some of which you may not have even imagined (yet).

Virtual assistants already know how to work remotely

In a time when remote work is new to many, it won’t be to your virtual assistant. It’s likely that they’ve been working remotely for much longer than most. Virtual assistants can help streamline the process for you and won’t need the training or long “onboarding” time that is typical of a new employee, especially in a remote environment.

If your entire business is shifting to a remote-work model, as many are, they can also help you train your current employees to do so efficiently. This is vital in maintaining clear communication within any company, and a virtual assistant is just the kind of person who can facilitate this for you.

Handling all of your marketing tasks just got easier.
Do you spend an inordinate amount of time writing promotions and putting together other marketing content? There are virtual assistants who specialize in this and can handle the work for you, from afar. This includes:

  • Web Design
    Many small businesses don’t update their websites as frequently as they want or need to due to lack of time and/or ability. If you hire virtual assistants, they can do this for you. They are well-versed in most standard webtools and can quickly update your website to reflect the daily changes in our lives (and your business) during a global health crisis and beyond.
  • Social Media Monitoring
    One of the major time-sinks that many small business owners lament having to worry about is social media. Whether it’s post updates, keeping stories current, comment monitoring, or responding to customer questions and reviews, it’s time consuming and not necessarily the best use of your working hours. Virtual assistants know their way around social media, since, in addition to having formal backgrounds in technology and media, most of them have grown up with it. They can help you improve your content, increase engagement on your posts, and chat with your following.
  • Blog or Newsletter Writing
    If your small business maintains a blog or sends out a newsletter, you know how easy it is to get behind on updates, especially when daily operations take precedent. Whether you’re a flower shop or a property management company, chances are, you need to be reaching out more to your clients, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let your virtual assistant help create regular blogs or newsletter posts to keep your public informed and aware of what you offer and what (if anything) is changing.
  • Branding, Graphic Design
    If you are one of the many businesses moving to e-commerce, you have undoubtedly realized how important both branding and graphic design are. Many virtual assistants specialize in these areas and can do the work for you at a fraction of the cost of a graphic design firm.

Aside from the various marketing-related tasks you can have taken care of when you hire virtual assistants, there are still many more daily and weekly items to consider being able to free yourself of.

  • Payroll
    Managing payroll can be time consuming, especially for small business owners who may not have a dedicated division or staff member to handle it. This is another task that a virtual assistant can take on, so you don’t have to.
  • Customer Support
    Virtual assistants can and do regularly handle customer support for small businesses from property management companies to yoga studios and even accountants. If your accounting firm were to go entirely online, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated staff member to contact clients and prepare them for what they’ll need to have digitized before your video chat with them?
  • Employee Support
    If you are changing day-to-day operations of your business but keeping your staff on (remotely or otherwise), this is a really great way to make sure they feel supported. A virtual assistant can field any questions your staff might have and be the central hub for announcements, changes, and updates.
  • Market Research
    Even if you are unsure which direction to take your small business in during a global pandemic, a virtual assistant can find this information for you! Market research on similar business types is essential to see what is working and what isn’t in these highly unprecedented times.

Other Reasons to Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Those are the most common tasks that bring businesses to seek out virtual assistants, but they are more aspects of running a business that they can take off your plate. Here are a few such tasks.

Virtual assistants work within your budget, on short-term contracts, so there are no hidden fees or obligations. For example, if you are a restaurant owner looking for lots of tech support for the first month or two of implementing on-line ordering, your virtual assistant can help you establish a system that works for you and your staff, then decrease their hours as needed. This is a big selling point for many small businesses because it allows them to have an expert consultant involved in the process, helping to increase revenue, but with diminishing labor costs over time. Of course, once you start working with a virtual assistant, it’s entirely possible that you’ll find more for them to do, as it becomes clear what a valuable asset they are to your company.

Handle any tasks you might not know how to do, and/or don’t have time to learn
With time and study, of course, you could become a social media guru or an expert programmer, but most small business owners don’t have that kind of time, especially right now. If, for example, you need to convert your small retail storefront’s website over to e-commerce, and fast, you’ll want someone who already has experience doing this. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Virtual assistants can help facilitate making this transition and set it all up for you, so all you have to do is mail your product out to your customers. They can even set up and schedule any video conference calls you may need to have but were too busy to figure out how to organize.

Increasing your company’s reach through website localization
Many virtual assistants are bilingual, which means that they can also help you to localize or translate your website and services into another language and provide support in that language – organically growing your business. With there currently being more Spanish-speakers in the United States than in Spain, this is a huge market reach that you may not have considered before. Think about being able to reach 50 million more consumers, instantly.

Whether Your Business Is Retail or Accounting, Virtual Assistants Can Help

From marketing tasks to employee support and market research, a virtual assistant could be the key to adapting and growing your business in uncertain times. Many of the businesses we see thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic are doing so precisely because of their embracing technology. Top virtual assistant services are leading in many of these technological charges, as they have the expertise that most small businesses need with years of experience in the field.

If you’re wondering how to hire a virtual assistant, Virtual Latinos can help! Our certified team is at the ready for any of your virtual needs and can help you start growing your sales today.

Virtual Assistants: An Entrepreneur’s Magic Wand for Business Growth


We are very excited to announce our founder and CEO, Jaime Nacach, will be a speaker at the upcoming San Diego Startup Week on May 30, 2019!

Jaime will talk about some of the challenges entrepreneurs and small businesses face while growing their companies, and how hiring a virtual assistant can ease the workload and help businesses flourish efficiently and at a more affordable rate.

Learn how you can start outsourcing and what software and systems you need to use in order to create a scalable process while sourcing great talent.

Jaime, along with Hera Hub’s founder, Felina Hanson, will also share some of the best practices and common mistakes, entrepreneurs make while working with a Virtual Assistant.

Additional topics we’ll cover during our presentation:

  • Laws in the US for hiring independent contractors, including freelancers and virtual assistants
  • Differences between virtual assistants from the US, the Philippines, Latin America, and other regions
  • Mindset of outsourcing
  • Systems and processes to effectively delegate work to your VA
  • Tasks you can ask a virtual assistant to work on
  • Differences between freelancers and virtual assistants
  • How to search, find and hire a virtual assistant
  • Testing a virtual assistant prior to long-term work
  • Finding your “right hand” assistant, working together for the long term
  • Building a system for potential transfer (in case your VA decides to leave)
  • Software, tools, and systems to use when working with a virtual assistant

Thinking about hiring someone to work remotely?

Want to shave off hours from your work week so you can focus on the important tasks you need to do yourself to grow your business?

Don’t want to spend a fortune paying for someone to help you without having the extra costs associated with hiring a full-time employee?

If you answered Yes to any of the previous questions, then you should definitely attend!

The San Diego Startup Week 2019 will take place at the San Diego Convention Center from May 28- June 02, 2019.

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