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Need a Virtual Assistant? Hire Your Next-Door Neighbor

Need A Virtual Assistant? Hire Your Next-Door Neighbor

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Sometimes, you need some outside help to assist you with your business functions. One of the best ways to invest in high-quality talent at an affordable rate is to hire a virtual assistant. These professionals can help assist your business with numerous tasks, from appointment management to transcription and many more. However, many businesses make the mistake of hiring virtual assistants from overseas countries – and not looking closer to home.

Latino virtual assistants provide the same affordability of an overseas virtual assistant with a much higher quality of work. These professionals are truly your next-door neighbor if you’re an American company, and hiring your next-door neighbor is a smart investment. Here are a few key reasons why you should hire a Latino virtual assistant to fulfill your business needs.

#1: Latino Virtual Assistants Speak Fluent English

When you invest in a virtual assistant from Latin America, you can rest assured knowing that you’re obtaining a key employee with necessary English skills. In many Latin American countries, English is a required course of study and many residents have experience with speaking English thanks to American influence and media. Fluent English skills are key for the smooth flow of your business, and with Latino virtual assistants, you know that your virtual assistant will not lose your work in translation.

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#2: Latino Virtual Assistants Work on Your Time Zone

When you hire a virtual assistant from overseas, this person is likely many hours ahead of you. For example, if you run a business based in Los Angeles and you hire a virtual assistant based in the Philippines, this assistant will run on a schedule 15 hours ahead of your own. You can run into serious scheduling issues with this arrangement.

However, you will not run into this same issue with a Latino virtual assistant – a virtual assistant from Mexico City, for example, is only one hour ahead from Los Angeles. Latino virtual assistants work on your time zone for a smoother workflow.

#3: Latino Virtual Assistants Provide Valuable Bilingual Skills

In the United States alone, approximately 39 million residents speak Spanish as their first language. When you’re running your business, you will likely come into contact with clients who need Spanish translation services. When you hire a Latino virtual assistant, you obtain valuable translation and Spanish-speaking skills in addition to high-quality work. Hiring a Latino virtual assistant is a much better investment than hiring a virtual assistant from another part of the world.

#4: Latino Virtual Assistants Have Experience With American Business Culture

Other countries may have different business customs than you may expect within your company’s operation. If you hire a virtual assistant with a different work culture from your own, you can run into several issues trying to get them up to speed. However, Latino virtual assistants have a lot of experience working in the American business context. They understand how you operate and can mold themselves to fit your business model.

#5: Latino Virtual Assistants Are Accessible

Since Latino virtual assistants work within a similar time zone, your company can reach them faster than other virtual assistants. If you need to contact your virtual assistant to complete an emergency assignment or to answer an important question, you can’t always wait for a response when they wake up 15 hours ahead of you. With a Latino virtual assistant, you won’t run into this issue.

#6: Latino Virtual Assistants Have Closer Educational Requirements

You want to hire the right virtual assistant with the proper credentials you need to effectively run your business. However, virtual assistants from overseas may have different educational requirements and their degrees may not mean the same as they do in the United States. Latino virtual assistants often have credentials that are closer to American requirements. When you hire a Latino virtual assistant, you will have a more accurate picture of their education and abilities.

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#7: Latino Virtual Assistants Provide a Higher Quality of Work

Latino virtual assistants know what American businesses expect in terms of work ethic and quality. As a result, you will receive a higher quality of work with a Latino virtual assistant than one from overseas. You will not have to go back and forth with unnecessary revisions with a Latino virtual assistant.

Hire a Latino Virtual Assistant Today

Certain virtual assistants are a better investment than others – and as an American business owner, hiring a Latino virtual assistant can be one of the best investments you can make. Not only are Latino virtual assistants versatile and hard-working, but they fit in seamlessly with your business model. Are you ready to hire your affordable virtual assistant?

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