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Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Carolyn Roark

Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Carolyn Roark

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Carolyn Roark, owner of The Writing Texan, told us how she found her virtual professional solutions with Virtual Latinos and how she developed her own business model as the owner of a writing and editing company. The Virtual Latinos Spotlight is an entrepreneur network that features the greatest entrepreneurs in our community to highlight their resources and business growth in a series of interviews with the VL team.

Who Is Carolyn Roark?

Carolyn Roark is an impact amplifier for brilliant, busy people who want to make the world a better place. She describes herself as an “impact accelerator, book mama, and badass”. Based in New Mexico, Carolyn works to “help people who want to change the world do so through books.” If you are wondering if she’s Texan, the answer is yes.

After leaving an academic job in 2008, Carolyn decided to reinvent herself. Teaching writing and composition was a lot of fun for her, and she was very proud of what she had accomplished in her academic career. Carolyn saw a natural path to start a new career from there. She soon discovered the value of viewing herself not as a freelancer, but as an entrepreneur. Running her own business was a goal she knew she had, and with that, her relationship with work changed.

Eventually, she discovered that all she really wanted to do was work with books. From here, The Writing Texan was born. For over a decade now, Carolyn has coached, edited, and ghostwritten manuscripts to help aspiring writers express themselves beautifully and find the right platform for their ideas. Her clients include everyone from venture capitalists to restaurateurs to cancer survivors.

What Services Does The Writing Texan Offer?

The Writing Texan focuses on individuals and organizations with a mission to create positive change: sustainability, education, health care reform, personal transformation, justice and equality, etc. These clients have the skills and knowledge to make an impact, but need help to amplify their message with a book. Carolyn’s services include developmental editing ​​and ghostwriting.

When asked about why she was interested in participating in the Virtual Latinos Spotlight, she shared that she is “looking to expand my presence into new networks, and for the opportunity to continue honing my presentation about who I am and what my business does.”

To describe her own business, Carolyn said, “Using 15+ years of experience and training, we help authors get ideas out of their brains and onto the page, and make their story one that readers can’t put down. We also have the industry experience to help them choose the right publication path, spot the traps and scams that waste their money, and avoid mistakes that kill a book’s success.”

Working With Virtual Assistants

As a writer, Carolyn has become accustomed to the routine of working remotely. In 2020, Carolyn hired her virtual assistant to care of her schedule and give her more time to write. She says, “it’s been a really great thing. In essence, it allowed me to improve what I can accomplish.”

“I needed more time to do the things that I’m best at and that bring the income.” In Carolyn’s case, she’s referring to writing and editing. Now her virtual assistant helps her with many business tasks that used to take up her time and resources.

Another benefit of working with a virtual assistant is flexible hours. “If it’s 4 o’clock my time, and 1 o’clock my client’s time, and my assistant is somewhere between those, that can be really helpful,” she says. By taking on the daily tasks that distract from the important goal of “working on the business rather than in it,’ having an assistant has also freed Carolyn to concentrate on growing The Writing Texan to focus on the work relationships that are the best fit.

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“Look at what you do as a business.”
– Carolyn Roark

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