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Schedule to process bonuses & commissions from Clients to VAs:

Schedule for Bonuses & Commissions – 2023
We’ve built a specific schedule to support our clients wanting to provide our VAs bonuses and/or commissions based on their work performance. Although we know these bonuses and/or commissions are totally optional we wanted to facilitate our schedule specially created for it.

  • VL Schedule to process bonuses/commissions from Clients to VAs: 
    • Bonuses & commissions will be processed approximately once per month, up to 12 times per year, approximately every 4 weeks, and Clients and/or VAs will be requested to complete the Changes & Approvals Form in our Virtual Latinos Portal.
    • The following pay periods last days (Sundays) for 2023 are: 
      • Jan = January 22 (Last day to submit form is Jan 18)
      • Feb = February 19 (Last day to submit form is Feb 15)
      • Mar = April 2 (Last day to submit form is March 29)
      • Apr = April 30 (Last day to submit form is April 26)
      • May = May 28 (Last day to submit form is May 24)
      • June = Jun 25 (Last day to submit form is June 21)
      • July = Jul 23 (Last day to submit form is July 19)
      • August = September 3 (Last day to submit form is August 30)
      • September = Oct 1 (Last day to submit form is September 27)
      • October = October 29 (Last day to submit form is October 25)
      • November = Nov 26 (Last day to submit form is November 22)
      • December = Dec 23 (Last day to submit form is December 20)
  • Fees: 
    • Until now, we’ve never charged any fees for receiving bonuses and commissions from our clients, processing them, and then sending them to our VAs. 
    • For the time being, we’ll continue to process bonuses/commissions for clients and VAs without any additional fees, as long as they’re part of your regular scheduled payments every 2 weeks, and if it’s sent on time prior to the deadline to submit such a request for each of the 12 pay periods.
    • Additional processing and admin fees may be charged to clients if they want to process bonuses/commissions outside of our regular schedule, and subject to our approval on a case-by-case basis.