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Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Lisa Canning

Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Lisa Canning

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We had the great opportunity to meet with Lisa Canning, CEO and Founder of Sales Maven LLC, to speak about how she found her virtual professional solutions with us. The Virtual Latinos Spotlight is an entrepreneurship network featuring the greatest business owners in our community to highlight their resources and business growth in a series of interviews with the VL team.

Who Is Lisa Canning?

Lisa Canning, CEO and founder of Sales Maven LLC, has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17. “It’s the only ‘job’ I never knew was a job that I have ever had! I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and discovered it was fun to make your own way in the world. I have been helping others do the same ever since.”

What Services Does Sales Maven Provide?

Sales Maven LLC is a company that helps small businesses with less than 10 million dollars in revenue to create coordinated digital marketing and sales plans. Her team can implement or fill gaps in what is needed to achieve results for her clients.

When she launched Sales Maven in 2018, Lisa was concerned that she would be geographically constrained. She asked herself, “What positions do not necessarily need to be in your physical presence?” And she shares the answers she found, “It [remote hiring] opens up opportunities to find really talented people who might be cheaper, or who might be better trained, or who might have more time and availability….”

Lisa also brought up the point of employees needing chances to grow and advance in their careers. Sales Maven is a company that has been able to take advantage of the growing trend of virtual assistants. This has resulted in having a growing team that is made up of mostly women and mothers who have a passion for marketing. These virtual assistants generally work part time and work from home, making it easier for them to balance their work schedules with the demands of their families. Furthermore, having such a great and diverse workforce has improved the customer experience for their clients because they are able to work with a team that is constantly progressing.

Sales Maven is a Naperville-based company that works with Latino virtual assistants to provide better solutions for their customers. Some of the services Sales Maven offers are:

  • Strategic Marketing and Sales Planning
  • SEO Off and On PageLink Building, Guest Posting
  • Content Plans and Development
  • Sales Support: Management, SDR (sales development reps), Live Chat, Customer Service Support Services
  • Affiliate Program Management & Development
  • Website Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • List Building
  • Email Marketing

What Makes Sales Maven Stand Out From The Competition?

Sales Maven LLC provides high level strategy and superior execution at an affordable price. They focus on small businesses, and they work with entrepreneurs and their companies because “[they] know it takes a village of support to build a successful small business.”

They fit seamlessly into their clients’ teams and communicate both what they see with fresh eyes and what needs to be done with equal effectiveness. Sales Maven works as a consultant and a colleague. Everything you need to amplify your marketing and sales efforts can be found at Sales Maven at a price you can afford.

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Working With Virtual Assistants

When asked about what it was like working with a VA, Lisa shared with us that she is constantly looking for resources that provide the same value as Sales Maven. She has found that when you hire a Latino virtual assistant, the quality of delivery and execution is very high. To ensure everything is on time and that every role and responsibility is in place, Lisa has embraced the culture of managing her team remotely without losing the human side of her business.

She builds a work relationship and makes employees feel empowered once the right virtual assistant is hired and familiar with business processes. To reach this level, Lisa says it’s very important to know how to interview, review, and communicate anything wrong with your virtual assistant.

The roles that virtual assistants take on within Sales Maven and the tasks they effectively perform are one of the most valuable resources Lisa has found. Because she has been so impressed with the positive work relationship that she has developed with her VAs, Lisa decided to share her experience in this VL Spotlight. “Virtual Latinos has served an important role in our development as a company. We have been able to go farther faster with the talent we have been able to hire.”


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Connect with Sales Maven

Get in touch with Sales Maven if you are looking to scale your business and ensure long-term stability and growth. Lisa and her team are ready to help you and your company. “We care about people, and we want to make sure we really deliver it.”

“We do believe in talking to people”
– Lisa Canning


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