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Central and South America’s Virtual Workforce: Building Professional Relationships with Jaime Nacach

Central and South America’s Virtual Workforce: Building Professional Relationships with Jaime Nacach

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Outsource Accelerator is the world’s leading outsourcing marketplace and advisory service provider. They offer the full range of services, from light consultancy and vendor brokerage through to full implementation and fully managed solutions. They serve clients of all sectors, and across all size ranges, spanning all departmental areas. Hosting the 406th OA Podcast, Derek Gallimore interviews Jaime Nacach, CEO of Virtual Latinos, about the benefits and the reasons why businesses should be outsourcing to Latin America.

A Solution To Outsourcing Frustrations

Outsourcing did not used to be as easy as it is today. Not only because of the advent of home offices, but also from a technological perspective, it was unattractive to pretty much all non-technology related industries. Jaime Nacach got his start in the outsourcing world in 2015 when he founded Bloominari, a San Diego-based marketing agency that offered services to small businesses.

After a few attempts to hire virtual professionals from places like the Philippines, he says he was scammed and had many bad experiences with short-term employment. Then he came up with the idea of hiring virtual marketers from Tijuana, the closest city in Mexico. However, since the city is not big, the pool of candidates was not very large.

This was the birth of Virtual Latinos, grown from the idea to outsource the best talent from all over Latin America at a fair price and with the experience that companies of all sizes needed. Since 2018, Virtual Latinos has hired more than 800 virtual professionals from countries such as Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and more.

Great Virtual Assistants, In The Same Time Zone

When Jaime, who comes from a Mexican-Jewish business family, realized the potential of the Central and South American workforce, he decided to take the leap and outsource Latino virtual marketing services to companies in the U.S., Canada and, over time, around the world as Latino virtual professionals kept on delivering quality work.

“Why didn’t anyone come up with this idea?” he wondered, because competition seemed low at the time and the cost of doing business was impressive. The main competitors were located in Asia and from his past outsourcing frustrations, he knew that tasks took much longer due to time difference, and Jaime had also experienced difficulty communicating with professionals from different time zones. Working with a professional in the same or in similar time zones was an advantage no other agency had at the time.

Since its inception, the Virtual Latinos community has grown through partnerships between virtual professionals and companies across many industries, opening up opportunities for business owners to build high-value working relationships. The processes on which Virtual Latinos is based are as personal as possible to ensure the best possible match and save time and resources for both the employer and the employee.

By ensuring scalability and quality of work, Virtual Latinos quickly reached target audiences and kept pace with improvements and feedback that led to the work model and business culture cultivated by Jaime and his family, whose work is directly related to the VL internal team.

Virtual Latinos Agency Processes

Customization was key when Jaime decided to create an innovative remote workspace for virtual professionals from Latin America. The business model that may have worked for other agencies was not suitable for the growth of VL’s community, and moving in a different direction was the right move. Many adjustments were made to the processes that have become Virtual Latinos‘ most valuable asset: the path to build relationships between Latino professionals and business owners.

Virtual professionals are screened to ensure high levels of English proficiency and go through the Application Process before signing up for a job with a client. Before a client hires a remote assistant, the VL Recruitment team interviews them to discuss the company’s overall hiring needs. Once the perfect professional match is sealed, the employer and employee sign the employment contract and can start working. Virtual Latinos offers Customer Success Agents, specialized team members who help employers and employees manage an employment relationship remotely.

Global Entrepreneurship and Virtual Professionals

Global Entrepreneurship and Virtual Professionals

Since the surge of the home office in 2020, outsourcing has grown to the pinnacle of staffing needs for companies around the world, and the Latino workforce has been on the rise ever since. Companies across many sectors and industries have been working with Virtual Latinos since 2018. From small businesses and solopreneurs to startups and tech companies.

The quality of work provided by Latino professionals is the main reason why entrepreneurs are willing to work with Virtual Latinos. Prioritizing long-term professional relationships and work experience since inception has given Virtual Latinos a unique perspective on the hiring process when it comes to outsourcing.

Virtual Long-Term Work Relationships With LatAm Professionals

To start a long-term work relationship with a Virtual Latinos virtual professional, you must follow these steps:

Step 1. You must first register as a business to initiate our pairing process. Our simple online form helps us gather basic information; then, you will choose a monthly hour package.

Step 2. The next step is filling out a questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and your specific hiring needs. We will also conduct a personalized consultation for a clear discussion regarding the tasks that need to be completed or the virtual assistant position that you need to be filled, particularly hourly rate, skills, experience, and location needs.

Step 3. Then, book a quick-call with our Recruitment Consultants, so we can discuss your hiring needs. We have a vast pool of professional virtual assistants to pull potential candidates from, so we will save you a lot of time by pre-selecting virtual assistants on your behalf. This list will contain only assistants that meet your tasks or job requirements, and then we will conduct interviews to further narrow these candidates down to the top 3-4 virtual assistants for your company. We will then introduce this short list of highly qualified candidates to you.

Step 4. You and your team members will review these candidates, and then Virtual Latinos will convene during a video call so you can select whom you want to interview. Once you have chosen your virtual assistant, the hiring agreement will be reviewed and signed.

Step 5. After the virtual professional has been chosen, an onboarding session will be attended. You will manage your assistant’s work while a thorough Customer and VA Success Team assists you through the entire process.

We invite you to schedule a 15-minutes call with the Virtual Latinos Team in order to save you time finding the best pre-selected professionals from Latin America. If you are looking to hire a specialist in a specific area, our pre-selected workers from Latin America can be the most effective solution for your business. A reliable virtual assistant is just a click away.

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