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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tools every Real Estate VA should know.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant 6 tools every Real Estate VA should know

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The Job of a Bilingual Real Estate Virtual Assistant

For business owners, it can feel like there are never enough hours in a day. It’s easy for tasks to pile up, from answering e-mails to keeping up with finances, general admin tasks, and everything in between. Customer service alone is a full-time job, so it can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with it all.

When a business owner or real estate agent decides to delegate some of the tasks that are at risk of slipping through the cracks, they will likely look into hiring a real estate virtual assistant. In the virtual world that we now live in, it’s easier than ever to hire and be hired for remote work. Plus, you already have a leg up if you are bilingual. Bilingual real estate virtual assistants are especially helpful to English-speaking real estate agents with Spanish-speaking clients. At Virtual Latinos, we’re ready to help you start looking for bilingual real estate virtual assistant jobs.

The Tools Every Real Estate Virtual Assistant Should Have

Here’s a list of essential tools that every Real Estate Virtual Assistant should be familiar with, along with a brief description of each:

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Systems:

MLS systems are databases used by real estate professionals to list properties for sale. They provide detailed information about properties, including photos, descriptions, and pricing. A virtual assistant should be adept at navigating and updating these systems.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software:

CRMs like Zoho, HubSpot, or Salesforce are essential for managing client relationships, tracking leads, and ensuring timely follow-ups. They help in organizing client information and automating communication processes.

Real Estate Data Analytics Tools:

Tools like Zillow’s Zestimate or Redfin’s Estimate provide market analysis, property value estimates, and other essential data. They assist in making informed decisions based on market trends.

Document Management Systems:

Platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box are crucial for storing, sharing, and organizing documents related to property listings, contracts, and other essential paperwork.

Virtual Tour Software:

Tools like Matterport or Zillow 3D Home allow real estate professionals to create virtual tours of properties. This is especially useful in today’s digital age where potential buyers may want to explore properties remotely.

Electronic Signature Platforms:

Platforms like DocuSign or HelloSign facilitate the signing of contracts and other documents electronically, speeding up the transaction process and eliminating the need for physical meetings.

Communication Tools:

Tools like Zoom, Skype, or Slack are essential for virtual communication, whether it’s for team meetings, client consultations, or property showings.

Social Media Management Tools:

Platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer help in scheduling, posting, and tracking the performance of social media content. This is crucial for marketing properties and building an online presence.

Task Management Software:

Tools like Trello, Asana, or help in organizing tasks, setting deadlines, and ensuring that all responsibilities are met in a timely manner.

Email Marketing Platforms:

Platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact are essential for sending out newsletters, property listings, and other promotional content to a list of subscribers or potential clients.

Having proficiency in these tools not only enhances the efficiency of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant but also ensures that they can provide comprehensive support to real estate professionals in various aspects of their business.

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The Duties of a Bilingual Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Though no two real estate virtual assistants are the same, there are certain tasks that most virtual assistants can expect to engage with. These mainly involve administration and customer service and can include:

General Sales & Customer Service

This can often mean calling and qualifying leads, cold calling potential clients, warm calling existing leads, offering customer service and support, following up with leads and clients. Building and maintaining lists of leads, and other general sales tasks that your employer can’t get to.

General Admin Support

This will likely include tasks like calendar management and appointment setting, managing CRM & data entry, processing loans, digital file management, contract creation & setup, creating & managing real estate listings (MLS), contract management & follow-up, and other general admin tasks that the real estate agent or property manager doesn’t have time for.

Transaction Coordinator

This consists of adding clients to the sales pipeline, scheduling the properties’ photography sessions, updating listings with new photos, sales transaction coordination & scheduling, coordinating, and scheduling closings tasks and walkthroughs, etc.

Bilingual Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs Through Virtual Latinos

When it comes to applying for bilingual real estate virtual assistant jobs, Virtual Latinos makes it easier for employers and qualified employees to find each other. We are proud to connect real estate agents and property managers, along with other business owners, to bilingual, qualified professionals like you.

Being a bilingual real estate virtual assistant has all the perks of a full-time job, while also giving you the freedom to stay home with your family, travel, or anything else that requires a flexible schedule. Virtual jobs are quickly becoming the standard for our busy and ever-changing world. And unlike other more project-based virtual agencies, this is one you can actually rely on for steady income. Working from home shouldn’t be a reason to feel financially unstable.

Being strongly proficient in both Spanish and English is a coveted skill to have in the modern workplace, so why not let that skill earn you money? Become a bilingual real estate virtual assistant today through Virtual Latinos and get paid for the hard work that’s brought you here today. Work in your own time zone while earning money from a lucrative and ever-growing virtual market.

We’re always looking to hire bilingual virtual assistants with a variety of experiences and skills, and we are passionate about connecting reliable bilingual virtual assistants to trustworthy and hardworking employers looking to expand. Apply today to start your journey as a real estate virtual assistant, or contact us to learn more.

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