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Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Virmarie Díaz Fernández

Virtual Latinos Spotlight: Meet Virmarie Díaz Fernández

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We had the great opportunity to meet with Dr. Díaz, and to speak about the virtual professional solutions that Virtual Latinos created for her practice, Better Connections. The Virtual Latinos Spotlight is an entrepreneurship network featuring the greatest business owners in our community to highlight their resources and business growth in a series of interviews with the VL team.

Who Is Virmarie Díaz Fernández?

Virmarie Díaz Fernández is a Board Certified Psychiatrist practicing in the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she went to medical school, and she completed her psychiatry residency in Gainesville, FL. When Dr. Díaz started her own practice, she already had a flux of patients that trusted her and followed her. As they became almost family, Díaz partnered with providers Luz Bogle and Sarah Miller, creating a space to amplify their efforts and make Better Connections.

Virmarie Díaz Fernández is a dedicated MD/Board Certified Psychiatrist who loves to spend time with her family. In transitioning from attending to opening her own practice, Dr. Díaz and her partners needed assistance to grow their healthcare business and free up work hours to have more patient interaction time, and also personal time.

What Makes Better Connections Stand Out From The Competition?

“We use a biopsychosocial approach, which means that psychological and environmental factors are as important as medical aspects when evaluating a condition.” The biopsychosocial of wellness and medicine examines how the three aspects – biological, psychological, and social – occupy roles in relative health or disease. The BPS model stresses the interconnectedness of these factors.

This patient-oriented work model is what distinguishes Better Connections in the mental and healthcare fields. Dr. Díaz also targets Latinx patients, LGBTQIA+ health, and transsexual/non-binary health. They are proud to be an open space for hormonal, psychological, and other trained mental health support practices. “When the focus in treatment is on substance use, we practice the philosophy of harm reduction, the focus is not on the use of substances, rather on the dysfunction and harm that substances can bring to someone’s life. We are committed to delivering high-quality mental health care and related client-focused services.”

Collaboration is another area where Better Connections stands out. “Believing in patient-centered treatment where the psychiatrist acts as an advisor/consultant to patients in deciding on what treatment modality to use rather than deciding for them. Collaborating with patients and other providers in the treatment team.​”

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​​Working With Virtual Assistants

Working as a team while collaborating with her patient’s healing is a big part of Dr. Díaz’s philosophy. When asked about what the key to her success is, Dr. Díaz shares that “right now, I think it is the team that I have.”

Better Connections works remotely with many patients, and with the help of Virtual Latinos assistants, she has been able to manage her business fluidly. She says that getting patients better is the most rewarding part of her job, and Better Connections team members helping and celebrating patients’ improvements is the most valuable asset of Dr. Díaz work.

When it comes to the business part of her practice, she says that the help her VA provides for the long-term with business processes is brilliant. “I’m very lucky and very blessed to have found Virtual Latinos and have an amazing VA right now. I have a practice manager that is incredible. The providers are incredible. I love Virtual Latinos and all the help they have given me. My VA is awesome! Also for networking, marketing.”

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