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Client Referral Program Process: How to refer friends to hire a virtual assistant using a referral partner code

NOTE: This article explains how our clients can refer their friends to help them hire a virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos 

Dear Client,

We are so glad to know that you are happy to be part of our Virtual Latinos community and want to promote our services to your friends, other businesses, and entrepreneurs to help them hire a virtual assistant or virtual professional to help them grow their companies.

Important: This article only focuses on explaining the specific process of how your friends and referrals can use your referral partner code when they register on our Virtual Latinos website as a new contact looking to hire a virtual assistant. Referral codes are only provided by our team on a case-by-case basis to specific partners who have a)signed our referrals and partners agreement and b) have requested a unique tracking referral partner code. 

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Steps on how your referral should use your Referral Partner code

  1. Share your unique referral partner code with each of your referrals.
    – This code can be shared by email, social media, or any other medium you choose.
    – Keep in mind this is NOT an affiliate link, and will not track visitors to our website
    – All of your referrals must input your referral partner code during their registration on our website
  2. Invite your referrals to register on our website in order to input your referral partner code
  3. Under the question “How did you hear about us”, they must select “Referral Partner”
  4. Then they must enter your referral partner code on the field that will appear below (see screenshot below)
  5. They should fill out the rest of the form, and submit it.
Once your referrals submit the registration form, we’ll get in touch with them and will be able to track your referrals in our internal system, and you’ll earn a referral credit if your referral converts into a paying client.
Thanks for your referral 🙂