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Does Virtual Latinos offer training for the virtual assistant I choose to hire?

The short answer is:

At this time, Virtual Latinos does not offer the service of individually training or managing your virtual assistant, but we can step in if there are any problems when working with your assistant. This means that once you or your company has chosen to hire an assistant from our community, you and/or your company will be responsible for training, onboarding, and managing your assistant(s).

Does Virtual Latinos offer training resources on how to work as a virtual assistant?

Yes, we do offer and provide our assistants with access to various resources that help them learn more about how to efficiently and successfully work as a remote worker, virtual assistant, or virtual professional. It’s important to mention that although we do provide access to various training resources, we do not require our virtual assistants to complete them.

Each assistant chooses whether or not to read and self-teach themselves the tools, strategies, and tips on how to work efficiently and since everyone has a different level of work experience and skills, some virtual assistants may need more training than others.

Are virtual assistants trained by the Virtual Latinos team?

No, our team does not individually train or coach the members of our virtual assistants’ community.

Therefore, when you hire through our Agency, you or someone from your company will need to train your virtual assistant or professional based on your specific requirements and needs.

In the same way that a business hires a regular employee, the business/company will need to invest some time and resources to train and onboard any new assistants so that they can become proud and active members of your team.