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Leveraging Latin American Talent Through Virtual Professionals

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Join me on a journey where the story of outsourcing takes an exciting turn. Whether you have experience outsourcing abroad or are just starting, you should know that the growth in recruiting Latin American talent is an opportunity on the horizon. 

Deel’s 2022 International Recruitment Report reveals a 161 percent surge in Latin American hires from companies abroad, placing the region at the forefront of the global employment landscape. Your business could take advantage of it right away, and I’ll share the main benefits of outsourcing all types of roles and tasks to Latin American talent. Why can I state this? Let me tell you my personal experience with the outsourcing industry.

My search for reliable virtual assistants in conventional markets left me disappointed. That’s when I turned my attention to my homeland, Mexico. It became evident to me that Latin America was underutilized for professional outsourcing and was brimming with exceptionally talented individuals. This led me to found Virtual Latinos, which has been a remarkable journey. We connect U.S. companies with highly skilled Latin American virtual professionals. We know it works because our team includes more than 100 virtual professionals from Latin America.

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The Latin American talent landscape

Latin America has an innovative mindset, which aligns with what U.S. CEOs and entrepreneurs are looking for. The surge in collaborations between international and local universities, companies, and various stakeholders has elevated education in Latin America to a world-class standard, with a highly competitive environment that is ripe for investment and business expansion. These are great signs of how the region is gaining a competitive advantage with top professionals. 

In addition, Latin Americans are determined to succeed beyond their borders. Latin American business owners have observed that U.S. companies offer salaries up to five times higher than what they can afford. This cutting-edge opportunity has caught the attention of skilled local bilingual talent.

Moving from China to Latin America: Expanding nearshoring across industries

Looking at the bigger picture, the tsunami of outsourcing to Latin Americans extends far beyond the professional realm, benefiting various industries. For instance, shifting operations away from China, the historic global manufacturing powerhouse, towards Latin American countries emerges as a promising alternative.

Mexico takes the lead in the manufacturing nearshoring landscape, driven by its proximity to the United States, cost-effective labor, and collaborative government efforts between the two nations. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, this strategic approach has the potential to increase export value for Latin America and the Caribbean by $78 billion by 2025.

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Key benefits of outsourcing Latin American virtual professionals

As a CEO, I’ve been consistently impressed by our Latin American team members’ cultural alignment, unwavering dedication, diverse skill sets, and exceptional work ethic. Our success has transcended mere economic gains; it’s been about cultivating a dependable and committed team that comprehensively understands the intricacies of our business, regardless of geographical location. This approach has delivered substantial value and mutual benefits to all parties involved, a “win-win-win” scenario. Here are some of the reasons it works.

Time zone proximity allows real-time collaboration: Outsourcing overseas is an excellent option to enable 24-hour customer support, but this time zone gap represents an obstacle for a U.S. office hour schedule. Latin American countries align with North American time zones, with little or no difference between hours. This allows greater productivity to conveniently schedule meetings and collaborate during the same working hours.

Cultural affinity: I’ve noticed that Latin American professionals possess standout qualities highly valued in the U.S., such as loyalty, commitment, and a strong drive for success. Plus, according to Boston Consulting Group data, companies with above-average diversity scores report a 45 percent average innovation revenue. Multicultural workplaces rock! 

One common misconception about using Latin American virtual professionals is the potential language barrier. It’s important to note that many Latin American professionals are bilingual or fluent in English. 

Cost-effectiveness: The main reason to outsource is to streamline savings for your company. Latin American professionals are cost-effective, with competitive rates compared to their Asian counterparts, and they can be up to four times more economical than hiring options in the United States. In terms of scalability and flexibility, you will also open the door to a larger pool of talent, allowing you to pick from diverse seniority levels, specialties, and rates, as well as choose to work with part-time, full-time, or hourly models. You decide what best fits your business needs.

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First steps to outsourcing Latin American virtual professionals

Here are my recommendations for companies taking the first steps to using outsourced Latin American talent:

  • Define your needs and establish goals: Create a detailed plan for your project and identify the required support. In your plan, include goals for the short, medium, and long term. Also, specify the particular expertise you need. 
  • Specify the infrastructure requirements: For successful remote work, consider equipment, internet, communication, project tools, and personal needs.
  • Select the right partner: Find a reliable company with experience recruiting virtual assistants from Latin America. Investigate their public reviews on different platforms. To be successful, listen in detail to what clients and employees think.
  • Be part of the screening process: Inquire about their recruitment process, offer suggestions, and participate in selecting candidates.
  • Look into soft skills: After checking the candidates’ technical capabilities, conduct insightful interviews. Look for personal qualities, objectives, and values that align with your business characteristics.

By implementing these steps, I’ve been able to carefully choose and assemble my Latin American dream team.

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Venturing into Latin American outsourcing isn’t just about benefits—it’s about understanding a region’s promise. From time zone compatibility to rich cultural exchanges and cost efficiencies, the region beckons. Yet, like any strategic decision, the key lies in aligning with the right partners, setting clear objectives, and fostering mutual respect.

Elevate your outsourcing strategy with Virtual Latinos and access skilled professionals from Latin America. Drive productivity, leverage cultural affinity, and achieve cost-effectiveness. Join us to reshape the future of global business together!

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