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How do I sign up to work as a virtual assistant?

To work as a virtual assistant and be a member of Virtual Latinos, you’ll first need to complete our online application.

Note: Please do NOT register or create an online account on, as this is only for clients looking to hire virtual assistants (businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals).

How to apply to become a virtual assistant and member of the Virtual Latinos community:

  1. Visit and read the information about working as a virtual assistant as part of our community.
  2. Complete the short Initial Application to Virtual Latinos.
  3. If you qualify to advance to the next stage, you’ll receive a link to our online Virtual Latinos Complete Application.
    – Learn more about the requirements to be a virtual assistant and member of Virtual Latinos.
  4. Fill out the complete online application.
    a. Take an online test to estimate your English level
    b. Take an online test to estimate your personality type
    c. Record an audio/voice note
    d. Measure your Internet speed
    e. Update your resume/CV
    f. Complete the Full Virtual Latinos Application
  5. Our team will evaluate your full application.
  6. Our team will let you know if you qualify to be admitted into our community or not by sending you an email within 2-3 weeks after you’ve completed your application.
    1. The processing time may vary according to the number of applicants and seasonality. High seasons may increase the processing time to around a month.
  7. If you’re admitted into our community, our team will create an account on our platform for you and will send you your login information.
  8. You’ll then be able to complete your Virtual Latinos profile.
  9. Once you complete your profile, you’ll need to contact our team so that we can review it and approve it if it is completed correctly.
  10. Once your profile is approved, you’ll be able to apply to any job you want.
  11. In the job posts, you will see specific instructions on how to send proposals for the vacancies.