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Do I need to provide training for my virtual assistant?

Yes, you’ll need to provide some level of training or instructions to your virtual assistant so that they can properly complete any tasks or jobs that you assign them.

Like any other regular employee that you would hire for your business, virtual assistants are also human and need guidance.

The amount and level of training or guidance that you need to provide is totally up to you and may be based on your virtual assistant’s past experience, skills, knowledge about completing the task at hand and various other factors.

Our tips about training your virtual assistant:

  • Spend a minimum of one hour with your virtual assistant to introduce yourself, your business, and to get to know each other.
  • Spend another hour or more in explaining to your assistant how you like to work, any specific processes or steps you’d like him/her to follow, and an overall idea of what you’d like for them to do, how to do it, how to accomplish it, and how to reach out to you if they have questions.
  • Make a list of at least 3-5 initial tasks you’d like for them to complete, and give them an opportunity to work on them. After they complete them, evaluate their work and provide some feedback.
  • Provide additional instructions, training or guidance based on your own criteria and judgment of how good (or not so good) your virtual assistant is doing.
  • Provide as much feedback as possible in the first few weeks or months, and always be kind, polite and keep in mind that your assistant is now part of your team. So make sure you make them feel welcome and part of the rest of your organization and business.

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