How quickly are payments received by my virtual assistant?

The short answer is:

On average, it will take about 4 to 5 business days for your virtual assistant to receive a payment after it has been sent.


The long answer is:

If you hired a virtual assistant on your own, through our Directory, you’ll get to decide how you pay your virtual assistant.

Ideally, you should discuss with your assistant how they prefer to get paid, or how you prefer to pay them. Once you’ve come to a mutual understanding, you’ll both know when to pay, or when to expect a payment. There are many ways to pay your virtual assistant in Latin America, the speed of the money transfer so your assistant can receive the money varies by payment method.

If you hired your virtual assistant through our Agency, you don’t need to worry about sending a payment to your assistant in Latin America, as you’ll be paying the Virtual Latinos company, which is located in the United States.


Approximate waiting time for money transfers to be received by your virtual assistant in Latin America:

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