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Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Billy & Yesenia

Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Billy & Yesenia

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We had the great opportunity to meet with Billy and Yesenia, and to speak about the virtual professional solutions that Virtual Latinos created for their company, WeLease. The Virtual Latinos Spotlight is an entrepreneurship network featuring the greatest business owners in our community to highlight their resources and business growth in a series of interviews with the VL team.

Who Are Billy & Yesenia?

Billy Colestock and Yesenia Nogales are an entrepreneurial family and broker-owners working in San Diego, California. Between 2015 and 2016, during the constant ups and downs of their Real Estate sales careers, they decided to form WeLease because they saw a need for a good property management company in San Diego. “Many of our clients needed Property Management Services, and it was very hard to find one company who could care for our clientele as we do.” From no doors to a solid property management company, they have built an awesome team and interesting business processes since then. Today, they combine 20+ years of experience which is what makes WeLease a world-class property management experience. In addition to being a real estate leader and broker, Billy serves as President of his HOA where he works towards advancing the needs of the community and fostering communication with residents. On the weekends, you can usually find Billy catching his son’s little league or football games, and collecting dad jokes. Yesenia is a Board Member of the Southern California Developers Creative Investors Association. Her volunteer experience includes past President of the National Association of Hispanic Realtors and member of Friends of Del Cerros where she gives back to her community. Every weekend you can find Yesenia hiking around various San Diego peaks, playing games boards with her husband Billy, and trying to understand his dad jokes.

What Makes WeLease Stand Out From The Competition?

WeLease makes property management easier, safer, and more profitable for property owners. “We are solution-oriented and believe that our management oversight gives our clients peace of mind and gives them back the most valuable thing we all have: Time.” They say, “Our property management team is one of the greatest assets our clients have, second only to the properties we steward on their behalf.”

Communication is the key to great customer support, and WeLease stands out when it comes to meeting its client’s needs, quickly and effectively. They are specialists in all facets of real estate from supporting first-time home buyers and clients looking to land the perfect investment property to finding the perfect property to flip and guiding clients through the luxury market. They even help manage rental investment properties. Everything is done with personalized customer support and easy communication from the beginning. “We answer our phones, and we will always come to you with a solution. It seems like such an easy thing, but you’d be surprised how many companies send you to an automated recording. We love answering our phones!”

Contact WeLease and discover all their Property Management solutions.

​​Working With Virtual Assistants

After meeting Virtual Latinos’ CEO, Jaime Nacach, at a networking event, Yesenia and Billy shared their needs as business people. They discussed some previous experiences with virtual hiring, and from that point, Virtual Latinos and WeLease decided to create a remote office online. After preparation, VL and WeLease launched a new virtual office work model to test how a full-time Zoom call with all team members would work. An open workspace for everyone involved in improving their property management processes.

At first, it seemed like an awkward idea. But in the end, WeLease team members tell us they loved it. Given that all departments are highly interdependent, the “office experience” was also a necessity. This unique work environment created for WeLease is one of the greatest professional experiences Virtual Latinos has been a part of, and we are grateful. Billy says that “you can not help but get to know folks”. Their conversations between work, getting to know other employees and their pets, and the connections this company culture provides are the benefits WeLease team members report from working remotely but full-time together.

“We have a very talented team both locally on the ground and virtually, their combined efforts and dedication to providing exceptional property management services is what makes us the best in the industry! We could not do any of it without each and every one of them.”

​​Watch the Full Interview

Virtual Latinos had the immense honor of speaking with Billy and Yuliana, sister to Yesenia and General Manager at WeLease Property Management. She is responsible for developing and supporting the increase of new business, strategizing marketing campaigns, supporting daily operations, overseeing Human Resources duties, and making sure the team has all they need to grow and succeed in their fields.

Connect with WeLease

Get in touch with WeLease to solve any Property Management issues. Their Property Management platform is built to work with Realtors, Owners, and Tenants. Everything you may need in just one place.
Call: (619) 866-3400
Visit: 7851 Mission Center Ct #208, San Diego, CA 92108

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