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Billing and payments system for Clients and VAs

From the very beginning, when you decide to be part of the Virtual Latinos’ community to hire a Virtual Professional, we make it our responsibility to make your life easier and lighter.

At Virtual Latinos, we deeply appreciate your feedback regarding your experience with us, as this only helps us improve our processes and performance.

We’re thrilled to announce that since November 2021, we’ve been working on a new custom-made
Billing and Payments System for Clients and VAs (VLBPS)!

This means that our clients will get more transparency in their billing and payments to our company. Also, requesting changes to VAs’ hours, rates, raises, and/or bonuses will be a lot faster, easier and significantly lower the number of errors.

Key Features for Clients

The brand-new system has been designed from scratch, fully customized to the needs of our clients, VAs, and our team. As a client, you’ll have access to a list of all the VAs you’re currently hiring & their contact info, up-to-date details of each hiring agreement, a more streamlined and faster way to request changes to your VA’s work, preview upcoming invoices, manage your billing faster, and much more. It’ll also help you connect with the right staff member within our VL team, depending on your request. 

Features to be ready for Beta Test Launch

  • Changes & approvals form will now be requested through our new internal system, instead of the current Jotform online.
  • View a list of your VAs (Active only), and each VA’s contact details
  • View a list of your active agreements (without details of rates and hours/week of each VA)
  • View your company’s contact data (not editable)

Features to be ready for Launch of Version 1.0

  • View a preview of your upcoming invoice, prior to automatic charges (Which happen Fridays at 1 am ET). Our new system is NOT currently linked to our automatic billing system (Quickbooks online), and will not be until we’re 100% sure that our system works and calculates your invoice correctly.
  • View any past invoices created by the new system =. NOTE: None of the existing or old invoices from our current accounting system (Quickbooks) will be accessible. Only past invoices starting with the use of our system will be viewable.
  • View a list of your active agreements + View Current rates/hour and hours/week of each VA
  • View and edit your company’s users (Admin or Billing users)

The most complex part of the new system is focused on automatically calculating our client’s upcoming invoice and our VAs’ upcoming payments based on the changes that clients and VAs requests via the Changes & Requests form – which will now be fully integrated inside our new system and will include a new easy-to-use way to approve/deny all requests online.

Important: The first version of our new system will NOT be connected to our automated payment system, so it will only serve as an informative tool. For now, all automatic payments will continue to be processed through our existing system (Quickbooks Online). The goal is to ensure that what the system calculates, matches what our system will charge you a) automatically (when there are no change requests) or b) manually when there are change requests and our team edits your upcoming invoice manually. In a future version of our system, once we’re 100% sure that it works and calculates everything perfectly, then we’ll connect it to our automatic payment system. In the new system, you’ll be able to preview each upcoming invoice prior to the automatic calculation/charge every pay period.

With this new system, both our Clients and our VAs will have much more visibility of the working relationship, and everything related to billing and payment.

Key Features for VAs

As for the VAs, each of them will also be provided with an account to access the new system. The main features for VAs include the ability to edit their profiles, choose or change their preferred payment method, see the details of their hiring agreement, request changes (using the new Changes & Approvals form), and have the ability to be paid a lot faster by our team.

Both our Clients and our VAs will have much more visibility of the working relationship between our clients and our company, and everything related to billing and payment.

Beta Launch & Version 1.0

This is only the first version of our system, and we’re working to improve it, by adding even more features as we test it.  We expect to launch the Beta version of this system by July or August 2022 , and we’re very excited about what’s coming. We’ll be creating a new username and password to give you access to the new VLBPS app in its mobile and web versions. 

We thank you for your trust in us, our community, and our Virtual Professionals!

The Virtual Latinos Team