How often should I pay my virtual assistant?

The team at Virtual Latinos has been working with Virtual Assistants for many years, and this is a question that comes up a lot when hiring a new assistant.

The long answer is:

When hiring through on your own, how often you pay them is totally negotiable between you and the assistant you’re interested in hiring.

We highly encourage you to determine the payment schedule and memorialize it in writing through an official work agreement or contract. Having some type of work agreement in writing, or through email will help avoid any potential problems you may encounter with payment related issues once you start working with your assistant. When both you and your assistant have a clear understanding of when a payment is expected to occur, you’ll both have a nicer time working together.

When hiring through our Agency, the payment for your virtual assistant or virtual professional’s work hours is done every 2 weeks, as a post-payment on Fridays (Except the first 6 weeks, which are paid weekly)

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