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Evolvepreneur After-hours Show Podcast with Jaime Nacach

Evolvepreneur After-hours Show Podcast with Jaime Nacach

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The Evolvepreneur Afterhours Podcast, hosted by Christine Campbell Rapin, is a series of interviews with the most fascinating business owners. In the show, business stories are shared, and the host focuses on how startup business owners or those looking to launch, grow or relaunch their online business can understand how to develop specific strategies to build their list, make offers, and connect with their best customers. If you want to succeed with quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs, be sure to listen to the 8th episode of the third season of the Evolvepreneur Afterhours Podcast with Jaime Nacach.

Creating Connections With Homeland Through Outsourcing

Jaime Nacach, CEO and founder of Virtual Latinos, was born and raised in Mexico. Since moving to sunny San Diego, California, and beginning his studies, Jaime has always felt connected to his heritage and his homeland. He also felt motivated to become an entrepreneur, since he was born into an entrepreneurial family. After earning his MBA from the University of Tel Aviv and running a marketing agency full-time, Jaime felt ready to embark on a new business model.

Virtual Latinos grew out of Jaime’s previous business experiences, when hiring virtual marketing services was not as easy as finding a full online service. Nine years ago, he founded his marketing agency, Bloominari, to provide automated marketing solutions for small businesses. Over the next few years, based on Bloominari’s business needs, Jaime decided to test the impact of hiring virtual marketers from Central and South America, starting in Tijuana, Mexico to provide remote marketing services to North American clients.

At that time, hiring a virtual professional was no easy task, and finding someone trustworthy and reliable enough to meet the needs and budget required much effort. Through many work directories and business process improvement, pre-selecting virtual professionals and summarize the hiring steps for US and Canada based companies to outsource business tasks to qualified Latin American specialists. Business relations that last longer and help the company and the professional’s career mutually grow. This led Jaime to the conclusion that long-term partnerships with virtual assistants were the strongest, most productive, professional bonds when both parties were satisfied with the arrangement.

Building Long-Term Work Relationships In Business

In the 8th episode of Season 3 of the Evolvepreneur Afterhours Podcast, Jaime says, “When I found a professional that I could trust, let’s say, almost 100 percent, it really changed my business perspective.” From that point on, Virtual Latinos began to come to life. “Because I totally stopped worrying and micromanaging the work, and focused more on customer support and customer success side of the business […] Which really was the true value that I was bringing to my clients.”

He invested a lot of his time building the company’s website, branding, and everything needed to get the business up and running. Jaime soon realized that he “was spending too much time thinking about the business inside and less time gathering more clients.” Today, Virtual Latinos works with over 750 Latino virtual professionals who provide every type of specialized services to many types of businesses from North America, Europe, and around the world. From solopreneurs and business coaches to large healthcare facilities, real estate agencies, tech startups and any organization that needs remote assistance with challenging and time-consuming tasks.

With everything he had learned from his bad experiences with outsourcing, Jaime developed the most personalized hiring process possible to solve the problems faced by many business owners like himself. At first, it seemed like the model other outsourcing directories were using might work. Over time, he realized that carefully vetting and screening all the virtual professionals and meeting with the clients all by himself to follow up in detail was very time-consuming and Jaime knew his business model needed to be escalated. And that’s exactly what he did. He brought his own business culture to the Latino community, and the processes created by the Virtual Latinos team have been remarkable ever since. They have led to rapid growth in helping businesses and organizations find reliable, bilingual virtual professionals who are willing to work with companies from other countries and continents.

Hiring Latino Remote Specialists To Streamline Business Processes

Over time, the enhanced business model that Virtual Latinos follows has become a great advantage for companies to maintain quality and reduce labor costs. Virtual Latinos assistants are also becoming more popular as companies and organizations recognize their need for bilingual employees and the ease of working with remote employees. Latino virtual assistants can help with a variety of tasks including translation, customer service, administrative matters, and social media management.

Discover how you can start working with a Latino virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos and streamline your business processes with the help of a specialist in the field. Jaime himself and the VL Recruitment Team will take care of your business needs and provide you with the best pre-screened, hand-picked candidates.

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