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Virtual Latinos Q4, 2021 Updates: Removing the Directory Hiring Option

Virtual Latinos Q4, 2021 Updates: Removing The Directory Hiring Option

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Dear Clients,

We’d like to first thank you for all of your support in helping to develop, enhance and grow our amazing community of Virtual Latinos.

Our main goal has always been to provide our clients with top-notch professionals from Latin America as well as high-quality customer service. We’ve always been open to offer different options for your hiring needs, this is why when Virtual Latinos started, we offered 2 ways of hiring: The directory (direct hiring) and The agency program (We take care of all the recruitment process).

After 3 years of working with our clients, learning about their needs, and evaluating every feedback, we realized that 98% of our clients or potential clients preferred our Agency Program because we were able to find the perfect professional for their businesses while saving them a lot of time and money.

As we are committed to continuing to provide the best virtual assistant and virtual professional services, we are adjusting our offer to a more personalized and customized service for the needs of each of our clients.

For this reason, by Oct 1st, 2021, — we are removing the directory hiring option.

Additional Details

  • By Oct 1st, 2021 the directory hiring option will be removed from our website.
  • New clients or any new recruitment process will ONLY be able to hire through our Virtual Latinos Agency program. You can learn more about how it works here.
  • Any existing clients who are on an active paid Directory subscription will be able to keep their accounts and continue to hire their VAs, as long as they continue to pay the quarterly fee. There will be no changes to their current plan. If clients cancel their subscription, they will not be able to re-subscribe to it. At that point, we’ll give them the option to move to hire through our Agency program.

What are the benefits of Virtual Latinos Agency Program?

  • Top, Hand-Picked Professionals: We only accept 7.5% of all applicants. We pre-screen and handpick every candidate to ensure you’ll get to work with the best talent in Latin America.
  • Customized to Your Needs: We offer an all-inclusive personalized one-on-one 45-min consultation to understand you and your business’s needs. 80% of VA companies charge you around $300 for a personalized consultation, while our services are all-inclusive, with no extra or hidden fees.
  • We Take Care of Everything: We do all the time-consuming work of finding, pre-vetting, interviewing, and evaluating candidates. After we find the best 3 candidates for you, we’ll send their profiles in a PDF file with details that are relevant for the role you’re looking for. Our recruitment team only takes 7-10 business days to complete the process for you.
  • Growth Potential: We focus on helping you create long-term work relationships with your virtual professional. Your VA will get to know your company, help you improve it, and grow with it along the way. If you’d like, you can even promote your VA and/or give them a raise at ANY time. Our company, Virtual Latinos, does not take any commission or percentage of raises or bonuses. Your Virtual Professional will receive 100% of it.
  • Same Skills, Lower Costs: Working with US or Canadian agencies, assistants or full-time employees is expensive. Hire someone with the same skills, for a fraction of the cost, you would pay for someone in North America. (40-75% less expensive than US VAs and 30-50% less than in-house employees)
  • Working in Your Timezone: You’re in America (North), and our VAs are in (Central or South). They work in your same time zone or with a minimal time difference, so they are awake while you are.
  • English Tested: All of our VAs are fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Everyone in our community has to pass an English assessment that ensures their listening, reading, and writing levels are good for business communication.
  • Experienced Professionals: About 90% of our assistants have earned a 4-year university or college degree. Our VAs are skilled, creative and with past working experience.
  • The Lowest Ghosting Rate Guaranteed: All of the VAs that are part of our community are pre-vetted and share our values and code of ethics. They are onboarded with communication procedures and have best practices to always act with respect and commitment.
  • You Manage, We Provide Support: You manage your virtual assistant freely, your assistant sends weekly work hours completed, our customer success team supervises this process. You’ll have a dedicated customer success agent to provide you with ongoing support and resources for you and the VA and we guarantee our assistant’s job quality and performance, we will replace your assistant at no additional cost if required.
  • Easy payments: You pay Virtual Latinos on a bi-weekly basis after work is completed, or prepay 2-4 weeks at a time and we’ll take care of paying your VA on time.

At Virtual Latinos we are committed to providing the best and most personalized service for your needs. We will take care of everything so you don’t have to, and we aim to make hiring a virtual professional easy and affordable while still providing top talent professionals and great customer service. You can check our virtual assistant pricing here.

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