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Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Shannon Smith

Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Shannon Smith

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At Virtual Latinos, we’re proud to showcase the entrepreneurs and startups in our community through our Virtual Latinos Spotlight series. In this exclusive interview, we talk to Shannon Smith, owner of Shannon Smith Marketing, about how she found the perfect virtual assistant through Virtual Latinos and how it has helped her streamline her business processes.

Who Is Shannon Smith?

Shannon Smith is a young affiliate marketing business owner on the East Coast who started her journey in 2021. With a background in marketing and sales from various mentorship courses she took to build her fitness business, she decided to take a two-week course to learn digital marketing. In just one month, her business took off, and now it almost fully runs on autopilot.

Aside from her work, Shannon enjoys cooking, reading, personal development, and traveling. Since graduating from college in 2019, she has dreamed of becoming a full-time digital nomad traveling the world while working remotely. With her business allowing her to work from anywhere with Wi-Fi, she’s now planning her move to Portugal.

What Makes Shannon Smith Marketing Stand Out From The Competition?

Shannon’s niche is all about teaching people how to make money online. She shares various platforms, programs, and products with her audience that teach them how to start their own side hustle or online business. She recommends courses like “How to start your own Affiliate Marketing side hustle/business”, “How to Start Remote Closing”, “How to Start Amazon KDP”, and “How to Start a Print on Demand Book Business”.

Shannon attributes her company’s success to three things:

She is the result of the actions she teaches others. She started her affiliate business from scratch with little understanding of digital marketing and how to make money online. Now, just a few years later, she can teach others how to make a living working from Wi-Fi, and she embodies the laptop lifestyle. She practices what she preaches.

She loves to help people and offers assistance for free. Unlike other coaches or mentors who charge for answering questions, Shannon wants everyone to get the help they need to get started. She keeps her Instagram inbox open and responds to any questions there.

She leads with integrity. Many people in the digital marketing space only push products to make a quick buck, but Shannon spent around $20k on mentorship courses and coaches that did not deliver the results promised. Thus, she only promotes offers she’s tried and can personally vouch for.

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​​Working With Virtual Assistants

Once Shannon’s business took off, she hired a virtual assistant through Virtual Latinos, who has been a work partner with a long-term professional relationship. “She has been amazing, she is innovative and is always coming up with new ways to further my business and expand my reach. I’m passionate about what I do, I always knew I wasn’t meant to work a desk job and I wanted to be able to work from my laptop, from anywhere in the world, but I didn’t know how I could do it. Once I learned affiliate marketing, it opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. It is possible to work a job you love and not have to choose between making a living or actually living and enjoying your life. So I really want to inspire others to start their own affiliate marketing businesses and realize they don’t have to work a job they hate.”

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