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Can my virtual assistant help me with my accounting needs?

The short answer is:

Yes, if you train them or hire a virtual assistant with previous accounting experience.


The long answer is:

Managing your company’s accounting is an important, required and necessary task for any business. Yet most entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals don’t like to deal with it.

Although many people and businesses do choose to hire a professional, licensed and experienced CPA (certified public accountant) for their accounting needs, many people still choose to take care of their business’ day-to-day accounting on their own.

But what if your virtual assistant can help you manage your company’s accounting work?

Any properly trained or experienced virtual assistant can certainly help you manage your company’s accounting needs. Although the Virtual Latinos virtual assistants are not CPAs with US-based accounting experienced, they may still have previous accounting skills for doing accounting for other businesses in their home countries in Latin America.

Although accounting practices vary by country, many accounting principles are the same throughout the world, and for this reason, it’s totally possible to hire an assistant who can work remotely as your virtual accountant.

We do highly recommend that you invest your own time, or invest on paying someone from the United State or Canada to properly provide training and/or guidance on how to take care of accounting tasks for your U.S.-based or Canadian-based business.

IMPORTANT: Virtual assistants are NOT meant to replace your CPA. Always consult a professional CPA to ensure you’re doing everything right for your business’ accounting. Whenever you choose to hire a virtual assistant to help you with any accounting related tasks, you assume full responsibility for their work. Virtual Latinos cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or errors your assistant does.