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Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Nachum Kligman

Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Nachum Kligman

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Nachum Kligman, CEO and co-founder of Book Like A Boss, told us how he found his virtual professional solutions with Virtual Latinos and what his day looks like as a co-founder of a high-growth enterprise platform. The Virtual Latinos Spotlight is an entrepreneur network that features the greatest entrepreneurs in our community to highlight their resources and business growth in a series of interviews with the VL team.

Who Is Nachum Kligman?

Nachum Kligman, CEO of Book Like A Boss, describes himself as “a serial entrepreneur with 4 patents and a couple of exits.” He is a born entrepreneur who gained business experience at a young age and has been in high tech for 25 years. After a frustrating attempt to break into the manufacturing industry, Nachum seized the opportunity to share his business experiences on his podcast and in his 2016 book, The Frum Entrepreneur: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.

He noticed that many business owners were constantly trying to ask him for business advice. He needed a solution to showcase his services and have a calendar where his customers could check if he was available. Of course, a simple landing page with a calendar app or a WordPress website could meet his needs; but after several unsuccessful attempts and an email from a friend in a similar situation, Nachum saw the opportunity to aim for an original online business model.

“I wish there was an easy way when someone first approaches me and says, “Hey, can I buy you a cup of coffee? Can we meet?” and I can send them a link.” Nachum, however, was not looking for a simple calendar app. He wanted to have “a way to show, maybe a video, so I can introduce myself more, show testimonials.” This turned into an area where you can insert frequently asked questions, introduce the different services offered and give your clients everything they need to decide to book your services.

What Services Does Book Like A Boss Provide?

Book Like A Boss (BLAB) is a platform that makes it simple to sell services online. “We give you unlimited booking pages that you can customize with your brand. Perfect for meetings, coaching sessions, classes, events, webinars, and more!”

Between 2015 and 2017, Nachum and partners Dovid & Lloyd developed, launched, and sold their product, reaching more than 5000 users on AppSumo in the first 3 weeks. Back in 2015, it was not so easy to create a good one-page website that not only presents a calendar app but also sells any kind of service online. Now, through various integrations and features, Book Like a Boss allows you to create, manage, schedule, get paid, and have full control over your custom page. You can include testimonials, videos, and app integrations (APIs). BLAB also has numerous tutorials that show you how to work like a Boss. Book Like A Boss serves a variety of clients, from startups to solopreneurs. Check out what BLAB has to offer and learn more.

“We are We allow way more than just booking a meeting. Our main competitive edge is that we are experts in converting your viewers to customers. Our booking pages have one goal in mind and that is to close more business for you.”

Working With Virtual Assistants

Implementing and maintaining a work culture in a remote environment starts with the founders. Book Like A Boss operates remotely and intends to stay remote as it grows. They operate without outside funding, and from the clients to the collaborators, everyone is treated like a Boss.

When asked how to decide to hire a virtual professional, Nachum shares that all of his team works remotely. “We are big believers in that. If people are in their atmosphere, in their home office or wherever they are, [we believe] that they will perform better.“

Expertise is what his company is always after. Looking for experts in their specific tasks is how Virtual Latinos helps his business. Virtual assistants have been a solution for the staffing needs of Book Like A Boss, freeing up time for both co-founders and team members. “As an entrepreneur and a co-founder, you are never really off, there are no set-off hours.” Although, even with a busy routine, he claims “I always have time for my family and for my religious needs”.

When he started working remotely, Nachum found it challenging to find and hire the right professionals for his team. “When you do everything on your own, you have to go through 50, 60 people who checked out your ad. And you have to narrow it down to three people, and finally, to one person and hope that person works out. And it does not always work that way”. Nachum realized that hiring through an agency like Virtual Latinos is a better solution, having a narrowed list of people ready to work with you and take on your business tasks.

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Connect with Book Like A Boss

Reach out to Book Like A Boss if you are looking to escalate your bookings. Start a free trial or get in touch with Nachum Kligman through LinkedIn.

“We want to teach others how to close more business with the power of customized booking pages.”
– Nachum Kligman

Nachum Kligman and 450+ other entrepreneurs streamline their business processes by working with virtual professionals to save time and money. Register as a business today and become part of the Virtual Latinos community around the world. Or schedule a 15-minute call to learn more about what our recruitment specialists can do for your business needs.

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