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Is my virtual assistant considered an employee when I hire them?

No, your virtual assistant is not an employee of your company, they are independent contractors.

Most virtual assistants or remote workers hired by entrepreneurs or businesses in North America, Europe, Australia, or around the world, are hired as third-party contractors/freelancers.

There are many benefits to hiring virtual assistants as contractors/freelancers. Some of these benefits include:

  • Your business can save thousands of dollars per year on overhead expenses (taxes, insurance, office space, benefits, etc).
  • Your business is not required to pay employee taxes, Medicare, social security, etc, as they’re not legally your employees.
  • Your business is not required to offer employee benefits, such as healthcare.
  • Your business is not required to pay worker’s compensation, as your assistants don’t work in your physical office.

Important: For professional support and advice on these legal matters, always contact your CPA and/or lawyer.

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