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Why Australians Are Choosing to Hire Virtual Assistants from Latin America

Why Australians Are Choosing To Hire Virtual Assistants From Latin America

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Finding a Virtual Assistant for Australians

Hiring a virtual assistant is becoming increasingly common in businesses throughout Australia. A virtual assistant can do a variety of jobs and tasks that can assist businesses immensely, all through remote work. Virtual assistants’ job descriptions can change as they need. For Australians specifically, Latin American virtual assistants have been found to be incredibly beneficial in aiding business operations. This is because not only are they bilingual, but they are also passionate about their work and amazing at building connections. Whether you’re looking for an administrative assistant to help you better organize your small business or you’re a marketing agency looking for social media assistance, hiring a virtual assistant can help your business thrive.

Australians Working With Latin Americans

Australians love Latin Americans because they are passionate about their work and work incredibly hard. Latin Americans are known throughout the world for their friendliness and incredible work ethic. In Australia, Latin American culture has had a huge impact on the entire country and has helped grow Australians’ affection for Latin America. In recent years, Latin American food and cultural influences have spread like wildfire in Australia.

A 2020 report published by ABC News shows that outsourcing is growing rapidly in the country. The report details the increasing number of public sector jobs that are being outsourced. According to the report, the Department of Defence has signed nearly 28,600 outsourcing contracts with virtual professionals from many continents.

We believe this is just the beginning and that more Australians will be working with virtual assistants in the future. The report also suggests that the government will support the growth of this industry and introduce virtual professionals from many countries, including Latin Americans.

Working with a Latino virtual assistant can be of great benefit to any company that has a small budget or little time to invest in non-critical tasks. Working with an assistant can be a seamless process and has helped Australian businesses gain a competitive edge in the industry. Companies that decide to hire native Spanish/Portuguese speaking virtual assistants from Latin America can often benefit from their language qualifications. In most countries, it is difficult to find a qualified virtual assistant, but with today’s technology, the Latin American virtual assistant market has been thrust into the global spotlight.

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Our Virtual Latinos Work Better Than Call Centres

Call centres are commonly tried out by businesses in Australia, especially if they operate overseas because they want to ensure they communicate with every customer possible. Because of this, many businesses try using a call centre, often based in the Philippines, to accept and redirect calls and take voicemails. Unfortunately, not many customers love dealing with the hassle that comes with call centres. A study that was done on Australians’ interactions with call centres found that over 60% of them claimed to have a poor experience while trying to have their needs met. That same study also found that specific age groups have particularly low patience for call centres, with 72% of 18–25-year-olds reporting they had negative interactions and 67% of 57+ year olds saying the same. In addition to the poor experiences a customer may have already had, it was also found that most people prefer to talk to someone directly rather than an automated voice or call centre that isn’t actually a part of the business. Real connection and communication are heavily valued by customers, which is why our virtual assistants from Latin America work so much better for Australian businesses.

Australians Want Educated and Well-Spoken Workers

Both accent and eloquence matter in remote customer service because without the help of body language, eye contact, and other physical cues you would normally have in person, all the customer has over the phone is a simple voice. Australians are widely known for their unique accents, witty humour, and fast-paced conversations. They can also be difficult to understand, especially if English isn’t your first language, and they may have a hard time understanding thicker accents. This makes looking for a virtual assistant that is well-spoken and easy to understand critical for Australian companies. Lately, many Australian businesses have been outsourcing work to the Philippines due to the influx of new call centres being created. In fact, the call centre industry in the Philippines is worth over $11 billion, pulling in companies who are tempted to use their easy services. Unfortunately, there have been many occurrences where both parties are not able to understand each other as well as when working with our Latin American Billingual virtual assistants.

Australian And Latin American Connection

There’s nothing necessarily fun about calling a business. With that said, having a poor connection, poor banter, and poor communication between you and the person you’re talking to doesn’t make it any better. Australians want to be able to joke around and have fun, regardless of if it’s over the phone or in-person. Unfortunately, that deeply valued person-to-person connection is often lost over the phone and especially when working with a call centre. This is because customers often know the call centre isn’t directly involved with a business, let alone operating in the same place, so it can be hard to find common ground or make a “friend.” When an Australian customer feels disconnected, it can make it harder for them to voice what they need. Banter, connection, and clear communication are vital parts of any business or customer call, which a Latin American virtual assistant hire understands.

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Why Are Australians Hiring From Latin America

Read below for just a few of the reasons Australians can benefit from hiring Latin American virtual assistants.:

Since Australians Love Latin Americans, Your Clients Will Love Them on the Phone

With the love of Latin American culture flowing through Australia, it makes perfect sense to pair businesses with virtual assistants that are from Latin America. Between shared values, cultural ideas, and humour, Australians and Latin Americans can connect with each other easily. In addition, Australians and Latin Americans can understand each other well, even if it’s over the phone.

Virtual Latinos Is Not a Call Centre

No one likes being sent to a call centre. Not only does it feel impersonal, but it’s rare that your needs are met the way you want them to be. Virtual Latinos provides hard-working, well-spoken virtual assistants that can help your customers with their unique needs. Hiring a virtual assistant can not only erase the negative issues that come with call centres, like poor connection and poor communication, but rather replace them with high-quality services instead.

Hiring Virtual Assistants from Latin America Works Best for Communication

Your customers need to be able to communicate their needs to whoever is on the other end of their call, which is why it’s crucial to have well-spoken and easily understood virtual assistants on your side. Our bilingual virtual assistants come from Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Venezuela, and more. Even though Australian accents are thick, our Latin Americans’ ability to speak English well helps them communicate easily with customers.

Australians and Latin Americans Appreciate Humour

Building a connection with a stranger over the phone can be hard, but it’s not impossible. Humour has always been one of the greatest icebreakers and can establish a connection between people quickly. Australians are known for their quick, witty humour and Latin Americans are quick on their feet and love banter. Both cultures share similar humour as well, such as their love for “making fun of” their friends and themselves. You’ll also find that both parties use a great deal of sarcasm, helping them find common ground easily and making them the perfect pair.

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Hire a Latin American Virtual Assistant for Your Australian Business Today

As an Australian business owner, you’re faced with plenty of responsibilities and decisions to make. With the help of a Latin American virtual assistant, you can take some of the weight off of your shoulders while trusting that your business’s and your customer’s needs are being met. Hiring a virtual assistant can help with anything from administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and helping with payroll to taking calls for your business from curious customers throughout the day. If you own a business and are looking for a Latin American virtual assistant for Australians, register as a business with us today or schedule a 15-min call with us to learn more about our services and our prices.

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