Do virtual assistant work with other clients and/or other jobs?

When entrepreneurs, business owners or professionals are interested in hiring a virtual assistant to help them with growing their business, they’re usually looking to build a long-term work relationship.  For this reason, many of them want to know whether the assistant they’ll potentially hire has other clients that they work for, and/or other jobs.

The short answer:

Maybe. They may or may not have other clients and/or jobs when you hire them for the first time – but things can change based on what type of work you offer them.

The long answer:

When hiring a virtual assistant or marketer from the Virtual Latinos community,  you’ll have the option to either hire someone full-time (if they’re available full-time) to make them part of your team as a dedicated virtual assistant or hire them on a per-hour or per-project basis.

Whether you hire a virtual assistant or any other local employee in your city on a part-time basis, they’ll naturally be interested or in need to look for additional work in order to have the full work schedule they’re looking for to reach their income goals. If you choose to hire a virtual assistant through Virtual Latinos, the same idea applies, where your assistant may choose to work with other clients as a virtual assistant, as well as possibly have other jobs – such as a regular part-time job.

If you’re interested in hiring someone that’s available to work full-time for you and your business, that’s certainly possible. To do so, you’d simply have to make it clear when you post a job on our portal, and/or when you contact any of them when sending them a message.

Usually, hiring a virtual assistant to work full-time that’s dedicated to work only for you and your company requires that you employ them for at least 40 hours of work per week, or a offer them a competitive monthly salary.

There isn’t a single or common way in which our assistants work, as everyone is a different and unique individual. Our community of virtual assistants is made up of independent, hand-picked and skilled professionals with a variety of goals, and who seek different work opportunities to advance his or her careers.

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