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When hiring through the Agency, can I pay for additional hours outside my work plan?

We’ve created the “Bank of Hours” (BOH) packages to support our clients who need their VAs to work additional hours outside their weekly “Base hours”. Clients will now be able to purchase pre-approved combos (10, 20, or 40 hours packages) for VA to use upfront.

Steps for VAs to work additional hours using a BOH Package

  1. Fill out the Changes & Approvals Form to purchase a BOH package of 10, 20, or 40 hours for your VA
    – Choose to “auto-renew” the BOH package once your VA has used all the hours. Auto-renewal is optional.
    – The BOH package will be charged to your default payment method
  2. Once you approve and prepay the BOH package, the VA will be informed via email that they may start working additional hours on top of their base hours.
    – The BOH package will be charges to your default payment method
  3. Every week that your VA works additional hours from their approved BOH, they’ll be required to submit the worked hours through the Changes & Approvals Form.
    – You will both receive an email with the following details: total hours of the BOH, total hours already worked (used), and total hours left (unused) to work.
  4. Once the VA has worked all the hours in their BOH, you can either buy another BOH, or if in auto-renewal, a new BOH will be charged to them


  • BOH package hours can’t be shared or transferred to other VAs. You must purchase 1 per VA that will be working additional hours.
  • You can only purchase up to 2 BOH per VA every 4 weeks. If you need their VA to work more hours, you’ll be required to increase your VAs weekly “Base hours”
  • VAs will be paid for their additional hours worked once they’ve completed all the hours of their current BOH. Payments will be made during our regular payment periods, but only once every 4 weeks (2 payment periods).