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Can my virtual assistant work with my existing tools and software?

Yes, in most cases your virtual assistant will be able to work (or learn how to work) with your existing tools and software.

Every entrepreneur, business owner, and professional has a different set of tools, software, and systems they work with. For this reason, it’s impossible to know for sure whether or not the assistant you choose to hire will have previous knowledge of working with some or all of your tools, software, or systems.

Yet, we believe that everyone (or almost everyone) can learn how to use anything if they’re properly trained to do so. In that regard, if you invest some time and resources in training and teaching your virtual assistant how to use the tools, software, or system you’d like them to use, they’ll most likely be able to learn to use them pretty quickly.

Do keep in mind that new things take time to learn, so be sure to provide your assistant with the necessary support, help, and guidance to ensure they’re able to properly learn how to use whatever tools and resources you ask them to use in order to work with you to complete their tasks and jobs.