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Do I need a written agreement to hire my virtual assistant?

The short answer is:

Yes, when hiring through the Virtual Latinos Agency, our team will present you with a written hiring agreement in order for you to hire and work with the virtual assistant of your choice.

What will the virtual assistant hiring agreement contain?

The agreement might contain and specify the following information:

  • Who is being hired (Name and details of the assistant)
  • Who is hiring (Name of the client or business name)
  • Description of services being provided, or list of project requirements and details
  • List of deliverables to be provided at the end of the project/job
  • Period of time services are being hired (Days and/or hours)
  • Work schedule (The specific dates, or days of the week/month when the work will be completed)
  • Payment terms (Including payment/fee amount, how often, totals, date to be paid, etc)
  • Termination provisions (What will happen if either party want to terminate the relationship)
  • Liability clauses (To ensure the client or assistant is NOT liable for loss, damage, delays, etc)
  • Confidentiality (To ensure both parties act responsibly and professionally when it comes to sharing each other’s information)