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Who manages my virtual assistant’s work?

Virtual Latinos is a platform and agency focused on connecting entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses with high-skilled talent and human resources from Latin America. Our community members are mostly university graduates with previous work experience and industry-specific skills who are looking for work opportunities outside their home country and are able to work remotely/virtually to perform their jobs with the clients/employers who hire them through our company.

So you may be asking yourself “I’m willing to hire a virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos, but who will manage them and their work?”

The answer is simple: You as an individual or company are responsible for managing your virtual assitant(s) work.

Hiring a virtual assistant or virtual professional is very similar to hiring a new employee, freelancer or contractor to work for you and/or your business. This means that you’ll need to speak with them about what you’d like them to do for you, how you’d like them to perform the tasks and jobs you’ll assign to them, and naturally, you’ll also have to review their work and manage how they’re doing.

Need help managing your virtual assistant?

Although Virtual Latinos doesn’t currently offer the service of managing your virtual assistant for you, other than to step in if there are any problems when working with your assistant, we’d love to hear if you’d like us to offer “virtual assistants management services”. If yes, please contact us and let us know.