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Working Remotely from Latin America: 7 Ways to Make It Happen.

Working Remotely From Latin America: 7 Ways To Make It Happen

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Working Remotely from Latin America

The way that people work has changed rapidly, especially over the past few years. Now more than ever, remote work is one of the most popular methods for people to make a living. Both businesses and clients have had to make a giant shift to operate in increasingly online spaces. And as is always the case with change, there were also many new opportunities presented for those willing to grasp them.

For many people, especially Latin Americans, more remote work opens up more possibilities. Being bilingual on top of other specialized skill sets positions you to help a variety of different people and businesses meet their goals in global markets. Plus, virtual assistant jobs often offer benefits unique to remote work, such as being paid in a more globally ubiquitous currency like the USD. On top of that, a majority of the time, a virtual assistant in Latin America can expect to be working with Western countries that have similar business cultures and time zones. You’ll be able to make international business connections while putting your skills to good use.

Tips for working remotely from Latin America

Know Your Skills

Identifying the specific skills that you can offer as a virtual assistant or virtual professional is crucial to finding a job that’s the right fit for you. Because remote work is so popular right now, there is a wide range of businesses looking to hire virtual assistants. If you have specialized skills in healthcare, graphic design, marketing, etc., these skills can help you land remote work with specific types of companies.

Know What Skills You Need

Having a virtual assistant job requires a basic set of administrative knowledge that largely revolves around using different software tools and online platforms. Because you’re working online, you’ll want to have a strong grasp on fundamental tools like Zoom and other video conferencing software, as well as things like Google Drive, Microsoft Office, basic graphic design and web development skills, and more.

In addition to the basic tech skills a virtual assistant needs, certain types of virtual remote jobs require specific knowledge and proficiency in different areas. For example, a virtual administrative assistant for a financial executive may need to know how to use scheduling and organizational programs that would never be used by a virtual marketing assistant who focuses on creative content. It’s also worthwhile to check out what skills may be more in-demand at the moment for open jobs. You should be flexible with your options and have a positive outlook about broadening your skillset to adapt to the job market.

Look for Job Listings that Accept Assistants Worldwide

It’s a crucial step to ensure that the jobs you are looking at accept candidates worldwide. Some companies prefer to have their remote workers close to their physical location, while others don’t care where their staff is connecting from. It’s important to make sure you’re applying to a job that can accept you or you’re wasting your own time and the company’s.

Look for Professional Agencies Dedicated to Latinos

There are multiple different agencies and businesses that can help Latin Americans find remote work fit for them. Virtual Latinos is one of them. Our team at Virtual Latinos is made up of professional, experienced bilingual virtual assistants from a variety of Latin American countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, etc and we take pride in helping people like you find great jobs every day. You can find our step-by-step application process here

Be Prepared for a Remote Job

It’s important to have the proper equipment and skills before accepting your new virtual assistant job. Fundamental equipment to perform your job will include a stable internet connection, a reliable computer and smartphone, a headset, and a webcam. In addition, you’ll most likely need specialized software programs specific to your employer or industry.

Look at Pay Rates

Every virtual assistant job may pay a bit differently. Because of this, it’s important to compare different rates for different job opportunities. Varying virtual assistant jobs across completely different industries can also result in a wide range of pay rates, largely depending on the skills required for the particular position. A marketing virtual assistant may make more money hourly on average than a general administrative assistant because of the specialized marketing work they do like creating social media content. Research different jobs to find one that fits your skillset and pays adequately.

Promote Yourself

As a Latin American working as a virtual assistant, it’s important to promote your skills and abilities. Being bilingual is an amazing skill that many people and businesses look for. You also have an advantage over many other virtual assistant candidates in countries that may have more cultural barriers or be located in less compatible time zones. Use your resume and online business networking platforms to promote your skills, what you’re good at, and the advantages of hiring you, and you’ll be on the path to finding a great virtual remote job.

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Benefits of Working Remotely from Latin America

Working remotely as a virtual assistant from Latin America comes along with a variety of benefits, including:


One of the greatest parts of working remotely is that you have much more flexibility with your work. From the hours to where you’re logging in from, virtual assistant jobs often offer a great deal of flexibility.

Higher Salary

Working as a virtual assistant from Latin America also means that you’re often working with countries and businesses that use stronger currencies, making your pay rates effectively higher.

Work-Life Balance

Greater flexibility with your work life also helps you to keep a much healthier work-life balance. Many people nowadays struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with their work and home life. Because of this, remote work is an amazing option for anyone looking to spend more time at home.

Part of a Community

Here at Virtual Latinos, we are all part of the same team. Because our goal is to bring together knowledgeable Latinos and find them great jobs with great organizations, we put a large emphasis on our sense of community.

Where to Find Remote Virtual Jobs in Latin America

When you first start out as a virtual assistant, it might be hard to find jobs that are right for you and your skillset, especially if you’re not working with an agency that helps connect virtual assistants with clients. Our team at Virtual Latinos helps our virtual assistants find jobs by sending their resumes to potential clients we think they’d be a great fit for. If you’re interested in learning more or want to become a virtual assistant at Virtual Latinos, visit here to begin the application process.

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Working Remotely from Latin America with Virtual Latinos

Whether you’re located in Venezuela or Brazil, our team at Virtual Latinos is ready to help you find a remote job you love. We take pride in building a community of educated, experienced virtual assistants from all across Latin America and helping them find work. To apply for a job with us and join our community, visit us here.

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