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Country Highlight: Virtual Assistants from Argentina

Country Highlight: Virtual Assistants From Argentina

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What Is It Like Working as a Virtual Assistant Based in Argentina?

If you currently reside in Argentina, you don’t even need to leave your country to find valuable work with a U.S.-based company. At Virtual Latinos, we recognize and appreciate the hard work ethic displayed by each of our Argentinian virtual assistants. Argentina is a country full of talented professionals, looking for a chance to fully utilize their skills and education, all while receiving a positive work experience. As such, the team at Virtual Latinos is proud to work with the skilled virtual assistants of Argentina.

Maybe you’ve never before considered heading down the career path of virtual assistantship. You might also feel conflicted about whether it’s worth working for a U.S.-based company, rather than an organization based out of Argentina.

Whether you are a marketing virtual assistant, admin assistant, customer service assistant, sales assistant, or social media assistant, it’s possible to find a rewarding career with Virtual Latinos. In fact, even if you’ve never worked as a virtual assistant, we provide workers a fantastic opportunity to get started in this field. As a virtual assistant, you will be able to perform a variety of duties for companies and entrepreneurs, based upon your unique skills and educational background.

However, you don’t need to take our word for it – in fact, it’s probably best that you listen to some of the satisfied Argentinian virtual assistants, currently working with American businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Interviews With Virtual Latinos’ Argentinian Virtual Assistants

To lend you a helping hand, Virtual Latinos has interviewed several of our virtual assistants in Argentina. The goal of these interviews was to provide a first-hand perspective on what the experience is actually like if you decide to work for Virtual Latinos.

These Q&A sessions are intended to let you step into the shoes of our current Argentinian virtual assistants, to receive a truly realistic feel for the job – rather than just relying upon what the company is promising you. So, Virtual Latinos has gone out of our way to ensure that all of our potential Argentinian VAs have access to that first-hand information.

Plus, it isn’t easy to find content from such a direct perspective, within this particular niche. We sincerely hope that our Q&A sessions can begin to fill that gap, given the specificity of the subject matter in question.

That being said, here is a quick summary of the interviews Virtual Latinos performed with our current Argentinian VAs.

What We Asked Our Virtual Assistants From Argentina

Each of the Argentinian VAs we interviewed was presented with a series of questions, each of which is intended to give valuable insight into the VA experience. Those questions are as follows:

  • What’s been your favorite part of working as a virtual assistant?
  • Please describe a rewarding experience since working as a virtual assistant.
  • How would you describe your working relationship with Virtual Latinos?
  • How would you describe your working relationship with the American companies that hired you as a VA?

Using those queries as a guide, Virtual Latinos’ Argentinian VAs provided us with valuable testimonials. We spoke with two of our own Argentinian VAs, as well as Cinthya Lara, the recruitment director at Virtual Latinos. Lara works with a VA of her own, and that assistant also happens to be based in Argentina.

Q&A Session Number One: Camilla Danielle

During her interview with Virtual Latinos, Danielle had an array of positive things to say, regarding her experience working as a VA.

She started by telling us that her “favorite part of working as a virtual assistant is [learning] new skills and [getting] in touch with people from all over the world.” Here, she’s drawing attention to an important perk of working with a company based elsewhere in the world. This opportunity to interact and work with faraway individuals can lead to some valuable interactions and work experiences, which could have been missed, had you restricted yourself to a company that operates exclusively within Argentina.

Regarding her experience with the Virtual Latinos team, Danielle noted that they have been “really helpful and encouraging,” allowing workers to “submit proposals to get [their] ideal job.” Finally, Danielle stated that those she’s worked with at Virtual Latinos are “all great people with an incredible work ethic,” who have gone out of their way to train, support, and allow her to continue growing, as a virtual assistant.

Q&A Session Number Two: Mariana Mosso

Next up, we performed an interview with Mariana Mosso, another one of Virtual Latinos’ own Argentinian VAs.

In particular, Mosso stressed the importance of Virtual Latinos allowing her to work from home. This has helped Mosso to better manage her “hours of work and being able to take care of [her] kids,” while working. In fact, she even went on to state, “Being a mother is absolutely compatible with virtual assistance.”

Overall, Mosso believes that Virtual Latinos has been especially understanding and considerate when it comes to the relationship between work and her personal life. In her words, at Virtual Latinos, “You are not only an employee, but you are also a person, and they are very contemplative about your personal and family circumstances.” Mosso feels that this is an “invaluable” asset to her position as a VA.

Mosso also praises the feedback that Virtual Latinos has given her since she began working as a VA. “There is always someone there for you ready to help,” she explained.

According to Moss, “It’s a pleasure to have this kind of job.”

Q&A Session Number Three: Cinthya Lara (Virtual Latinos Recruitment Director)

Cinthya Lara has had high praise for her Argentinian virtual assistant, Rocio. Lara explained to us that working with Rocio has helped her to start focusing on “the tasks [she enjoys] doing the most.”

Truly, Lara doesn’t take the outstanding services she receives from her VA for granted. She describes Rocio as “responsible, reliable, and always [taking] feedback with a positive attitude.” Lara then went on to expand, explaining how her VA is a perfectionist, who tries her best with every task she’s given – something that Lara greatly appreciates.

Rocio is also an example of how, even if you don’t have prior experience as a VA, it’s possible to start your career with Virtual Latinos. Lara explained that Rocio “didn’t have experience specifically in the role she is performing, but she has learned a lot and has been committed to the role.”

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Business people Love Working With Argentinian Virtual Assistants

Not only do the skilled VAs at Virtual Latinos provide businesses and entrepreneurs with excellent service, but also, business people recognize this. In fact, American businesses love working with talent all throughout Latin America, including Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and more.

Need high-quality virtual assistant services? Consider getting in touch with the passionate team at Virtual Latinos, and teaming up with a dedicated virtual assistant. Or, are you from Latin America, and interested in getting started with your very own VA career? Begin by filling out your virtual assistant application, today. We’re always looking to hire new talent, and are excited to watch you grow with our company.

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