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Work as a Virtual Marketing
Assistant, earn in US Dollars

Ever wanted to work for an American company, earn a much better wage, yet still be home? Explore the opportunity of being a Latino Virtual Assistant.

What does a Virtual Marketer Do?

Virtual marketing assistants work from their home or office, in their country, helping businesses in the US or Canada with their marketing needs. This includes helping clients with their social media management, E-mail marketing, content creation, designing graphics, maintaining a blog, creating ads on Facebook or Google, optimizing a website (SEO), making changes to a website, and much more!

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The First Community of Latino Virtual Assistants

Join our NEW network for Latin America & Mexico

Virtual Latinos is creating a new community to help connect amazing and talented Latinos with companies from the United States and Canada. Small businesses and entrepreneurs from North America will benefit from working with professional, skilled people like you, while saving some money.

General Digital Marketers

Do you understand the overall digital marketing industry? Have experience in advertising, conversion optimization, e-mail marketing, SEO, and more? Then we want you!

Writers & Bloggers

Love to write? Have experience with writing blogs, website copy, and advertisements? We're looking for people with excellent English writing and verbal skills to join the community!

Graphic Designers

Design is an art, but beautiful design is both an art and a science. Everyone with creative design skills, who can create professional graphics, understand branding and know how to communicate concepts visually should join us!

Social Media Marketers

Do you have what it truly takes to create a community, have fans who follow your every post and update, and understand the inner makings of what makes social media successful? If that's you, join our community!

Are you a marketer, writer, designer, or simply love to work online?

Join our community, do what you love, and make more money while doing so!

Why Join Virtual Latinos?

Make more money!

Less than 10% of the people who've applied to Virtual Latinos (Over 600 so far) are accepted into our community. Our team manually reviews their extensive, long application and reviews their English tests.

Be Mobile, Work Remotely

Working with US or Canadian marketers, agencies, assistants or full-time employees is expensive. Hire someone with the same skills, for a fraction of the cost in North America.

Work during your timezone

You're in America (North), and so are they (South), so they're are awake during the same time you are. Now there's no need to hire someone from the Phillipines or India.

Get Professionally Certified

When using our directory, we don’t mark-up salaries. Hire them as you see fit - part time, full time, hourly or salaried.

Flexible Schedules

You're in America (North), and so are they (South), so they're are awake during the same time you are. Now there's no need to hire someone from the Phillipines or India.

Training, resources & more

When using our directory, we don’t mark-up salaries. Hire them as you see fit - part time, full time, hourly or salaried.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, currently it’s FREE to join the Virtual Latino community! Our first goal is to grow our community of Latinos who want to work from their computers and be able to earn more money using their valuable skills. Click the button below to sign-up and get started.
No, you don’t need to have previous experience being a virtual assistant or virtual marketer. Yet, it is a requirement that you have experience in general skills required to being a virtual assistant, specifically with experience related to marketing, design, writing, web design, SEO, and anything else related to it
Training is not included when you join the Virtual Latino community, yet training resources, courses and certifications will be available to those individuals who qualify and meet our standards to become a certified digital marketer.
Can I apply to be a general virtual assistant?

We’re looking for the following types of people:

  • General digital marketers
  • Graphic designers
  • Social media strategists
  • Writers, bloggers and content developers
  • E-mail marketing experts
  • Advertising experts (SEM – Facebook Ads and Google AdWords)
  • Search engine optimization experts (SEO)
  • Web designers & UX/UI designers
  • Marketing Automation Experts
  • Photographers
  • Video editors and video animators 
The most important skill to have is great communications skills. These include verbal and written communication. The second most important skill is organization skills. As a virtual assistant you must know how to manage your time, prioritize tasks, homeworks and projects you’ll be assigned to.
No, you don’t need to have a college or university degree for our general virtual assistants portal for Latin America. Yet, if you’re interested in joining our digital marketing certification courses and/or be part of our certified virtual marketing assistants, then yes, you’ll need to have a college/university degree.
Once you apply to join our community, we’ll evaluate your application. If you qualify, you’ll be invited to join and sign up with all of your professional informaiton in order to be part of our online portal of virtual latinos. Later on, we’ll be inviting American and Canadian business owners to visit the portal in order to find you, get in touch with you, and potentially hire you.

Wondering if you qualify to join our community?

If you’re bilingual in English & Spanish, you may qualify!

Click below to join our community!

Learn how to work as a virtual marketer and assistant:

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