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Virtual Project Manager: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Project Manager: How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

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The Importance of Productivity in the Workplace

Time is one of the most precious things in our lives. As a business manager, it is easy to feel like time is something we do not have. Tasks pile up until it seems like there is no end in sight. It is crucial for any business big or small to be able to increase its productivity. Low efficiency is one of the biggest issues that companies are currently facing. Without the ability to maintain a high level of productivity, companies are generating less revenue.

Productivity Draining Issues Every Business Encounters

The following is a list of major factors that can drain a company’s productivity:

Losing Sleep for Work

Many of your employees, yourself included, may be sacrificing sleep to get more work done. This is attributed to feeling like working more will increase the company’s productivity. However, lack of sleep can lead to less productive workers or work not being executed properly.

Answering Too Many Emails

E-mails stack up throughout the workday, taking time away from higher-level tasks. Workers are spending too much time focusing on emails, which makes them lose productivity on their core tasks.

Lack of Balance

Companies and their employees need balance. Employees will be more productive when communication is clear, and when they have specific tasks to focus on. If you do not find the balance of your employees’ duties, their productivity could decrease because they will not be focused on their main tasks.

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How Increasing Productivity Can Help Your Workplace

A productive workplace is a happy workplace. Your employees need to feel like their time is valued, their voices are heard, and their job is meaningful. Oftentimes, increasing productivity is about ensuring your employees are happy with their job. An employee who doesn’t feel heard or who feels overworked is going to be less productive than one who feels appreciated by their manager.

Most workers would agree that recognition in the workplace highly contributes to their overall happiness in their jobs, though only a little over half of the workers surveyed feel they regularly receive this recognition.

Much of this lack of productivity is caused by holding workers responsible for completing too many various tasks. When workers can focus more time on a single project at a time, their effectiveness in the workplace will increase.

One way to loosen the load off your employees is by considering hiring a Virtual Assistant Project Manager.

What Is a Project Manager Virtual Assistant?

A virtual project manager is a trained professional who focuses their skills on non-core tasks, often related to business administration, sales, or marketing. These professionals tackle the necessary tasks that frequently drain a company of its time. These virtual assistants can be hired for specific tasks in their expertise, allowing a company to save time by not having to learn and keep up to date with new skills.

By outsourcing special projects and tasks, you will find that your company will stay more organized, meet deadlines and goals quicker, and generate higher quality results.

What does a Virtual Project Manager Do?

At Virtual Latinos, our trained, bilingual assistants can help your business increase its productivity by focusing on the following skills and many more in the area of project management:

  • Manage a team to lead a project or multiple projects within a company
  • Plan and develop new projects and ideas
  • Monitor the progress of projects and set deadlines
  • Solve problems that arise during the process of working on a project
  • Evaluate each project’s performance/productivity
  • Oversee, guide, and manage the activity and resource planning aspect of a project
  • Control timelines and ensure everything is on track
  • Organize and motivate the team members on each project

One example of the numerous projects that a Virtual Project Manager could be asked to do is to function as a connection between senior management and those responsible for project execution. If an assistant is assigned to this role, they could be in charge of keeping you updated on the project’s development on a regular basis. The Virtual Project Manager would also be responsible for ensuring that the project operates successfully and on time.

This role is helpful to many industries, from healthcare, real estate, marketing, and more. Virtual Project Managers are often seen in positions that intersect industries and may well be expected to pitch a project’s idea and see it through to completion.

Why Is Delegating Work Away From Current Employees Important?

Creating and maintaining a project such as a website is a job all on its own. A trained professional will know the latest software and will not have to exert extra time learning the process. This project, or whatever project that the assistant is assigned with, will be entirely their responsibility and neither you nor your current employees, will have to worry about constantly maintaining/checking up on the development.

More businesses are finding that hiring a virtual project manager is helping their workplace productivity increase. Companies that delegate time-consuming tasks away to a professional are able to focus more time on continuing to grow their business and improve their work environment.

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Hiring a Virtual Project Manager Assistant Can Save You Money

Unlike a full-time manager, a virtual assistant project manager can work as little as 20 hours a week or up to 40 hours a week. Our assistants get paid by the hour; therefore, you do not have to worry about the expense of a salaried employee who would additionally require benefits and insurance. Also, there is no time commitment. If your project goals are short-term, you can hire your assistant on a month-to-month basis until the project is completed.

How Are Assistants Selected for the Job?

Our team will individually evaluate your assignment and handpick assistants that will best meet the needs of your project. Every one of our assistants has to apply before being invited into our community. With only 5% of our applicants being accepted, we can assure you that our assistants are top applicants who will be sure to impress.

We have assistants that will fit most business needs, and we do not only cater to certain businesses. Whether you are simply looking for help to answer emails or phone calls or if you require assistance with design or marketing, we will have an assistant that fits perfectly to any of your needs.

Where Are the Assistants Located?

A majority of our assistants are based in Latin America, coming from countries such as Costa Rica, Peru, and Venezuela. Our assistants can work wherever they want unless specifically told otherwise. Most commonly, our assistants choose to work from their home offices or from a nearby location that offers internet access.

The flexibility of our assistants to be able to decide where they work from can improve their productivity. Employees who work from home have fewer social distractions, are able to take breaks when needed, and experience a higher work-life balance.

All of these factors can be major contributors to how productive an employee is. If an employee is able to work from a space where they feel most comfortable, they often feel happier with their work. Other benefits of working from home include:

  • Ability to work while sick or recovering from surgery
  • Greater opportunities for stay-at-home-parents
  • No need for transportation
  • Work availability for people with physical disabilities or health concerns
  • Increase in healthy eating and physical activity
  • A more stress-free workspace
  • A reduction in fuel emissions

When employees’ morale is higher while working, they typically work more productively and produce better results. You will receive content of the highest quality without having to worry about spending too much money on a new employee or accounting for another body in the office.

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How Much Do the Virtual Assistants Get Paid?

You will have the ability to choose how much you want to pay your assistant based on the level of experience you are looking for them to have.

Virtual assistants get paid based on several factors which can include their past working experiences, the location that they are working from, and whether you’re hiring an assistant from an agency or on your own.

Below is an outline of the typical salary our assistants at Virtual Latinos receive depending on experience level:

Entry Level

Employees with little to no experience typically receive $8-10 USD per hour.

Intermediate-Mid Level

Employees with a few years of experience typically receive $11-15 USD per hour.

Expert Level

Employees with numerous years of experience typically receive $16-20+ USD per hour. Project managers typically fall into the expert level category, as they will need special training and knowledge to be successful in the field.

Virtual Latinos Saves You Time and Money

You will find that the low prices of our assistants at Virtual Latinos will be advantageous to your company and save you the time and stress of having to find your own assistant. We will do the work for you and guarantee professional and high-end results that will push your company to the next level, saving you money in the long run. Also, without a time commitment necessary, our assistants can work with you for small, temporary projects or big, long-term projects depending on your company’s individual needs.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

As a business manager, having too many projects on your plate can make it easier for mistakes to be overlooked and work to not be of its highest caliber. A virtual project manager can lead your company in a new, proactive direction.

Don’t waste any more of your precious time on draining tasks; contact us today and find out how we can help your company delegate away tasks in order to improve your teams’ productivity and bring in more revenue.

Our professional and experienced assistants are waiting to make a difference in your business that you will not regret!

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