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When hiring through the Agency, do my hours roll over to the next month?

Yes, any unused virtual assistant working hours that are part of your monthly plan will roll over to the next month.

Yet, roll-over hours are can only be accumulated and used during the following month of work. This means that you can only roll-over hours for a maximum period of 30 days.

After 30 days, any unused hours which have not been used in the additional/following month of work, will NOT roll over to the third month.

To illustrate this, let’s say that you started working with your virtual assistant in January with a plan of 80 work hours per month, and you did not use 10 of those hours during January. In February, you’d have a total of 90 work hours (Your regular 80, plus 10 from January). Let’s assume that you used your full 80 hours during February, and you still had 10 hours left from January. Those additional 10 hours of work will not roll over to March. Starting in March, you’d only have 80 hours of work.

All of your work hours used must ALWAYS start with your base hours included in your plan, and only after you finish and use those hours, you may use any additional hours that may have been rolled over from previous months.