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5 Tips for Hiring an Affordable Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

5 Tips for Hiring an Affordable Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

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Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Services

As a business owner in 2022, you must adapt to the changing professional landscape. Many companies have transitioned to a fully remote or hybrid work environment. While people search for remote positions, now is a great time to build your own remote team.

So, what does a remote team look like? You can hire virtual assistants to fill a variety of roles for your company. With much business taking place online, digital marketing is more important than ever to the success and growth of your business.

Instead of devoting your precious time to writing blogs, developing your website, and keeping up with social media content you can delegate these tasks to a digital marketing virtual assistant. By hiring a professional digital marketing assistant, you can relieve yourself from the stress of having to do it all yourself. With their help, you no longer have to choose between giving your time to digital marketing or the other important tasks you need to run a business – you can successfully complete both.

For many business owners, the idea of using a virtual assistant may be intimidating. Determining what tasks can be relayed to an off-site person outside the company can create trepidation. The important thing to consider is the potential benefit relative to the relatively low investment. One place to find impactful benefits is in digital marketing.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant: 5 Tips to Find Affordable Talent

Virtual Marketers are very useful for companies that deal with the busy world of online digital marketing. Anyone growing a business knows the battle of balancing daily tasks with the long-term planning needed to scale their operations. The potential return on investment from a consistent digital marketing plan is one of the most alluring reasons to devote resources to delegated tasks.

Coming up with and executing a digital marketing plan is difficult. Small to large business owners know it’s a struggle to do this on their own, juggling ads, articles, and social media accounts across multiple platforms. Hiring a marketing team can be very expensive, and outsourcing to an agency is also expensive and still requires someone in-house to monitor efforts and ensure brand messaging is being properly conveyed.

The best and most practical option to make sure your marketing tasks are handled without making a sizable upfront investment is to hire a digital marketing virtual assistant. Many of the potential shortfalls of a virtual assistant are valid but avoidable with good planning, achievable goals, and a reliable partner in selecting your virtual assistant. A dependable virtual assistant can take over routine management of basic to intermediate tasks, freeing full-time staff to be devoted to business growth.

Here are 5 useful tips to help you navigate the hiring process, especially from a trustworthy and legitimate source such as Virtual Latinos. Consider hiring a virtual marketing assistant for a long-term relationship.

Businessman making plans for his company

1. Determine the Tasks You Want to Delegate

Virtual assistant agencies, such as Virtual Latinos are excellent solutions for businesses looking for help in digital marketing. You will receive assistance for any problems, vetted and qualified virtual assistants to hire, and guarantees for a replacement virtual assistant if your first selection isn’t the right fit. There are many ways Virtual Latinos can help you increase your digital marketing strategy, such as having a digital marketing assistant, organizing social media marketing, creating ad campaigns for content exposure, keeping up with email marketing, doing market research, and generating leads:

Managing and organizing your social media marketing

The most cost-effective way a brand or company can reach an audience is through social media. If you want to stay up to date with buyers and the brands they follow, hiring a digital marketing virtual assistant from Latin American countries is the most reliable way. A virtual assistant can also help manage your e-commerce sites and collect information on buyers and potential buyers. A virtual marketer from Virtual Latinos can help strengthen your brand in the social media sphere and make your brand reliable, so it lasts the test of time.

Creating promotional material and advertising

A digital marketing virtual assistant can help increase your brand’s marketing using completing real-life and digital ads. Having an assistant with creative skills in addition to administrative know-how can streamline numerous initiatives.

Stabilizing marketing through email

A virtual marketing assistant can help you develop a successful email campaign. Marketing via email is still one of the best ways to grow and keep loyal customers. Hire a digital marketing virtual assistant to write an exceptional marketing email that will keep your customers up to date and engaged with your current campaigns as well as your latest products. Our virtual assistants write emails that will hook your customers and keep them in anticipation for future emails. Even if you already have a staff content writer, a digital marketing assistant can help with the mechanics of email marketing like the creation of email lists and working links. Consider hiring a virtual marketer to get the word out about your business.

Researching the market

A digital marketing assistant can help with the very important research aspect. This will allow you to have an idea of what the customer is thinking and what they would lean towards buying. Additionally, you can discover what other businesses are vying for your customer base.

Hiring a virtual marketer will give you an idea of what your customer base thinks of eCommerce. The virtual assistant will see how customers feel about your company and relay that information back to you so you can figure out the best ways to reach out to customers.

Developing subscriptions

A digital marketing virtual assistant can assist you with developing subscriptions. Products like PDFs or e-books will help expand your customer email list. A digital marketing virtual assistant can help your business create subscriptions and in turn, your email list will expand. In the end, developing a competent and effective marketing strategy is a difficult job and hard to take on as a working person that has other tasks to perform. Hiring a virtual assistant from a reputable agency will help you improve your content greatly and lift some of your company’s workload, so you can focus your energy on building your company as a whole.

2. Choose the Role for Your Virtual Assistant Based on Your Needs

There are four major categories of digital marketing work a high-quality VA can take on to save your company’s resources:

  • Digital marketing tasks like research, outreach, and lead generation.
  • SEM and SEO tasks to enhance your website’s effectiveness.
  • Graphic, video, and design tasks to augment your creative efforts.
  • Project management tasks like developing new project ideas, organizing and motivating the team, and monitoring project deadlines.

There are numerous virtual assistant-hiring websites out there. Most of them aren’t invested in the quality of the virtual assistant’s work and give employers a list of very unreliable and inexperienced virtual assistants. Some people even use Craigslist or Facebook groups to source their talent, leading to even greater variability in results. These might seem like useful tools in finding a virtual assistant; however, they are anything but. Craigslist and Facebook can be useful tools, but along with the hours it takes filtering your results, there is an additional risk your virtual assistant may be inexperienced and unreliable. The reason Virtual Latinos is able to find the best fit for your company is that they are pre-vetted through a rigorous process.

Depending on the size and scope of your company, there are other roles a virtual assistant could serve, such as healthcare database management or legal client relationship building.

Businessman managing his budget

3. Determine the Budget You Can Allot to Marketing Efforts

Knowing how much money can be used toward digital marketing is important before hiring a virtual assistant. For effective digital marketing assistance, you’ll want a mid-to expert-level virtual professional for the tasks you selected to delegate. The staffing spends for your virtual marketer will be higher than having a virtual assistant for general administrative tasks.

Monitoring your numbers and budgeting properly is an important part of any marketing plan, regardless of whether you hire a virtual assistant or not.

4. Make an Effective Job Post. Don’t Recycle!

Most employers don’t have time to create a well-thought-out job listing and end up copying and pasting from local Craigslist posts. This is why many companies end up with inexperienced candidates and wasted time.

Because a lot of people work with others in different countries, the digital marketing virtual assistant job post has to be tailored to people with the proper skill set. If you are working with countries in Latin America, hiring a digital marketing virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos will eliminate the difficulty of having to write a job post. We already have the skill set of dealing with the differences in language and culture in Latin American countries.

There are many things to consider when making a job post for a digital marketing virtual assistant:

  • Make sure there is a reliable internet speed of 25 Mbps or higher. Virtual Latinos use a far higher speed than that. Losing productivity to a poor connection wouldn’t be accepted in your office, and it shouldn’t be accepted for the digital marketing virtual assistant.
  • Be sure to include a memory requirement. 4GB of ram is good to start with. We here at Virtual Latinos use a far higher GB capacity to ensure speed for timeliness and work quality.
  • Make sure potential digital marketing virtual assistants have a quality webcam and microphone set up. The modern work environment requires the ability to video conference with regularity without buffering or connection interruptions. Virtual Latinos also requests this for all our clients.
  • Be sure to ask for a resume and language skills for your appropriate customer base. Make sure you highlight these language skills in your job ad. At Virtual Latinos, we highlight the importance of our bilingual assistants.

Choose a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant With the Right Time Zone

After making a successful ad, you should have many inquiries for a digital marketing virtual assistant position with your company. Make sure to only consider those who have supplied a voice message in the interview. Even if they meet all those requirements, you might experience some other difficulties. One major problem is finding a digital marketing virtual assistant in a drastically different time zone. Hiring a virtual assistant in Central America or South America where Virtual Latinos sources its staff will help align the digital marketing virtual assistant’s working hours with the rest of your team.

Usually, virtual assistants in parts of Asia cannot match Virtual Latino’s virtual assistants because of not only poor internet connections but also time zone differences. Though American virtual assistant services provide adequate services and the time zone is more agreeable, their service comes at a premium cost. Virtual Latinos always offer a more affordable price for a time zone that matches the client along with excellent internet connections.
The common problem with American virtual assistant options like Upwork and Fiverr are the cost prohibitions. The alternatives in Asian countries like the Philippines can seem like a quick fix to lower expenses, but the downside in quality can harm your business.

It quickly comes to light that there are many issues with companies in the Philippines such as being unaware of business etiquette in the U.S. and the even more common scheduling issues due to time zone differences. Where these American and Philippine virtual assistant services fall short with price and scheduling, Virtual Latinos will not only succeed in meeting your scheduling needs but also provide an affordable price point for your digital marketing or virtual assistant needs.

Businesswoman doing interviews via zoom

5. Interviewing Your Candidates

It is a good idea to have more than two potential candidates to fill your digital marketing virtual assistant position. While you certainly want to add an effective digital marketing assistant to your team quickly, hiring a poor fit will lead to more delays and expenses in the future. Give each candidate a project that takes around 4-5 hours to do. Tell them they have a day to do it and pay them a day’s wage. They will be more motivated to do a good job knowing you are invested in the hiring process. Another important benefit is if your virtual assistant decides to move on, Virtual Latinos guarantees the ability to find a suitable replacement for your digital marketing needs.

After you receive each candidate’s work, you can then decide who is the right fit for your company. If you choose a company like Virtual Latinos, you can interview 3-4 potential virtual assistants that would best fulfill your needs. After you hire your desired candidate, you will be hands-on with managing your digital marketing virtual assistant’s work.

Don’t Wait to Improve Your Business With a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

If you’re ready to explore the added efficiency of complementing your team with a digital marketing virtual assistant, register your business and book a 15-minute consultation call now with the Virtual Latinos team!

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